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    Excel 2010 experts pls help! Having RAM issue.

    Before I search out an excel forum I thought I'd ask here. I'm using Excel 2010 x64 and have run into an issue where if my total system ram usage goes above 50% Excel crashes. I had 8GB in my desktop, windows 7 with all it's doo dats generally runs with less than 2GB, with my spreadsheets...
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    Lenovo z570, 580, e530 or ASUS K55? (CANADA)

    Never mind. Getting the z570 cause it's cheap.
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    Looking for: Laptop with 16GB RAM, or expandable to that

    Hi again everyone, I'm looking for a laptop that can do 16GB of ram, this is my #1 requirement, I don't play games at all but I have some rather large spreadsheets that forced me to upgrade my desktop already to 16GB and now I need to take my work on the road. At the PC shops and even...
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    Trying i7-870 OC using "Offset" method for vCore, need some help

    Hi all, I'm following lots of guides and info from forums to do my first oc, the method I want to follow somewhat is what others call "dynamic overclock" where you use a lot of the power saving features, although I personally want to skip out on c3 and c6. So apparently one of the things...
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    i7 860/870 OC guide for newbies?

    Hey guys, I'm probably bad at the search function but I can't find an i7 OC guide for the lga1156 chips which I would really like instead of the other Quad guides because this is my very first time doing this. I know there are only minor differences but I am just learning the terms and the...
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    i7-870 @ stock, 37C idling, is it ok?

    Hey guys, I've put together my first PC and just wanted some feedback whether I'm on the right track here. I've a Megahalems with a single low speed fan sitting on top of an i7-870 at stock settings, I'm in BIOS right now getting familiarized and in HW Monitor it reads 37C for the CPU. Is...
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    Temps to expect with i7-870?

    I'm trying to find some temp info for reference for the i7-870. Reason being I put my rig together today (almost) after work but I'm real tired and I'm not sure if I didn't mess on the TIM application and HS mount, I'm almost sure I lost contact for a second when centering but still screwed it...
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    How do ASUS mobos control case fans?

    I've bought an ASUS P7P55D-E LX mobo and I'm contemplating whether to use it's headers for fans or not. I'm wondering how the mobo decides whether to ramp up or down the fan speeds, is it strictly by CPU temp? My case is supposedly not best for handling GPU temps so if my fans slow down...
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    Difference between: gtx460 HAWK and CYCLONE?

    I was looking around for a decent price for a 1GB MSI Cyclone version of the GTX 460 because I want something to run quietly in my system (and stay cool), in my searches I also found the HAWK for similar price. I can't really find reviews comparing the two or a review site with seperate reviews...
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    2 1tb caviar blacks or 300gb veloci. + 1 1tb black?

    Hey guys, For my build I'm looking for a not so sophisticated storage solution since I don't want to muck around with raid, SSD is still a bit much for the capacity and like raid is not critical but more of a luxury so I'll wait as long as I can hold out. Anyway, although it's a bit...
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    HD dock vs. enclosure?

    Anyone have any experience or suggestions especially about some specific models maybe? Originally I wanted an external 1tb HD so I can back things up from my PCs and the laptop, then I read about lots of failures and thought maybe best to just get an enclosure with a fan cooling the drive...
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    Sapphire 4870 1gb, good cheap card?

    I know ATI is coming out with some new or refresh cards in under a month, unless something holds back my new build I will need a card right now though so I'm thinking of just getting the cheapest 4870 1gb I can find, I'd do that anyway since I don't plan on holding on to it for very long so I...