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    Problem with my setup?

    I recently finished my first custom WC setup ( I had previously used a packaged swiftech kit on another computer ) and am kind of unhappy with the results I've gotten. I built the system with the goals of a quieter system and a mild overclock on my Q6600 ( to about 3.2 or so ), but my base...
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    HD485s uncomfortable, HD555s work for my type of music?

    I do a fair amount of audio work at my job and recently got tired of shitty $20 sony headphones so I picked up a pair of Sennheiser HD485s last time they were on sale. I liked them alot at first, but have been noticing that they get really uncomfortable after a few hours. My problem with them...
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    Best chipset block for a DS3?

    Since the DS3 is known to have an exceptionally hot northbridge I added a MCW-30 to my loop but one of the barbs is blocking the barb on my rear radiator. I've tried making the extremely tight bend between them, but am not having much luck, so I'm trying to find a block with different barb...
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    Any info on this new Antec case?

    I was looking through spcr's photos of Computex and saw a picture of a new Antec full tower based off the 900. Personally I think the 900 is a little gaudy, but I liked the looks of this one. Anyone know if it has a name or a release date yet?
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    Can anybody help me with a Xbox Softmod ?

    I recently softmodded my xbox to use it as a media machine in my living room but I ran into a problem with Evox. Anybody here familiar with softmodding that can answer some questions? EDIT: Can a mod please change the title ending to "Softmod Question", the question mark looks like I want them...
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    Anyone got some spare Smartcoils/Coolsleeves?

    I am just about to order the last couple of things I need to finish my w/c rig, and I realized the shop is out of coils, which I need for one bend in my loop (about 6" of tubing). I thought [H] used to have a "just pay shipping" section where people would give away their spare stuff, but I...
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    Good place for Firefly / Serenity Wallpapers?

    Hi, I just got a friend of mine hooked on Firefly, and showed him Serenity last night. He commented that the shot with Serenity in between the Alliance fleet and the Reaver ships following them would make a great wallpaper. I can't seem to find an image of this shot anywhere, but I can't...
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    Running a Pump (D4) at 7V?

    I just started leak testing on my first W/C setup and my pump is considerably louder than I thought it would be. The first pump I got with my system turned out to be dead, and since the bracket was already mounted I bought another pump part without the bracket and replaced the dead one. It...
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    Full coverage block not covering Memory?

    Well so far my first attempt at W/C is not going too great. Last night when I tried to do my first leak test I found out my pump was dead. Shortly thereafter I was checking fittings for leaks and noticed the ram pads on my NV-78 weren't completely covering the memory chips on my 7900GTO. I...
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    [H]ard Case Badges

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    [H]ard Case Badges

    I'm just finishing up a build and would like to put a [H]ard OCP/Forum case badge on it since everything I needed to know I found here. I know they used to make them but I can't find anything on the site as to where to (or if you can) get them. Anybody know?
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    Gigabyte DS3-E?

    Not sure if anyone has seen this yet or not so I thought I'd post it. I ordered a DS3 from Newegg 1-2 weeks ago for my new Conroe build. I got it and the box showed it was Rev. 2 like most people have been getting lately. When I opened the box to install it I saw that over where it should say...
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    Initial loop setup question

    I just got all the parts for my first W/C loop and have been reading up alot on doing a first cleaning and then setting it all up externally and running for 24 hours to leak test. I'm not really sure how to do this since I'm planning on using non-conductive fluid in my loop, and doing a leak...
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    tj07 window panel?

    Anyone know if you can buy these seperately from the case? I can't seem to find just the panel anywhere.
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    Barrel Res that's not Aluminum?

    I've been wanting to change to a smaller reservoir in my loop and have been looking at Barrel type reservoirs (Aqua Computer Aquatube and Innovatek Fass-O-Matic are two) but they are all machined out of aluminum, and all my blocks are copper, so I'm worried about the whole mixing metals thing...
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    MCW30 on a DS3?

    I'm getting a DS3 soon and wanted to WC the NB since I heard it gets extremely hot and to help with fsb speeds. For Intel motherboards the retaining mechanism clips to some hooks on the motherboard, which I can see in pictures of the Asus P5B, but the NB heatsink on the DS3 looks like its held...
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    BI Stealth w/ 120x25 vs BIX w/ 120x38

    I recently bought a lian li v1000b and the previous owner had mounted a black ice xtreme 2 with 2 120x38 Panaflo fans to the top, near the front. The problem is that between the thickness of the fans, and the thickness of the rad, there is a clearance problem at the top of the case. He solved...
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    DD RBX question

    Hi, I'm thinking about getting a Danger Den RBX but I had a question about the two outlet nozzles on it. With a strong enough pump (I believe mine is a DD D-4) can you send one outlet to the gpu block and one to like a NB block and then use a Y fitting to bring them back to one just before the...
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    Best Place to buy Lian Li v1000b not PLUS-2?

    I am wanting to buy a Lian Li v1000b (w/ window) for my next build but it seems as if all the places I was looking at have switched to the Plus 2 version, which I don't like b/c of the meshed corner of the window. I just think it looks bad. Anyone know where I can still get the Plus 1 version...
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    7900GS: XFX XT vs eVGA KO

    I know there are a million "which card should I get threads" but I'm really stuck between these two cards. The XFX has better memory speeds and has been getting great overclocks, but the eVGA has a better clock speed, supports HDCP, has better cooling (at least from some reviews I've seen), and...
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    Cases with EMI shielded windows?

    I just started building my first rig in several years, and am taking my first stab at case modding. When I started I decided I wanted a windowed case, but one that was EMI shielded in case I ever needed to use it as an htpc. I picked up a thermaltake skull for cheap and started modding it to...