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    msi meg x570 unify cpu fan stuck on lowest speed

    I built my R9 3900X system back last august, my Gigbyte Master board I had with it died suddenly (I think a transistor on the board its self shorted out) so I swapped in a MSI MEG x570 unify as a quick and cheap replacement and it worked amazingly, even the CPU was about 10oC cooler under full...
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    Click of death nightmare

    I'm having a very strange issue, A week ago my bran new 8TB WD HDD started doing the click of death, it quickly locked up my computer and I had to pull the drive to get it to boot again, I threw a backup drive in its place and surmised my new 8TB was a lemon and needed to go back to WD. Today I...
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    Gigabyte dropped F5-I BIOS today running AGESA ABB, anyone update to this yet, it calms better XMP compatibly and "Improve Destiny 2 gaming compatibility" Hopefully this will fix some of the issues with clock stability at XMP and the unreasonably high Vcore at stock
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    3900x is hot and I need to cool her better.

    I just started getting a new 3900x system up, and I have noticed it is a hot CPU with the stock cooler, the wraith work great with the 2700x but this CPU is pushing much more power then that ever could and it shows, the CPU is idling at 60-66oC, hitting 70oC under light load and getting up to...
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    The Future of Computing

    Were at a interesting time for CPU development, Silicon as we currently use it is getting to it's frequency limitations and with out a new material we may be stuck with a maximum of 4-5GHz for a long time, AMD's chiplet CPU's have shaken up a once extremely stable market of just wintel sparking...
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    Who is looking to upgrade to Zen2

    The Ryzen 3000 series and it looks very promising, now I only cared about a 12c24t part with higher clocks and better IPC and it looks like I'm going to get what i want, well mostly as 3.8GHz base and 4.6GHz boost in nothing to gawk at also there with be the architecture updates too like...
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    P8Z68 DELUXE USB 3.0 fail

    was using my old 2600K PC with the P8Z68 Deluxe board for some light duty work and just had all the USB 3.0 ports stop working, looking in device manger i get this: This device cannot start. (Code 10) {Operation Failed} The requested operation was unsuccessful and this just happened while i...
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    Hit my old 1700 with some mean voltage by accident, need to know if it will be ok

    Some of you might be aware that im building a PC for my brother with a Gigabyte AB350 Gaming 5 and my old 1700, So I got it built tonight and was doing some overclocking to get it to around 3.8GHz with a 3x3 configuration. Well I didnt quite understand how gigabyte was doing there stupid voltage...
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    What is the cheapest available CPU I can slap in a AM4 socket? Building a gaming PC for my brother

    Hey guys back in the early days of Ryzen there was a terrible mother board shortage and people were suffering, so when the Gigabyte X370 Gaming 5 I purchased was not showing a shipping date after 3 days i panicked and bought a Gigabyte B350 gaming 3 from another store but then to my surprise the...
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    Need Advice for a low latency HDMI/DVI-D/Display Port to VGA

    I'm going to be getting some late model sony CRT's for nostalgia purposes, mainly I want to run at least one CRT on my secondary computer for some old school gaming and modern titles too (I miss the tight 1280x1024 Rez and that sexy 4:3 aspect and so on...been kick my self in that ass for...
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    Need some help with a POS Dell keyboard

    i got a dell multimedia keyboard with USB2.0 pass thru for a C64MINI im getting some one for a gift, unfortunately the USB pass thru does not work, trying to use it in windows and anytime i try to plug it in i get a (USB HUB does not have enough power) message, i look for some were to put...
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    Power outage killed my SSD

    I just had a power outage at my home and i was playing a game that was on my 240GB Radeon SSD after booting the OS was very slow to boot so i launched crystal disk info to check on the drives and the 240GB SSD showed up but only in name all the info screens were grey and the SMART readout were...
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    Need Help 1070 turning off when using PC

    This just started yesterday, but when im using my PC in the Desktop (watching youtube) the screen will blankout but the video will keep playing the card fans will go to 100% and nothing, can get the picture back, OS it still running can soft power down just fine. so if i do a hard boot and get...
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    Acer Aspire 5517 CPU upgrade, might need some help

    I was given a Acer Aspire 5517 a few years ago from my mother, she was tired of the old hunk of junk and was going to throw it away, I on the other hand saw a perfectly good laptop to try and run Linux on, in the end i found i did not like linux so i put in on a shelf and forgot about it. A...
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    Image soften with VGA on DVI port

    I have a older PC with a core duo and a HD4800 with a native VGA port, i was using it to play PS1 games on a AccuSync LCD 5V (1024x768) and on the HD4800 the picture was crisp and clear so a few days ago i decided i wanted to emulate more then PS1 games so i moved out the duo core PC and moved...
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    Recommend me a AM4 cooler pls

    I have been using a coolermaster 120 AIO cooler since I built my Ryzen pc back in early 2017, now the cooler I'm afraid is starting to take on air as it is starting to gurgle when operating when it was completely silent just a month ago. So this is me being proactive and getting a replacement...
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    Is activity cooling a NVME ok?

    Hey was just watching a computer build on GN and Steve mentioned while installing a NVME that you don't want to cool the NVME flash just the flash controller, well this has me alittle concerned as i have heatsinks and active cooling on my NVME drive and have had is setup like that since i built...
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    Apparently Intel cherry picked the review samples for CoffeeLake.

    I'm posting this here just so potential buyers of coffee lake know that they might not get close to the same performance with there new i7 or i5 CPU, unless your going for a unlocked CPU and then you probably will get close to the top performance, this is more for the ppl looking at getting a...
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    R7 1700 vs i7 7820X vs i7 6900K

    please lets not have the thread get derailed on AMD TDP vs Intel TDP, it's a argument that seems to go no were and most of us dont threat about high TDP, were enthusiast and overclockers we just get bigger coolers
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    Gigabyte AX370 Gaming 5 crashes at boot randomly, getting error code 40

    I'm going crazy, every so often my computer will just crash when booting up from being off, it will show the Arouses logo and when it goes to load in to windows the screen just goes blank and I get a code of 40 on the MOBD and the mem and CPU LED just keep flashing: The problem here is there...
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    R5 1600 vs i7-7800X 30 Game Showdown

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    GTX 1070 Fans turn on and off continually, is it Bad?

    I was playing some good old AVP2 on my rig a few months back and the game was having frame rate issues because my GPU kept down clocking because of the low load (AVP2 is a real old game) so i turned off the GPU down clocking and she has been running at 1632MHz core when idle for that last few...
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    Computer keeps turning on by itself even though i have wake on lan diabled

    almost every time my brother sit down at his computer and turn it on mine will turn it's self on too, I have wake on lan disabled in the UEFI the whole time so i'm stumped on what is happening any thoughts on what it could be? BTW my keyboard and mouse is not touching my brothers desk so he is...
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    HD 7870 or HD 6950

    hey I'm currently building a gaming rig for a friend out of spare parts and i to deiced between the above mentioned video cards, now the answer may seem obvious but there a details to consider: So you can see my dilemma with this, do i get the newer but possible more problematic card or go...
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    Building a Gaming rig for a friend, I Has socket 1155 CPU

    Before I start I was going to post this on the intel side but decided not to because last time i started a thread there about upgrading it was never replayed to... Anyway I'm building a gaming computer for a friend who help me out bunch in the past, I already have most of the parts, a 7870 HD...
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    One thread maxed out is hurting entire system performance?

    I have never had this happen before but I was downloading a steam game of several GB's in size and I started getting major system stuttering, the youtube vid I was trying to watch was lagging, and even my mouse was stuttering horribly on screen, I opened up taskmanger and found CPU 0 was pinned...
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    I am having a weird USB 3.0 issue

    I have several Xbox 360 USB controllers, I had my afterglow controller plugin in to my USB 3.0 hub and left off to the side for some time now, I tried to use it today but it would not work at all, It was working just fine last month and had worked fine since I got it last year, it turned out all...
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    Anyone have DX12 capable cross fire GPU's to test on Ryzen?

    I watch this review of Ryzen gaming performance on Rise of the tomb Raider, in the review he tested a 7700k and a 1800x on a overclocked MSI GTX 1070, he said he got his 1070 close to 1080 speed as close as he could and he did get results about what you would expect in DX11 and DX12, were the...
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    I have a SMT issue

    So I was messing around with my RyZen 1700, just had the 3.825GHz clock I was working on pass the last Prime95 torture test for 10hrs, and 100% stable with the settings in my sig. So just for the lols I turned off SMT to see if I could get a performance benefit in city skylines, and if there...
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    New to overclocking on Ryzen

    I'm starting to play around with 3.8-3.9GHz and i was having to get up to 1.3v core for stable-ish clocks, so I headed back to the UEFI and looked at this value I have never seen coming directly from a sandy bridge system, the SOC-Voltage. I have googled the SOC-Voltage for Ryzen and have come...
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    Ryzen non QVL memory compatibility

    As with all new platforms there is growing pains, Ryzen.. memory compatibility has been hit or miss for many, but some lucky few have managed to get some non QVL mem to work on there Ryzen system, so I figured why not make a thread were people list memory that works and memory that does not work...
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    my NVME storage is a little hot

    i have a Corsair Force MP500 M.2 2280 480GB NVME SSD on a Gigabyte GA-AX370 Gaming 5, it is under my GTX 1070 so there is no way to get direct air cooling on it, unfortunately hardware monitor is reporting the idle temp of 70-80 oC and to me anyway that seems a little high for idle, not sure if...
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    Gigabyte Gaming 5 not posting out of the box

    Just tried booting my new Ryzen system and all it is have a LED under BIOS-M and a LED under BIOS-B go back in forth, post code 00 witch is no were to be found in the manual, anyone have any experience with this board any idea what is going on is this board bricked out of the box? pls help
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    Tired of washed out Blacks

    I have a 27" LCD 1080p ASUS monitor from 2013, when playing Resident Evil 7 i noticed how washed out the blacks are and how hard it was for me to see anything in really dark areas, I had to cheat and turn up my brightness as i was getting really frustrated with the washed out blacks all looking...
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    Your greatest overclocks of all time!!!!

    I was reading a article on the AMD forum and it mention the infamous "pencil method" for unlocking CPU's and that reminded me of one of my best overclockes of all time: The system was a Abit MOBD, can't remember witch one a Athlon XP 3200+ 2.2GHz stock clock 400MHz FSB and a 5.5 Multiplier...
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    Upgrading to Ryzen, what is your old/soon to be replaced system

    I just got my fist package from newegg containing the M.2 Drive and the PSU today and the rest should be here next week. Anyway I was curious in they system you guys are upgrading from as each user will have a different performance increase experience. My current system specs are: i7 2600K @...
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    Mem for Ryzen

    I'm thinking of getting a 1700 non x cpu and system, i started a thread here but if i do go forward with this I would like some help with choosing memory, as originaly i was going to get a 32GB 3200MHz G.Skill ripjaws kit...
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    Thinking of getting a Ryzen 1700

    I started a post on the intel forum listing off some intle CPU's I was considering I was initially going to go for the 1800x but I found from the reviews of others it was really a hot chip and it was a weak overclocker at...
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    Haswell-e, Broadwell-e or Kaby Lake

    I have been on my i7 2600K since 2011 I think, can't quite remember anyway she is starting to show her age in modern titles like Hitman and fallout 4 as examples, in order to make said games playable I had to cap there fps to 30 and 50fps respectively, anyway before some one tells me to hit...
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    Wired 7870 HD Problems :confused:

    I have been getting weird crashes with the computer with these Visiontek cards (7870 HD 2x GHz Edition 2GB mem) the PC would get black or Grey crash screens some times with stripes when I would reset the PC I get no error report or min dump so I suspect the cards one witch I have already RMAed...