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    HTPC on a HDTV with no hdmi?

    Is this possible without a headache? I have a 65'' Rear Projection Mitsubishi HDTV without hdmi that I would like to outfit with an htpc. I know newer ATI cards have that component breakaway cable but I have yet to see any results of anyone using one. Halp.
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    Best form of media storage?

    I'm trying to decide what storage medium is best to store all my ripped media. I've been reading up on nas raid boxes but the loss of data on non mirrored raid setups worries me and not using maximum hd space on a different raid setup is off putting. would multiple drives by themselves be more...
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    Choppy playback of 1080p .mkv files

    I recently received a hand-me-down core2duo system from my friend and am using it as a htpc. I am however having issues in playing 1080p mkv files smoothly. I've tried the cccp codec pack and the playback was unbearable. I am now using coreavc pro and ffdshow tryouts. Seems to work a little...
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    Anyone running a SFF watercooling rig?

    Im thinking of getting a silverstone sg01 sff case and building a monarch pro killer rig. i just wanted to see if anyone actually fit a decent watercooling setup in a sff case. i have some leftover innovatek blocks and such from my amd xp days. :D
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    Is this power supply for me?

    I really want to stress cable managment for my next project so i am eyeing the Coolmax CU-500T(EZ Wire) Here is what i plan to run. Possibly OC'ed 3000+ venice or X2 3800+ DFI Lanparty NF4 SLI DR 1-2 gigs of gskill ram...
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    Untitled Project (56k = NO)

    A while ago you remember that deal on that cheap lian li like case. I recieved mine a while ago and am currently putting my new watercooled system into it. Sorry for some of the blurry shots, my camera sucks. The case itself is very conservative for now. I still need to get some leds, glowing...
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    Purchasing a Lian Li side window for a different case

    Does anyone know if a Lian Li PC 6x window side panel will fit a SkyHawk MSR-4610 (Lian Li knockoff) pictured here: They look nearly identical. I am too afraid to do the window mod myself as im not very good with my dremel. :o
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    Some screenshots of my lappy running hl2 (56k warning)

    Specs as follows: 1.8 ghz Dothan 1 gig pc2700 ddr 60 gig 5400rpm drive (soon to be upgraded) 15.4" widescreen UXGA @ 1920 x 1200 currently DVD-R/W 9700Pro 128mb ddr Running HL2 @ 1024x1280 2x AA 4x AF Every thing to high and water to reflect all. everything runs smoothly. Now for...
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    Is a PCI-E 16x Card compatable in an PCI-E 8x slot

    Is this physically possible? i am referring to some of intel's mobos (particullarly ). I read on a forum of a guy cutting a plastic bridge in the 8x slot that prevents the 16x card from fitting. he then placed the 16x card in the 8x slot...
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    Hiding Bittorent

    How do i hide the program from the system tray bar? i could have sworn there was a program to do this but i cant find it. TIA
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    Lian Li Case

    will it fit a dtek radiator with 120mm fan?
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    Overclock Problems (2500+ @ 3200+)

    For starters here is my config Barton 2500 @ 3200 speeds Currently at 1.75 v core 11 x 200 1 gig of pc3500 Kingston Hyper X Epox 8rda3+ Custom Watercooling 1/2 id 2 120 mm on the rad, running at 35 idle 40 load. The problem is my system is not very stable at 3200 speeds. When I try to...
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    Lapping Tips

    Anyone have any links or lapping techniques? (the search is borked) Thanks in advance.
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    Which waterblock is better

    Dtek TC-4 Rev 2, Whitewater, or the Polarflo SF? I was leaning torwards the TC-4 because its cost effective but I dont know how well it will perform on a 2500+ @ 3200+ speeds.
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    Where to buy...

    Aqua Computer watercooling components?
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    Why is the 9600 256ddr so cheap?

    ^^^ Price??
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    Innovatek hose size (confused)

    Innovatek's 8mm hose size essentially converts to what standard?