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    D-RGB controller for non-RGB motherboard?

    I'm looking for a usb interfacing d-rgb controller so I can manage the addressable RGB's on some Inwin fans by software, on a system that doesn't have native rgb support. They have a fairly standard d-rgb 3 pin interface, so I don't think I need anything brand specific. All the controllers...
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    My experience with hands on 2080ti at PAX West

    Yesterday I had the pleasure of a demo of a 2080ti with an early build of Metro Exodus. It was in a locked room, no recording equipment allowed. We were not allowed to look at settings, tab out, or enable any sort of benchmarking. Basically, just play the game, but they did provide one tool...
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    Case and power supply form factor specifications.

    Is there a public resource for the exact dimensions for the common form factors? Specifically, I'm trying to find out more about standoff hole placement, and the location of the opening for the I/O shield. I'm primarily interested in layouts for Mini-ITX motherboards, and both ATX and SFX power...
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    3 Slot "MATX" motherboard in Ncase M1

    So I ran across this board when upgrading a Cyber Power PC purchased from Fry's. It is an MSI B85M-P33. According to MSI it is a Micro ATX board, but prior to it I'd never seen/heard of a 3 slot micro board before. Other than the fact that the M1 does not have the bottom two standoffs, it...
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    3xTitan vs 3x780Ti @ 4k?

    I'm trying to find some benchmarks online for a friend of mine that has to have the latest and greatest. After reading many reviews online, including the one here at the [H], it's obvious that in single card configurations, the 780TI is consistently out performing the Titan, as it should with...
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    Athena 800w SFX PSU With all the news coverage of the power-hungry R9 290x, I decided to poke around to see if there was any news regarding SFX PSU's bigger than 450watts. Stumbled upon this potential gem. Has anyone seen or heard anything...
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    Nvidia drivers version 326.01 for Windows 8.1 preview

    Anyone seen what changes are offered in this version? I'll be downloading 8.1 and the drivers as soon as I get home. If I find anything out, I'll update this post.
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    GTX Titan + X79 = PCI-E 3.0?

    Has anyone seen/heard if the Titan's (and their drivers) will natively support pci-e 3.0 on x79, or are they in the same boat as the rest of the 600 series (unsupported, but nvidia offers a patch that's use at your own risk). I see many of the test platforms sent out were x79 based, but I...
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    Project Stoic

    Well, I've decided it's time to upgrade my htpc, and I've also convinced myself that I can build it passive and motionless. No fans. No moving parts. But, it also has to be powerful enough to handle multiple HD video streams simultaneously, as it will be used to play bluray (3d) iso's while...
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    GTX680 SLI breaks hdmi audio?

    Since launch, I've been running a single GTX 680 card to run my 3 Acer LCD's in surround mode (2 off DVI, and the third off a DVI to display port adapter). Additionally, I've been using the peripheral display feature, running HDMI out to my Yamaha RX-V3800. Doing so creates a secondary display...
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    New EVGA warranty policy? I hadn't heard anyone mention this, sorry if it's old news.
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    Trouble enabling 4 way SLI

    I'm currently trying to test out 4 way sli using 4 GTX 580's on an Asus Rampage IV Extreme. All of the cards install normally and detect as expected, however, whenever I attempt to enable SLI, the only option presented is for 2 way SLI, leaving out the other two cards. 3 Way sli worked fine...
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    GTX580 3GB availability

    Where have all the GTX580 3GB cards gone? I've noticed Newegg's stock is dwindling, and other price gouging has been going on around the net. The rumors I've read about Kepler indicate their high end won't be out until late next year, so I doubt Nvidia is clearing out inventory. Is this just...
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    MSI Big Bang-XPower Multi GPU issues.

    Issue: System performance degrades with 6 sticks of RAM and multiple GTX500 series gpus. With multiple gpu's running independantly (not in SLI), the issue manifests itself as sluggish overall performance. Memtest86+ 4.2 passes all tests, however runs slower than normal. Specifically, it...
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    Red (AMD) Box Complete!

    Well I've been on the Intel bandwagon since the core 2 line of cpu's, but I've recently been discovering for myself how good the alternatives from AMD also are. And it was time to build a new work computer for myself, so I decided to build one using some new/different technologies than what I...
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    CrazyRob's 3D surround Experiences (with updates)

    Well I've run into so many unusual things setting up and running 3D surround I felt like i should start my own thread. Many of the situations I've been running into don't seem to be well documented, or mentioned at all, online, so I'm planning on using this thread to share my solutions as I...
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    Asus MITX AM3 in stock at newegg

    M4A88T-I Deluxe Now to sell off my NZXT Vulcan and matx board and ram to get this puppy
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    P6T + 3 way SLI + 12GB ram = stupid slow?

    I've run into an issue I haven't been able to find with any amount of googling. Building up a rig based on the plain Asus P6T. I've got 3 identical EVGA GTX 285's and two identical matching kits of 3x2GB Corsair Dominator DDR3 1600. All assembled, it takes about 45 minutes to get to the...
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    Any way to force crossfire support without changing the EXE name?

    The game I play most is a free MMO called RF Online. The exe that you run only launches the game, but that actual application that runs is rf_online.bin. So changing the exe doesn't fool catalyst into thinking it's a different application to force crossfire settings. Has anyone figured a way...
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    Rampage II Gene memory settings problem

    So, I've been using the system in my sig, and recently upgraded from my loaner 8800gts to a 4870x2. I've been very pleased with the performance, but have run into an interesting issue. It seems any time I make any manual adjustment to my DRAM voltage, the system will fail to initialize...
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    i7 Rogue MATX

    I know the NZXT Rogue hardly classifies as SFF, but here's some pics none the less. Specs are in my sig. OC is still in progress, but i have a rock solid 24 hour prime stable 3.8, havn't completely ironed out 4Ghz with stability yet. more photos can be found here *edit* more up to date...
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    EVGA RMA woes (anyone else?)

    I'm a long time fan/retailer of EVGA products, but I feel like I've recently been receiving the short end of the stick when it comes to support. I'm curious if others are running into similar situations as mine, or if this is just a random string of bad luck. Back in Feb of this year, one...