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    I've got a bug and its name is Crypto...Locker

    A lot of our unmanaged clients (those not on our MSP programs) have gotten whacked by various crypto-ware over the years. Even a couple of our managed ones...although much less frequency because we have so many layers on their protection. Luckily the majority of our good clients are on Datto...
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    Bringing SMB clients to "the cloud"

    I haven't experienced that....and I have many clients on O365 E plans, 20, 50, even 100 users...many with large mailboxes. I have a 25 user accounting office on a symmetrical 3 mg fiber. Outlook is fairly elastic over poor bandwidth. Granted..the migration from their SBS03 was painfully long...
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    Bringing SMB clients to "the cloud"

    OK, so if you do the VPN approach between the cloud server, and the clients office's quite similar to having a local DC as far as having ADUC accounts, taking workstations and joining the domain, stuff like that. So you'd have to factor in the VPN bottleneck, and be cautious about...
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    Would Gigabit cards be necessary?

    With dual 100 NICs (sorry I didn't state two of them)...I recall reading some *nix router based tech forums back then...where certain chipsets just crippled it when you had a pair of PCI NICs in an older slower PCI bus type. "perhaps" more related to what types of chipsets were on the mobo...
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    Would Gigabit cards be necessary?

    Unless your ISP gives you bursts above 100 megs....likely not. But even then, you probably just have a "desktop grade" motherboard, you should check to see what the PCI bus is on that motherboard. If it's just a 32 bit 33MHz have 133 MB/s of max bandwidth that can flow...
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    Program not working from home network

    Hmm...I loved PFSense many years ago when I used to play with it, and was bigtime into online gaming. There's UPnP under...geeze I forget, a services drop down menu? Did you flip that switch on? There was also some apple-ish based thing similar to UPnP, NAT-Mapping or something...should be...
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    Program not working from home network

    Is the Arris TWC modem actually a gateway? Meaning, combo modem/router? If so, it's likely already running NAT, and then you have your PFSense box running a second NAT. Some apps don't like double-NAT. That's my first question. So does your PFSense box get another private IP on its red...
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    Renew to BitDefender 2017 or move to Symantec Premium 2017 ?

    We've switched most of our SMB clients over to BitDefender (via N-Able). I gotta say....we love it. We were a big Eset partner...but in the past 5 years Btdefender has climbed to the top (take a look at the very neutral and real world testing done at We've experienced...
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    Bringing SMB clients to "the cloud"

    yeah I think about things such as losing Print Manager group policy..where you can push deploy all the printers on the network without visiting any workstations. or folder capture /desktop /documents /faves Things to help minimize downtime of a workstations WD Blue hard drive...
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    A list of do it youself *nix router distros

    Yes...I haven't been around since...around when I made the list back in 2010. :) Time to update it!
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    Bringing SMB clients to "the cloud"

    How are you finding Azure relation to a local 2008R2 or 2012R2 domain controller? Very "watered down"? Still able to to group policies 'n such? With a "cloud DC" it Azure AD, or a spun up Windows server DC....what is the connection mechanism for the workstations? Typically...
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    Bringing SMB clients to "the cloud"

    Returning member here for the forums, I used to hang around these boards about a decade ago, in the Networking/Security sub forum. Saw this Cloud forum here..thought I'd come back to get some conversation on the topic going. We we're an SMB IT firm providing IT services to SMBs. We've moved a...
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    How is the Cisco RV series now?

    As a long time Linksys/Cisco "Small Business Series" fan..years ago we deployed tons of the RV series. Many of the original RV042, RV082, and RV016 units. When the later RV models came out though..."meh"...slow web admin, painfully long reboots. When LInksys/Cisco split again, and Linksys...
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    Windows Server 2012 Essentials has gone RTM and is live on TechNet

    I realize MS will be end of lifing WHS.....but I disagree about Server 2012 Essentials being a replacement for WHS. WHS will be phased out very will be OEM preinstalled for another several years minimum, and I think boxed still avail for at least another year. Server 2012...
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    Hardware Solution for Hiding My IP - In Plain English Please!

    Listen....get the idea of a VPN router out of your cannot help you towards your goal. When you see those routers with VPN endpoint features...or routers that support site to site VPN tunnels (such as most business grade routers)...those are for two things. *Creating wide area...
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    Windows Server 2012 Essentials has gone RTM and is live on TechNet

    Computer techs that are budget, lacking in skill, use pirated software, install AVG free on everything, 45 bucks an hour cheapo work, do hacked butcher jobs. You see laughable network setups like Windows XP Home edition setup to a server.....or Windows Server in workgroup mode, kidnergarden...
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    Windows Server 2012 Essentials has gone RTM and is live on TechNet want to use a "Server OS"....but you don't want server stuff? Begs the question...WTF you want "Server" for then? Server, to me, is for....*cough* networks. SBS was for SMB. Workgroup tiny SMB without a server, or home...heck, FreeNAS or get a Synology or...
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    Open Letter to CIPAFilter

    *Notes time of original post *Notes status of above posted who just signed up today *Probably came in via Google search . . . ///gets popcorn and beer and plops down on a comfy couch ready to watch the fun! Happy that Untangle is in at the schools he has and their admins have ease of use and...
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    Windows Server 2012 Essentials has gone RTM and is live on TechNet

    Refresh me again on why you're so adamant about not allowing workstations to join the directory? When I come across biz networks that have servers and workstations all in workgroup mode...I LOL at the "pizza tech" that set those up.
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    DHCP Server conflict - SBS2011 v. Router

    Less money...and you will benefit from more advanced get your own business grade router, and stick in the DMZ plus mode of the Verizon unit..thus your own router pulls the public IP address and you can do port forwarding and stuff...and you effectively separate the two networks...
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    Ultimate 1u appliance board?

    Same here......during the few moments I'm at my office and doing stuff like phone calls or billing or quoting....I'll get Dell Support Chat in my other monitor window..and order up onsite support for my clients. Takes yeah...a whopping 10 minutes...and most importantly to me....I'm doing other...
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    Ultimate 1u appliance board?

    Exact opposite for me....took several e-mails just to get one reply out of supermicro..and even then I was basically out of luck...felt like "we got your money no go piss off". Dell on the other least with their business grade workstations, laptops, and especially servers...solid help...
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    Ultimate 1u appliance board?

    Substantial overkill for PFSense unless you're routing for an entire large city. Unsure of Untangle (Debian) fully supporting that chipset or driver stability may or may not be an issue. Past experience with Supermicros support isn't that great.
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    FBI Moneypak Ransomware Virus

    I have not seen it at any client we have behind Untangle....have seen TONS of it from home users and various smaller businesses. The randonly named .EXEs site inside of <user profile>\application data or all users\application from a default entry in the registry /RUN. Just gotta get...
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    FBI Moneypak Ransomware Virus's an easy one to clean up, even manually..without tools. Seeing tons of them lately in our area.
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    2 new Ubiquiti UniFi's - keep showing disconnected

    Download/install the latest version of the manager software? Or install the one on the CD that came in the box..which was prolly over a year old. Using the included POE injectors?
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    Remote Support source out there?

    Other than logmein free....I think once you turn to "paid"...teamviewer is good value. We're doing so much MSP stuff now that we ponied up for our own N-Central server so we now use N-Able for all our managed clients.
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    Domain Migration - Keeping Old Server

    Are you using Exchange first? If so....this will require you to really plan your upgrade path so you have a smooth transition. How many users? Upgrading to server standard 'n Exchange from SBS isn't too difficult..just follow some guides out there. But if you don't use Exchange...sorta...
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    Domain Migration - Keeping Old Server

    You can add the new 08 server and make it an additional DC..and SBS will be fine. Although it's server manager acts up now 'n then after updating some stuff necessary for 08. However, you can't lower the status of will need to remain top dog. if you need Server 03 around for...
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    How to prevent hacker hacking into computer thru X-box

    That's because a lot of retards don't want to learn how to properly do port they put a computer or gaming console in the "DMZ" of the router. Which is suicidal! All 65,000 plus ports of the computer are exposed to the internet. And whatever ports the XBox's have. It's much...
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    has anybody used EasyTomato?

    I have not used "EasyTomato"...but I have used many other Tomato versions...and I like them a lot more than DD-WRT. Speed, stability, etc...all better than DD in my experience across many different routers. Currently using at home on a Cisco e3000. Runs so strong I removed and am no longer...
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    New server, randomly freezes?

    Really hard to say. Is this a home built cloner server? Or a tier-1 brand server? What hardware components? Look at BIOS resets, BIOS updates, is there a RAID controller? Firmware updates on the controller? This hardware platform certified to support Debian? Did Debian run on this...
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    OpenVPN Site to site?

    Untangle as the edge device at Office Untangle as the edge device on the public IP at the data center. Site to site OpenVPN tunnel using Untangles built in OpenVPN module..and it's done. Untangles OpenVPN for router to router tunnels is the easiest I've ever setup...and it's rock solid.
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    Server NIC card - change network performance?

    //cough cough.... "breaks". But to your point of vouching for server grade versus el cheapo/consumer grade...uhm, yeah...week after week, month after month, year after year....I see examples of server grade coming out ahead, and el cheapo home grade falling short if you ask too much of...
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    Server NIC card - change network performance?

    6 users? You could have that server on a 10 meg hub...and it wouldn't matter. I have many reasons to dislike Realsuk..I mean...realtec NICs....but impact on the performance of a basic infrastructure server for a 6 users network....nope..not at all.
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    Question about Supermicro barebones servers

    Depends on what model. I have bought SuperMicro 1U servers that did come with the CPU built into it. Typically it's just the smaller with Atom processors...but still, cannot just blanket term the claim that none come with a CPU.
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    VPN solutions for business.

    I'd go with a dedicated VPN appliance to handle those will give the end users optimal performance. I'd also go for SSL VPN....IMO SSL VPN is where it's at....screw clunky old IPSec clients or even older PPTP VPN. SSL is such a breeze. I like Junipers SA series appliances....their...
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    Need some recommendations for antivirus

    That is a universal feature of pretty much 99.999% of the "business grade" antivirus products out there...they're managed from a centralized management console. Create custom install packages, uninstall, update, custom config files, create groups for different profiles, monitor each and every...
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    Need some recommendations for antivirus

    Eset NOD32.....the new version 5 is out and it's been very good for my clients so far. I've been a long time Eset reseller...since version 2.5x days. I have to admit I lost my faith in them a bit during some of the v4 versions....but they are back and back strong with v5. The management...
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    Remote Network Consulting / VPN Setup

    What brand equipment you have on both ends? (meaning routers...make/model/and licensing if applicable).