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  1. Vader1975

    Atari VCS preorder starting May 30's with AMD processor

    Atari VCS™ Pre-Sale Opens May 30th on Indiegogo! Featuring The Limited Atari VCS Collector's Edition Special Retro-Inspired Wood Front and Certificate of Authenticity Early Bird packages Start at $199 for Atari VCS Onyx Updated Classic Joystick and Modern Controller Also Available to Order...
  2. Vader1975

    Asus Strix and the problems with buying one.

    I own an Asus Strix Fury. Fan number 3 broke and they refused to fix it because I bought a "whitebox." Usually, this isn't some big issue as a ton of us here mod crap anyway. I took it apart got to the fan and then tried to buy a replacement for months. Even buying the exact same serial...