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    Build Critique - Assisting friend with build - graphic design & gaming build

    1) What will you be doing with this PC? Gaming? Photoshop? Web browsing? etc Photo/Video editing Graphic design Web browsing Gaming Zbrush Mudbox 3DSMax Photoshop 2) What's your budget? Are tax and shipping included? $1850 max including shipping 3) Where do you live? Missouri 4) What...
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    Anyone using X2O 750 Pump/Resv + Koolance VL3n Fittings?

    As the title says. Does anyone have any experience using the X2O 750 Reservoir Pump with Koolance VL3N fittings? I am on the fence right now about using this pump/res combo or plunking down some cash for a 355 and the res that houses it. My concern is flow rates.
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    Mini Worklog - Making the switch, P160 --> ATCS 840

    I hope you enjoy my mini worklog. Unfortunately I'm not a pro, and it will show! Also, if anyone has any tips for removing spray paint from a driveway, please forward them my way. The wife is pissed! My Antec P160 was a great case, but it has seen better days. Since I am no longer water...
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    Quick Decision while 10% CB going on! ATCS 840 vs 800D, help!

    I hate posting these types of threads but I am truly at ends trying to make this decision. With the 10% Bing CB going on right now, I want to purchase a case from the egg. I am stuck between the ATCS 840 and the 800D. I really like the 840 but there is no side window, the PSU chamber is not...
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    Testing Laptop Panel not connected to laptop

    Here is the deal. I acquired a laptop that fails to POST after being turned on. The fans spin for a second and that is it. No sort of image is seen on the panel. I am in the process of parting out the laptop because the RAM, wireless card, hard drive, etc are still good. I am trying to...
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    Need Excel forumla help!

    I am having issues with excel and I would love some assistance. This is not homework!!!!! This will merely save me some time at work. Here is the setup: A value is being placed into a cell we will call district# on sheet1. The various values that can be placed into district# on sheet1 is...
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    Windows does not recognize dual core, help!

    I installed an X2 4200 and I dont think windows is utilizing my 2nd core. Device manager shows to cores, but I only have 1 listed in the task manager and I have no options to set the affinity on any programs. I have applied the AMD Optimization patch and the microsoft daul core hotfix but I...
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    HDTV - 720p - exist under $400?

    I am in the market for a new TV and I am really wanting to go HD. I have done some research and I have determined that I want to go 720p but I havent located a TV that fits in my budget. I did manage to find a 27" 1080i television for $330, but I refrained because I wouldnt be completely happy...
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    Need a File Organizer for similarily named files- Help

    I have a folder with 10787 files in it. A lot of these files (not mp3's) are similarily named. Is there a program that can create a folder for each group of similarily named files and then move these files to the folder? I could do this manuially, but I have multiple folders like this on my...
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    56k Modem Blocks Incoming House Calls, help?

    My aunt is having issues with her modem and receiving incoming phone calls. Background: She connects to the internet via dial up. I have checked all the cords and everything is routed correctly. She can connect to the internet just fine. She can place phone calls just fine using the...
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    Right Click --> 'Run As"

    I have the admin account on my system and have the guest account turned off effectively making me the only user on my system but I am having issues running programs. If I want to run the program, I have to right click on the shortcut to it, select run as and then uncheck the box "protect my...
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    Netzero and Windows ME please help!

    I am trying to get a Netzero dialup connection going on an old Dell running Windows ME. For reasons unbeknownst to me, when I try to connect Netzero will dialup, connect and then disconnect within 5 secs and never actually goes "online". I have checked all the modem settings, network settings...
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    Antec P160 + Water = Fun

    I havn't seen too many water cooled P160's around so I figured I would give it a try. I figure this is a good time to go with water with the dawn of the Venice core. My main hurdle will be figuring out where to mount the '77 Bonneville HC. I am considering the top of the case, but then I...
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    Change HTT voltage

    Is there a general rule for messing with the HTT voltage on an AMD64? I havnt read anything about this; every oc'ing guide I have seen never mentioned it. What about chipset voltage?
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    mess with HTT Voltage??

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    someone help this intel newbie...

    I have co worker who has a P4 2.2ghz want a memory upgrade. What kind of memory does this thing take? I had her use cpu-z to check out the memory in the system and it read two possible latencies at 133mhz and 166mhz in the SPD tab. I also had her find out what the fsb was and she told me it...
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    Weird Request -- Need help with video card testing

    I just bought a BFG 6800GT PCI E. I bought it because I got a good price on it and I plan on starting my new system within the next week or two. Here is the kicker, I dont have a PCI-E mobo to test the card once it arrives. I have no idea when I will be able to order the dfi sli I want. Does...
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    Comp reboots only during video encoding?? help!!

    I dont know what the deal is. Whenever I am doing some video encoding, my computer restarts randomly. I just primed the computer last night for 10hrs with no issues. I dont have any idea what the problem could be. If anything would show instability, I thought it would be prime95. My temps are...
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    NF4 Ultra board ---> NF SLI board w/ connecting resistors.

    Just read this over at anandtech. It is about the NF4 Ultra and SLI chipsets being the same thing, except the Ultra chipset has a set of resistors not connected. Connect the resistors and bam! you have an $40-$50 cheaper than normal SLI mobo. However, there is also 3-5% less performance than a...
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    Problem with 66.70 - Cant watch movies or clips

    I just installed 66.70's and now I cant get any videos to play in Mozilla or Windows Media player. I reinstalled DIVX and all that other junk but I still have nothing. Anyone else have this prob? Any one know what I need to do to fix it other than going back to 61.77's ?
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