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    Iphone music help

    Does anyone know a free an non 3rd party app that is able to take the mp3's from my current iphone and put them on a desktop PC? Long story short i lost the PC with the the itunes on it where the mp3s were located, so the only way i can recover the mp3's is from the iphone. I can make a backup...
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    Win10 Xbox APP help

    I recently installed the Xbox APP for win10 an subd to gamer pass ultimate. I went i clicked to install The Ascent an it give me an error, so I click to cancel it, it then disappears so i restart the app an the game is back in the list of trying to be installed but it is errored. I have no clue...
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    Need some opinions on ram for new build

    I recently acquired a AMD 5600x an a ASUS ROG Strix X570-I Gaming AM4 AMD X570 Mini ITX AMD Motherboard. I was wondering what does everyone reccommend as far as ram. I would like to do 32gb, an im not much of one to tinker with the ram setting so i would like something thats going to be good...
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    Best 4k gaming display

    I'm wondering what is the current or something that will be out by march that would make for the best 4k gaming experience. I would like for it to be atleast 32in but willing to go up to say a 65in tv. I would like to keep it to around $1500 tops. This will be used as my everyday computer...
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    Recommend: 2 monitors

    I'm looking for 2 monitors that total no more the $600 I currently have a rtx 2080 super. I would like large monitors. Thanks all! Brian
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    intel 1366

    Can someone recommend a 1366 cooler for me thats cheap but works my stock one just broke an if im gonna spend money i might as well get something different. not overclocked just sits in the closet an is used to surf the web...
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    A single fan controling software

    Is there a single piece of software that can control all fans an monitor temps.? Or a way to add CPU fan control to say afterburner? Thanks for all insight!
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    GTX 970 HDMI problem

    told i updated to the most recent nvidia driver an it killed the output of hdmi out of the card it was working perfect before the update. I run a dvi to a monitor an a hdmi to a TV an i run them as duplicate. It is still deteching both the monitor an the TV in win10 an nvidia control panel.i...
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    Need some advice with a recent 2600 build

    Specs: amd 2600 ROG strix b450-i G Skill flare X 16gb FE 1080 Corsair RM650x Samsung 970 evo 250gb nvme m.2 I have literally slapped it all together installed the included CD with drivers an utilities installed all updated via win 10 64bit an changed the power profile in win 10 to high...
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    Need alittle help choosing ram

    I am currently looking to 16gb {2x8} for a ryzen system Thanks for all input! Brian
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    1080 or 1080TI

    I have come to the decision i want to get a new GPU a 1080 or 1080TI an i want to get it from newegg please give me some idea of what im waiting to get? Money is not an issue but im not the kind of person that wants to buy fluff "as in the latest rgb latests greats fan blade angle ect" Thank...
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    GTA V Mods.

    I recently picked up GTA V for the pc i have already complete the game on ps4 when it was released but i would like to play through it on PC with some nice eye candy. So my question is what are the best mods to get? Thanks for all the input!!
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    Getting sponsored

    I was wondering how do modders go about getting sponsored? I ask this because i have more fun building the setups an modding them an financially its impossible for me to buy all new parts build an then have it sit in the corner an if you try to sell a mod you cant even get near msrp of the...
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    Is there a site or program where i can see other peoples overclocks for GPU's, CPU's memory??? Sorry if this has been asked before i searched everywhere an it just brings up how to overclock. I'm not interested in that i just wanna see whats plausible for the different hardware. Thanks Brian!
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    New to watercooling an need your input.

    So ive been reading alot about watercooling lately an i think im ready to take the plunge. I recently picked up a Watercool Heatkiller IV pro an was wondering if yall could help me out with the rest of the setup. I plan on cooling my 4790k an a 1080 gpu. I can do up to a triple rad. I also...
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    New Build Silverstone ML07

    I recently threw this together nothing special.
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    Help with new HTPC build

    As the topic states im going to build a new HTPC my question is should i go for older CPU an discrete graphics or newest CPU with integrated graphics? i'm trying to get mobo/CPU/GPU?/ram for no more then $600USD has to be itx board. Ive just never used integrated graphics ever an i have no...
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    Help with new build.

    I just put together my new build with x79 sabertooth an a 3930k. Soon as i plug it the stand by power light, lights up green i go to push the power button an all it does is get a brief second of power an thats it. Any ideas?
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    About to play GTA4 again need advice.

    AS the title states i am about to play through GTA4 again what are the must have mods i should get for this play through?
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    Current best 128 an 256 ssd

    As the title states what is the current best 128 an 256gig ssd's?
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    Help with win 7

    My CPU is pegged at 100% all the time. I open the task manager an a process cal"vshost.exe *32" 80%+ all the time. Any ideas?
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    Ideas for making a ps3 faster??

    Ok so here's my deal I recently bought a new steering wheel setup for my pc "the fanatec CSW. Best thin in the world everyone should buy one!!!" An i got this great idea i wanted to pull out my PS3 an test it out with Gran Tourismo 5. Got it all setup an wow! it is just so amazing...
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    Hawken open beta is now live!
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    Guild Wars 2 account hacked

    I recently got hacked an have no idea how. I was wondering what programs i should be using to protect myself from key loggers etc. Currently i just use win essentials. As this computer is used to read Hard forums an play game. All my web browsing etc is done on a tablet.
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    Overclocking an testing my new 680

    Whats some good software to overclock an test my new evga 680?
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    Is there a noticeable difference in resolution?

    Is there a noticeable difference between 1080 and 1440?
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    HP ZR30w or Dell 3011?

    As the thread title states which is better? All i well be useing this for is FPS games an i would like a 30incher! Thanks for all your input! Brian
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    Help with my 800d and h100 setup.

    Just got a h100 for my 800d what fans should i get for it?
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    Is it worth the upgrade

    I currently have a i7 920 i have the chance to upgrade to a 2500k for roughly 200 bux. Is it worth it?
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    Dell Ultrasharpe 27" or 30"

    As the thread title states i want a new monitor what would you recommend? I'm going to be using it for games. I think if i did 27's i would some day like to go to eyefinity if i did 30" i dont think i would ever wanna go eyefinity as it seems to big. I currently run a junker 30" tv that runs...
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    Looking for a new KB an mouse for BF3

    As the title states id like a nice new setup. I currently use a logitech slim multimedia KB an mouse. But it seems like it lags as im always late to pull the trigger. All input is much appreciated!
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    i7 3820 or i7 2600k

    As the title states what would you buy? This build will be for gaming and web browsing. Also does the 3820 overclock? Thanks for everyone's input.
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    F1 Online The game

    Has anyone gotten into the closed beta for this game? What is everyones thoughts on it? I think it will be better then the igpmanager game that just came out like a month ago but i just wish codemasters would hurry up i really want to try this out.
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    Getting connection to my kindle fire

    As the title states i would like to get a wifi connection to my kindle fire. I have dsl with one computer connected straight to the modem. Could you please reccomend me the cheapest most reliable way to do so. I use the kindle to look at websites an some youtube if that helps...
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    Help with a ASUS netbook

    I recently bought a ASUS 1001PX and i was wondering how do i go about returning it to factory specs. "ie Reformat etc"
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    Laptop needed

    Can someone please suggest a laptop for me. I want to spend no more then 800, it will be used for word an web, no bigger then 15in monitor, i want as small an light weight as i can afford.
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    Payday: The Heist

    Is anyone playing this on pc? i just picked it up if anyone is wanting to play let me know! Also what is everyone thinking about this game?
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    problems with ATI 5870

    When playing F1 2010 the screen will just freeze for like 3 secs then just jump to where the game has moved to an continue. It is very annoying because it can happen in a corner the when it resumes you are in the wall. It does it maybe every 45 mins. The card is not overclocked an the temps stay...
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    i3-2100 an gaming opinions

    What is everyone's take on say an i3-2100 an a ati 6950 will this be ok to game on? I currently have a q6600 with an ati 5870 an I'm looking to get another computer so can play friends when they decide to come over. With the current specials im curious if this setup would be worth it...
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    Odd things happening, Need your help.

    Ok so heres the deal i turned on my computer tonight "normal routine" jumped on some Bad Company 2 i noticed the game launched in windows mode? So i thought if i just went to setting an reapplied it would fix. Well 30 min later an that's a no go so i open another game "Batman" it to starts in...