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    Another pair of SFX PSUs

    FSP Anounces New Product Lines Ahead Of Computex 2016 FSP has a 500W and 600W SFX in the works. All Japanese caps, 80mm fan... More competition can only be a good thing.
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    PSU cables with built-in capacitors

    Some high power PSUs come with cables which have capacitors in-line (such as SIlverstones SilverStone Technology Co., Ltd.- ST85F-P with 2200uF caps). Silverstone also sell cables with them built in for SATA power (SilverStone Technology Co., Ltd.- CP06). Is it possible to buy similar cables to...
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    Smallest 1U/Flex PSU >700W

    I've been playing with case designs recently since modding my M1 and been inspired by the GTR GT3-BH, Dan's A4-SFX and the Hutzy XS. There have been some PSUs that kick out a goodly amount of power but I wonder if anyone has found anything better. Obviously some of these aren't available but as...