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    AMD Ryzen 7 2700X with Wraith Prism LED Cooler This 8 core processor has only been owned for 3 MONTHS. Runs perfectly with no flaws. Only being sold because I upgraded to a 3900X. It comes with the WRAITH PRISM LED Cooler that was...
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    Asus Strix OC 1080Ti, MSI R9 390, Amazon FireHD10 Bundle

    Hey guys, I'm not sure what the rules on this section is, please delete as needed. Instead of 3 separate threads, I'll just link everything below. Asus ROG Strix 1080Ti OC Edition MSI R9 390 Amazon Fire HD 10...
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    5400 vs 7200 rpm for streaming video.

    Been a long time since I've bought a regular hard drive, but my 2TB drive is starting to click and I think is dying. Does rotational speed matter much if I'm using the drive as a media drive to watch 1080p videos? Thanks in advance for the thoughts.
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    Does it matter if you get more than 60fps on a 60Hz monitor?

    Could someone explain or send me to resources on why getting more than 60fps with a 60hz monitor matters or doesn't matter? I'm looking for a really good technical explanation. I think I'm really bad at googling, so any help would be really appreciated. Thanks guys.
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    Auzentech Prelude 7.1 Install Package - Anyone Got It?

    I needed to do a system reinstall. Does anyone have the latest version of the install package for this sound card? The website is totally unhelpful and they may have gone out of business. It doesn't look like the files are on their server anymore.
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    6950/70 gets much less hash with BAMT than Windows 8.1

    In Windows 8.1, my flashed 6970 gets ~480khs, but using bamt it only gets 330khs. No matter what settings I use. Is this a common issue? I can't seem to get it to hash any faster.
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    Overclocking 5870 or 5970 on an Asus P6T

    Hi all, I'm having tons of problems overclocking my Ati video cards on my Asus P6T. Are there BIOS settings I should be looking in to? I have both 5870 and 5970, but only use one at a time. I connect a Dell 30'' and 24'' to the 2 DVI ports and a 24'' to the Displayport. Whenever I use Ati...
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    Windows 7 - Multi Monitor Problems When Gaming

    Using the 64 bit version of Win7 and the latest WHQL nvidia drivers with a GTX280 playing games like TF2 and L4D. Everytime I start up one of these games, the window postion and gadgets I have running move to other monitors or parts of the monitor. The game eventually starts in the primary...
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    Nvidia 9300 Motherboards

    I notice that many of these boards have DVI and HDMI built onboard. Can you connect a monitor to the DVI and then hook up a tv to the HDMI at the same time?
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    Need help on a build for my folks!

    I need to build a computer for my folks. The computer will be used for normal activities but also needs to be hooked up to a tv with HDMI. Could you suggest a complete list of low cost parts for something like this? Thank you in advance. I'll continue to field questions if it helps to answer...
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    Looks like the Auzentech 7.1 HD Theater Card won't come until late January '09

    • Press Release - 11.07.2008 Auzen X-Fi™ HomeTheater HD Release Schedule Auzen X-Fi™ HomeTheater HD Soundcard Rescheduled for January 2009 Santa Clara, CA — November 7, 2008: Auzentech, Inc.( has revised the release date for the...
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    Best & Cheapest Video card for HTPC

    What is the best AND cheapest card for an HTPC? I just want to be able to stream sound and HDMI output to a tv. I'm assuming on of those newfangled ATI cards?
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    Upconverting to 1080i?

    How does upconverting work when you have a 720p tv that upconverts to 1080i? Does the system set the resolution to 1xxx by 736 or can you set the resolution to 1080? Computer to Receiver to TV.
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    Problems Running Spore at 2560x1600

    I can play the cell stage fine, but once I get to the creature stage, my video goes black. It doesn't lock up the system, but the game crashes. I'm using 177.98.
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    Auzentech X-Fi Home Theater 7.1

    Any word on when this bad boy is coming out? The press release from June said September, but still no word. Any one hear any rumors? I'm waiting for it for my HTPC.
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    Quad Core and THREE 9800GX2s

    How much PSU do I need?
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    New Velociraptors

    Are the new revisions useable for regular 3.5'' hot swappable drives yet?
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    What reivision is the 3007WFP-HC at?

    I'm looking to buy one on ebay and was just wondering what revision the 3007WFP-HC was at... Is this a good monitor to get for gaming and general use? Comparable to the monitors in my sig?
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    3 video cards in one computer

    Is there a way to fool the video cards into thinking that a monitor is connected to all three without having to attaching a monitor to each one? Or plugging a monitor in and then out and doing it every time I reboot? Obviously for GPU folding.
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    Best Codec Vista 64bit & HD Content

    What is the best codec pack I can install for playing regular and high def content on a Vista 64bit computer? I've been using the K-Lite codecs and they've been fine, but from my understanding, they don't even use the video card/GPU for high def content and that it's all CPU powered. Any...
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    NVIDIA Forceware 180: Big Bang II? NVIDIA will launch a new version of its ForceWare graphics drivers in September, and its unusual name is causing some...
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    Which video card is better for my HTPC

    I want the best possible combo for video and audio. I'm waiting for the Auzentech Prelude HDMI to come out in sept and I'm trying to decide which video card to get? A GTX260 or a 4000 series card? Which one and why? I just need something that can route both audio and video through...
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    EK FC 280GTX

    I have a couple of these for my 280s... I was wondering if you guys know of any places that sold the backplate.. or a ram plate for the 280s. Also, I need advice on how to install it. I have no idea and the pictures are weird.
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    Areca 1220 - RAID 5 building question

    Let's say I have 6(SIX) 1 TB HDDs. 3 are Western Digitals and 3 are Seagates. Can I RAID 5 them together to make a 5TB partition? Or will there be problems? Thanks!
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    Auzentech Prelude 7.1 New Driver Release 6/12

    Their site says a new set of drivers will be released today, soon... in the early morning.
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    motherboard help?

    Help me choose a motherboard for a video streaming file server. Quad core and I need as many PCI E slots that it can have... for at least one video card and a raid card. I'll also be using this machine for Folding. Thanks!
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    Quietest Case with room for NINE HDDs?

    What is the quietest case I can use to house 9 hard drives? Thanks
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    Anyone have a copy of the GPU Client for Ati X1xxx cards?

    I have an Ati X1950XTX. I know the GPU1 client for my card use to be available, but it's been removed from the Stanford website because they're closing up shop for it and there aren't too many WUs available for it anymore. Does anyone have a copy of the install, I want to get in everything...
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    Which is the best client to download to max out my cpu

    I'm running a Dell XPS M1210 laptop with a T7200 processor wth Vista 32bit. Which client should I be running? I can't seem to get the processor to full utilization.
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    Best way to set up a RAID 5 file server

    Do I create a RAID 5 array make a partition for the OS and another partition for whatever else junk I have... or do I have a seperate drive running the OS and than on the RAID array... have files? Another option that's better? Thanks.
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    New Raptors Starting to Show Up $296.62 2 to 4 weeks out though...
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    9800GX2 plus 8800GTX - 3 Monitors. SLI?

    Hey boys, I picked up a 9800GX2 and I have an 8800GTX. Can I run one monitor with the 9800GX2 in SLI mode... and then run my other two monitors with the 8800GTX? All at the same time? If so, how? I have both installed now, and the 9800GX2 doesn't want to do SLI.
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    My First HD HTPC/File Server Build Questions - Rate & Suggestions (Long Read, Sorry)

    Please excuse my ignorance on the subject. I've tried to do the best research that I can and feel like I still fall short in trying to figuring out the best components for my build. I'm a network admin, so working with computers is second nature, but my AV experience isn't as solid. With the...
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    How Much Power Do I Need? Calculators are Worthless...

    I'm building an HTPC. How big of a power supply do I need? it's a micro ATX board with a Q6600 (OC'ed to 3.6Ghz), 4GB RAm, five 1 TB Raid 5, areca raid controller, bluray/hddvd player. I was thinking a Seasonic 500, 600, or 700W, but that might be too small? I'm not really sure how much...
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    Stability Question

    I'm running the computer in my sig... I can stress test and do normal activities on it 24/7... but when I start an smp folding client it will crash anywhere between ten minutes and ten hours. Any ideas on why folding causes my system to go nuts and what to do to fix that? I'd really like to...
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    Three monitors, three video cards?

    I have three 24'' monitors. Two Dell 248 and one 2408. I know that my 8800gtx OCs can handle all three monitors, but I don't want to have to mess around with the resolution and loggingin and out for Sli to work. Can I buy another nvidia card to run the two 248s for 24/7 2D stuff... and then...
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    Harmony One vs 1000

    I looked over all the threads in this second of the forums and haven't really found any comparisons between the Harmony One and 1000. Can you guys help me out? I'm trying to decide between these two remotes because my wife hates to handle seven remotes and feels like she's trying to input...
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    Intel Xeon X3350 on a EVGA 780i - It works!!!

    I just wanted to confirm with you guys that a Xeon X3350 DOES indeed work on a EVGA 780i board! I went straight to 450 FBS x 8 and easily hit 3.6Ghz using my stock Q6600 cooler.... I have to get back to work so I will try for a bigger overclock later.
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    Vostros Line now includes Penryn Mobile... buy now or wait a few months?

    Hey guys, not sure if this was posted already, but I was cruising the Dell Small Business site and noticed that the Vostros models now have the Penryn Mobile option... I'm going to pick up a 1700 soon. or should I wait for the Centrino 2 chipsets in June?
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    Mounting Options and Suggestions. Help!

    Hey all... I need a solution to mount THREE 30'' monitors and a 37'' LCD tv... preferably onto a desk and not a wall. I'd like the three monitors to be side by side horizontally and then the TV above it. Please give me some suggestions. The cheapest solution is best, but I have some cash...