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    Bringing SMB clients to "the cloud"

    Returning member here for the forums, I used to hang around these boards about a decade ago, in the Networking/Security sub forum. Saw this Cloud forum here..thought I'd come back to get some conversation on the topic going. We we're an SMB IT firm providing IT services to SMBs. We've moved a...
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    Wow..Anonymous hacked GoDaddy

    Been trying to log into GoDaddy to make some changes...couldn't log in, just noticed this article, as well as chatter in other tech forums
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    Global information change in ADUC

    Got a server where I have to change/update information on the users in ADUC. That information being...what shows up on each users account properties...the Address tab (need to enter new street address)..and the Organzation tab information...title, department, company. If I start now..doing...
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    Anti Porn ransomware going around

    Has anyone run into this ransom ware? Apparently the guy running this scam hacks into servers via RDP....grabs files, encrypts them into a RAR file...and then demands money. A colleague of mine had this happen to a friend of his that had a business next door to his. Sadly...their last...
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    Suggestions for 3rd party software to manage Outlook signatures

    A client wants to standardize signatures for all staff. Outlook 'n Exchange 2010. Some standard template with customized fields naturally for each staff..user, phone/extension, e-mail addy. I see some scripts to push out via GP that pull that info from AD, but it seems people can still go...
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    Hey Dashpuppy..I got some more of these firewalls coming in!

    This pic is from a prior project (wide area network) I did a few months ago, got another order coming in soon for a package storage chain. :)
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    Troubleshooting Hyper-V guest "Unexpected Shutdown" issue

    So a few weeks ago...had a project. SBS03 running in ESXi 3.5 on an old Proliant ML350 server. Got a new Dell T-610 server...quad Xeon, 32 gigs of RAM, pair of SAS RAID 1 for the Server Hyper-V host install, 4x SAS drives RAID 5 for the storage volume. Used 5Nine converter to flip the .vmdk...
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    Convert VMWare ESXi guest to Hyper V guest

    Has anyone gone through the steps of moving guests from a ESXi box to a Hyper V box? In doing some poking around, have found some tools which convert the vmdk to vhd
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    Has anyone taken an existing client from SBS03 to Office 365?

    We've done some new Office 365 setups. But I have one client that's been on SBS03...and I'd like to take them and do the "hybrid with O365"....basically put in a new Server 08 box...join the SBS08 domain. And then take their Exchange...and Sharepoint..and shove that up to Office 365 E3 plan...
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    Management software for iPad fleet?

    Anyone tried/found/experimented with centralized management software to manage a fleet of iPads? Got a client that's been starting to use them for their remote nurses.....out in the field (peoples homes, nursing homes, hospitals)...they use the built in 3G to remote access their TSGateway...
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    Here comes some more malware to hit Apple computers New variant from the ones we saw last fall.
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    Symantec/Norton users...update your products.."Theft of code" "Summary: Symantec, the anti-virus maker, has confirmed that a hacking group has stolen a “segment” of its flagship product. The group said it would make the source code available. Symantec...
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    New super fast Asus router, RT 66U "Black Knight" coming out

    Been catching wind of an upcoming super fast router....the Asus RT-66U. Currently their RT-N56U has been the fastest router tested at over 800 megs throughput. The new RT-66U has a 600MHz processor, and 1 gig of RAM. State table size (concurrent sessions) at over...
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    New version of MSE coming out

    Currently in BETA.....just heard of it a couple of days ago. Should be out by end of the year.
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    iPads Client for Exchange pain in the butt setup

    Wife just won an iPad 2. Now I've setup lots of Droids to activesynch on Exchange, and Outlook Anywhere lots of times. Steps sure do appears the same..but can't get the darned thing to accept the setup. And I have her droid setup on her Exchange account, as well as her Win7 laptop with...
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    SQL Removal Tool out there?

    Client of mine is a software developer that does Access 'n SQL stuff. She has SQL 2005 Developer Edition on her laptop, an i7 w/8 gigs. So Windows 7 Pro 64 bit. She's tried installing, using Revo and Microsofts cleanup tool to get remnants out, just can't get it to launch. Brief...
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    Should we see a reduction in rogues/fake alerts now? Russian bust! Interesting, albiet short article.
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    UntangleAppliances "Tower of Power" project

    Got another delivery in from Jim yesterday....for a WAN...I'm replacing existing Linksys/Cisco RV0 series routers which are currently doing a site to site IPSec tunnel. 1x NG-100 for central office 4x NG-25 for satellite offices
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    Here's a weird remote desktop/terminal server issue

    OK I've never seen this one happen. I have this 2k8r2 Terminal Server, dual quad cores, 16 gigs of RAM. Runs a healthcare software that uses Progress for some parts, .NET Frame for other parts. Has around 25 nurses that remote in to use it. Laptops are a mixture of WinXPp and Win7p. The...
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    MSE 2.1 out

    News came out a couple of weeks ago, but for those that haven't heard... Manual update links are on above site, eventually it will show up on Microsofts main download page, and via Microsoft...
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    Avira now bundling "scareware" with their free antivirus!!!

    Partnered with UniBlue and AskToolbar. UniBlue is a "rogue/scareware" pushing of their evil products is "Registry Booster". Avira used to detect UniBlue files. Now they're whitelisted since it installs with Aviras free AV product...
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    BES Rant!

    Why can't RIM make BES so it moves with the Java updates? I get BES Express registry edits so it works fine with latest Java 6.0.26...... Now I download and install the BES 5.03 update...and it forces in 6.0.18 and resets the environment path to java in MDS, and admin services again. Grrr...
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    Weird server overhaul I'm workin' on

    So this metal fabrication shop I took on as a client....some guy working there originally setup their network. On the cheap. Server was an HP baby server..ML110 or ML150...basically a glorified desktop trying to run as a server. The guy purchased on on the cheap..had just 1 gig of RAM, pair...
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    Weird Out of Office Assistant issue

    SBS2K3 XPp clients with Outlook 2K7sp2 So the girl flips on her OOA...puts in away mode. First e-mail sent to will usually spit out an OOA. But additional love. Has been working for rest of the office. At first I saw, in message tracking, her account reply with an...
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    What up everyone?

    Yeah, I'm back from the dead! :D How's the malware battles?
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    What are peeps using for secure e-mail on SBS/Exchange

    For the small business, say an office of under 10, and they have SBS. Occasionally having the need to send a secured e-mail to a few varying recipients. Some of those recipients being regular recipients. Outside of the company of course.
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    Recent all in ones that are terminal server 08 compliant?

    Gotta find an all in one (printer/scanner..don't care about fax) for this one client with a new hire remote staff. Terminal server is 08. Client will have a new Win7 Pro laptop. Suggestions from experience so I won't hit trial 'n error issues?
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    Windows 7 login...can you return to old style for multiple users

    For computers that are shared amongst multiple users, anyone found a way to bring back the old style login? Where the ctrl+alt+del screen is avail..user just types in their username in the top, password obviously, and the domain is already in the 3rd line. With Vista you could bring that...
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    Folder redirection with Win7 and 03 server

    What are you guys doing for those? Back in the XP days, in the users AD properties, I'd map something like a P drive to \\server\users\username And on the desktop I'd remap the My Documents folder to that P drive, and all was well. But with Win7...I go into users folder on the desktop...
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    scripts....what am I missing?

    First one... Echo off Ifmember "terminalserverusers" goto map :map echo off del t:\temp\*.* net use /delete t: REM Use Subst to map s to the /sun directory subst s: c:\sun net use t: \\%computername%\temp\%username% md t:\temp But I get a Windows Script Host error upon logon...
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    Fastest tool to zero out hard drives

    I have a rush project....client with a huge fleet of laptops is getting rid of the old approach to laptops....having them with a "portable/mobile" version of their healthcare package...the nurses VPN in from the road..and synchronize the databases. For security purposes over the past year...
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    Another UTM distro...sorta like Untangle or Astaro

    I got a call and e-mails from sales of this place last week, guess they're targeting Untangle resellers as a potential sales arm Haven't tried it. According to their website, the section that lists the features of the firewall, IPS stands for "Instruction Prevention...
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    PAV rogue imitating Microsoft Security Essentials Take a look at the results screen towards the end of that link, notice the only ones avail as free as current rogues.....I've seen every...
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    Another boring MS Office, desktop vs terminal server, licensing question

    Volume licensing, starting to setup and utilize a terminal server at a client. They have volume licensing via TechSoup, say 20 licenses for everything... SBS 5 plus 15 cals Terminal Server 1 server cal for 2008 Terminal Server user cals 20 Office Professional Plus 2007 20 They have say...
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    Microsofts new "Office 365"...poors mans SBS in the cloud?

    Google around a bit, looks like a decent alternative for budget offices or as a way to virtualize the office for an office with staff spread around. Sure looks like they want to go after the Google Apps market.
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    Skype issue

    I'm wondering if this one client of mine is outgrowing Skype. Client has main office in NYC...where I'm at now. 4-5 staff usually at this office. They usually run Skype from headsets on their individual PCs Branch office over in Connecticut near my office. Another single person branch...
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    Microsoft Security Essentials updated...

    If you're hasn't notified you, open it up, click the Help drop down in upper right corner, select'll check. Microsofts been releasing the program updates this week, I had a few update today.
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    MBR malware on the return

    Been reading that rootkits and other malware are returning to approaches common back in the DOS and Win9X days...infecting the MBR. Got a rig in yesterday that Eset keeps flagging with the "Jumper.B MBR" virus. Oh such joy to see these return. :rolleyes:
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    Internet "cookies" that defy deletion and respawn now? Hmmm....not that I sweat it out about cookies..but some users will want to find tools that will wipe these out, and I doubt the usual ones like CCleaner can rid these self respawners.