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    Issues with Unfi UAP-PRO-AC

    Just picked up a Unfi UAP-PRO-AC. So far not very impressed with it. My aging Cisco WAP4410 while not liked by many has run perfectly (albeit slow for an N AP) without issues for years. Wanting to upgrade to both 5Ghz and AC I decided on this device since Unifi seems highly rated. So far...
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    Best 290x for crossfire

    I made a mistake with my choice of video cards with the 7970 in that its cooling solution was very poor when in an crossfire setup (it was not a reference design). To avoid that I am wondering which 290x card would better suit my needs in a crossfire setup. Also I have not decided yet whether...
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    Poor SMB performance

    Ok so background on setup first. I have an all-in-one ESXi setup using ZFS for a SAN as a guest machine. I have 2 Server 2012 guest machines on the host.(each with 2 vmnx3 nics with RSS enabled) I wanted to play with SMB3 and multipath and see how it works. So I created a COMSTAR iSCSI...
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    Performance drop after adding another vdev.

    I had a pool consisting of 6 mirrors (12 drives total). I added two more drives ie one more mirrored vdev to the pool. After doing that I ran bonnie and noticed that both my reads and writes were about half what they were prior to adding the drives. Is this speed drop due to ZFS putting a...
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    Will I benefit from a new card?

    So I have an i7-930 based system with an AMD HD 5870. Currently driving a Dell 2407 display (1920x1200). I would like to get a new display a Dell 3011 (2560x1600), however concerned about the HD 5870 being able to drive that display at decent frame rates. I noticed that I can not easily...
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    ZFS Fragmentation

    So I have been playing with ZFS and just trying to learn about it. Came across this article thought I would share it here for people who may not have seen it. From that writeup it appears having a...
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    Handling Windows Network Shares

    So I am playing around with an All-in-One esxi box using Openindiania+Napp-it for my file storage. With testing I found that I can easily saturate my 1Gbps network reading and writing files to/from my windows desktop and the SMB share on the Openindiania VM. Even tested it with 2 desktop...
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    Openindiana can not find driver for LSI 2308 HBA

    Ok so I have 2 LSI 2308 HBAs. One is an LSI 9207-8i while the other is builtin to the Supermicro motherboard. In the MB Bios I had to disable the onboard bios for the SAS in order for it to boot with the LSI 9207. However when I boot into Openidiana it sees both controllers but can only...
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    SM 846 chassis, 8pin power connector too short

    Not sure which forum to post this in, the Case forum is more for the desktop folks, figured this one would have more people familial with this case. Anyhow, assembling a Supermrice SC846A-R1200B chassis with a Supermicro X9DR7-LN4F motherboard. One issue though, one of the 8pin power...
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    Trying to choose a harddrive for my ZFS build

    So I am looking for a good drive to use in my upcoming ZFS build. Will be doing a stripe of 2-way mirrors with a single hot spare and start with a total of 13 2TB drives. The drives I have been looking at are the following: HGST Deskstar 7K3000 Seagate Barracuda XT WD Caviar Black What...
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    Planning my ZFS storage pool setup

    So I have been researching ZFS lately and am in the planning stages of building an ESXi server with a file server host and am trying to determine the best pool setup for my file server prior to order the drives. This is primarily going to support a media server that will have large concurrent...
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    Odd issue with Cisco WAP4410N

    So I have a WAP4410N and use the multiple SSIDs to create a guest network and a private network. Both get assigned to there own VLAN ID 30 and 40. The admin VLAN is set to 1. The WAP is connected to a Cisco 300G switch and the port is config for Trunk. Here is the thing no matter what I...
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    pfSense Build

    Any suggestions on my pfsense build? Will need this box to support 1Gbs between 2 LANs and would like to achieve as close to 100Mbps IPSEC. While keeping power consumption as low as possible :) SUPERMICRO CSE-510-200B Black 1U Rackmount Server Case SUPERMICRO MBD-X9SCM-F-O LGA 1155...
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    Looking for a 24 port managed POE switch

    So I just finished pulling wire in my older home. Serious pain to get wire from the basement to the attic in a home that has no overlaping interior walls between he 1st and 2nd floors but I got it done. Now I just need to find a decent gigabit 24 port managed switch that has POE. I want POE...
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    Looking for headphone jack adapter

    I am looking for a headphone plug adapter for my Grados. The grados have a 1/4" (6.3mm) plug, however I often need to plug them into 1/8" (3.5mm) jacks. I have an adapter like this one However when I plug it into say an ipod, I am...
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    Planning to wire the house looking for tips and lessons learned.

    So I think I am going to pull some wire through my house. It is a 2 story house with a full finished basement (3 floors). However 1/4 of the basement they did thankfully use a drop ceiling. This house is almost 40 years old and it does not even have cable properly wired. The phone wiring is...
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    Odd graphic issue (looks like a stuck pixel)

    Well over the past few weeks I have noticed what I first thought was a stuck pixel with my LCD monitor. It was a single pixel that was bright green. However the reason I do not think it is a problem with the monitor is this. The pixel always STARTS in the same location however if I drag a...
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    Should I upgrade my 7950GX2 to a 8800GTS (G92)

    I am trying to decide if I should upgrade my 7950GX2 to an 8800GTS (G92), I currently have issues playing some of the newer games at native res for my monitor (1920x1200). Current system spec: Athlon 6000+ 2GB RAM Games like UT3 and Crysis demos did not run well at all. I think big part...
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    UT3 demo performance issues (mouse lag)

    I know I do not have the latest and fastest machine, but I think it should be able to play UT3 somewhat. My specs: Athlon 6000+ 2GB RAM Nvidia 7950GX2 I want to run the game at 1900x1200 (native res for LCD) and I understand that is pretty high res so I turned off AA and AF and other goodies...
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    New Slimdevices Player

    This is for people with pretty good size music budgets. I have an older Squeezebox and love it, this thing just looks great. I would love to get one and just throw a very nice headphone amp on it an enjoy it with headphones alone.
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    Should I RAID1 or RAID5

    Well I am looking at picking up atleast 1 more seagate 320GB drive, newegg has them down to $99. I was thinking why not just pick up 2 for a total of 3 and create a RAID5. The motherboard I have is the ASUS M2N32-SLI which does support RAID5 albet in software I believe. My main reason for...
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    ubuntu livecd issues with M2N32-SLI

    Actually I have tested this with many LiveCDs and none of them will boot. These are the ones I have tested ubuntu 6.06 64bit & 32bit Gentoo 2006.0 Knoppix 5.02 DVD and 3.9 CD. Same behaviour on all of them, it gets to loading the kernel and just dies. Here is my hardware specs. AMD X2...
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    Temps for 4600+

    I know this question is asked a lot, however wanted to know if my new build is operating within spec. AM2 X2 4600+ running stock with OEM cooler Asus M2N32-SLI motherborad Antec P180B Case with ALL stock 120mm fans running at medium speed (3 speed fans) So the motherboard I know runs hot...
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    BF2 will not launch

    After rebuilding my machine I installed BF2 and the 1.3 patch. After installing I go to launch BF2 and the Splash Screen comes and goes and then nothing. An app belonging to BF2 just sits using all CPU time ~e5.0001.exe is the app. I believe this is a macrovision crap. Any ideas why this...
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    Link Width only x8

    Building up a new machine and I noticed in CPU-Z that my PCI-e link width is only x8 of max of x16. What would cause this? MB - Asus M2N32-SLI deluxe Video - BFG 7950GX2 I installed the latest drivers and enabled LinkBoost in the BIOS according to the Asus manual for use with 7950GX2 cards
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    AMD Live

    Ok I am sorry if this is too close to cross posting. But in another thread I am asking for help on an unknown device. In my searches I found this thread on anandtech
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    Can not identify Unknown Device

    Ok so I just finished putting together a new machine and have been installing device drivers and I have what I believe all drivers installed but for some reason I have in the device manager one Unknown Device. Below is what is currently installed in this machine: Asus M2N32-SLI Deluxe...
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    Problems flashing my BIOS

    I just recieved an Asus M2N32-SLI motherboard. This board has the EZ-Flash 2 program that is suppose to let you flash the BIOS from a usb stick or CDROM. I can get into the EZ-Flash app via the BIOS menu, however it only shows two drive A: and B:, the B: drive appears to map to my DVD...
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    Advice on what I should do.

    Well I have been planning on building a new machine for sometime now. Currently running an old Socket A 2800+ athlon as my main machine. I will be doing a full rebuild. So I decided I would go with AM2 route (note I am posting on the AMD forums so please lets not discuss Conroe). Well I...
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    Asus A8N-32-SLI compatibility questions

    Looking to buy an Asus A8N-32-SLI Deluxe. I am also plainning on putting an X-FI and 7900GTX on it. Will have have any compatibilty problems? I have heard some users have had problems with the NForce4 and X-FI. Also anyone know how well the Zalman 7700 cooler fits on this board? The...
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    Computer Clock WAY too fast

    Ok over the past couple of weeks I have noticed that my one computer seems to have an extremely fast clock. this is an XP machine and it is setup to sync time with my linux box that is running ntpd. The XP machine only syncs once a week right now. When it syncs the time is correct on it...
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    Problem with Plextor 708a

    Ok I am having issues with burning DVDs with my Plextor 708a. No matter what it slows down immediatly to 1x. This writer is capable of 8x and I know in the past I always got pretty close to that 8x figure. I will go through the things I have tried so far. 1. Made sure the drive was...
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    Windows XP Activation

    So, I decided hey I need to update the firmware on my Plextor DVD drive. So I do, hey reboot no problem. I reboot and XP wants me to BUY a new copy of windows because I have made too many changes to my hardware. I UPDATED THE FIRMWARE. So I go through the telephone route after being on...
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    Nikon Battery Recall

    Nikon has announced a pretty big Battery Recall. Check to make sure if you are affected by the recall. It affects any cameras that use the EN-EL3 battery pack. Which is I believe the D70, D50, and D100.
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    Senn HD600

    Ok I am looking for some really decent headphones for work. Now I have heard great things about the HD600 and the HD580s, however they are open headphones and I am worried that the sound leakage would bother my co-workers. Do these headphones leak sound badly? Also does anyone have a...
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    Grado and Office

    I am looking for a very good sounding set of headphones for mostly used at work. I understand Grado has some of the better ones. However I am wondering is the open diaphram design would be too noisy for my fellow co-workers. I work in a lab which can be quite noisy, and would not want to...
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    Odd issue with Registry getting Reset

    Ok here is the problem. Everytime I reboot my machine the registry appears to get reset to a state in time earlier and all settings during last session lost. NOW before you jump to conclusions here is the setup. Brand New install of Windows XP Pro (SP2 slipstreamed in) Right after install...
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    Fishing cable

    Ok I moved into my house about 6 months ago and have been trying to figure out a good/easy way to get ethernet cable from my office (second floor) to the family room exactly below it. I do NOT want to cut holes (wife would kill me). Well the other day I was looking at the wall and notice that...
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    Anyone going to be playing MxO this weekend?

    Well I was able to get in on the Beta and have a PreOrder so I will. Was wondering if anyone here was in the Beta and/or will be playing. I know many people think the game is no-good, however for the month or so I got to play I was very hooked and got in with a good group of people to crew...
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    What to do with a wholehouse intercom system

    Ok I recently bought a house and the house had in it a wholehouse intercom system that looks to be circa 1970. It is rather old and very ugly (think 70s decor). The system consists of a main control unit in the Kitchen which is about 1'x2' and it has the AM/FM radio and AUX input. The units...