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    Asus VH238H ~$165AR, Fry's B&M

    Found this on SD but it didn't have much info. Asus 23" LED backlit, 2ms response time, 1920x1080 resolution. Great monitor overall. No height adjustment or swivel though, only tilt. Fry's product #: 6529393 Your price may be better/worse depending on your states tax. This price is based off of...
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    BFBC2: Vietnam Expansion $4.48!! Limited quantities.

    Edit: Deals over, sorry :( For those of you that haven't bought it yet, EA did a flash deal on facebook and they already hit the proposed number of likes. BFBC2: Vietnam at the EA Store. Use code BVEP during checkout and it should drop down to $4.48. They said on Facebook that there...
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    Reason for terrible USB3 port speeds?

    I've got a Gigabyte H55N-USB3 board with my 2tb Samsung F4 external and a 16gb Cruzer flash drive (both USB2 devices) hooked up to in the USB3 slots. I'm moving various video files (ranging from about 100-500mb each) from the 2tb to the flash drive, but my transfer speed right now is ~4MB/s...
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    Random reboot issue, think it's the psu.

    Most recent build has had a little problem. First, off specs: Gigabyte H55N-USB3 (latest F5 firmware) Core i3-550 @ stock 3.2ghz 2x2gb G.Skill ECO series DDR3-1333 XFX 6850 @ stock clocks/volts Hitachi 750gb os drive Silverstone SFX 450w psu (have problems with, on my second new psu) FSP group...
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    External raid box or internal with pci card?

    I'm planning on finally getting my storage setup going across the next few months. It'll be 4-5 2tb drives and I'd like to have em in Raid 0, but since I've never dabbled with anything but onboard (and this new setup won't allow for that), I figured I'd ask the pros. Also, this is ONLY for...
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    Removing prongs from LL A05B power cable?

    I remember a while ago I saw someone that had sleeved the wires on the power cable "extender" that runs from the back to the front and routed it through the small passage in the bottom corner and I'd like to go that route, but the prongs seem to be pretty stuck in there. How should I go about...
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    Frys B&M: I5 661 + Biostar H55 matx $175, $160 AR

    Fry's (B&M) has another great combo deal going. Believe it's B&M only but if it shows up online, I'll change this. Rebate is mail in. Individual items on newegg for those...
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    CoolIT Eco in Q07?

    I've been contemplating my case decision for a while now and I'm between a Q07 or waiting for the Q11. I know that heatsink space in the Q07 is limited (and looks like the Q11 will be limited in the same fashion) so I've also been thinking heavily into which cooler to get. I know a few people...
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    Phenom II X4 955 BE + Ultra 120 high temps...

    I installed my Thermalright Ultra 120 with the same yate loon 120mm medium speed I was using on my buddies 955BE (C3) yesterday and we're still getting high temps for some reason. The chip is running at the stock 3.2ghz and stock volts, but it's idling around 42C and when stress testing it'll...
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    48hrs: HITACHI Deskstar HD32000 $100 after $20mir (FS)

    Just got my newegg newsletter and it appears they have a 2tb drive on sale again. Sure a lot of people have been hating on Hitachi, but I can't say I've had any problems with their drives recently. Coupon code is for newsletter subscribers. Coupon: EMCYTZR25 Product...
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    Hot: Core i3 530 $76 after BCB/MIR at TD

    Copypasta from SD Seems like a decent price since most places want $100+. Even the FS/FT forum has em around $100.
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    No onboard video with MSI 890GXM-G65

    In the bios under advanced options, on-chip vga is disabled and I can't find a way to enable it. Default video out is set to internal, but I'm guessing since the previous is disabled, this doesn't matter. This is on the latest bios, 1.6. Also, MSI's system drivers don't have anything regarding...
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    GTX 465's on sale at Newegg

    A bunch in stock at 279.99+7.56 shipping.. Palit and Gigabyte have dual fan cooling :o
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    Dell XPS720 part out

    Edit: Closing this due to not having the 50k points. Hello [H]orde folders :) It's been a long time since I've done any folding, but I haven't forgotten about team 33. I put this up in my fs thread, but I figured you guys might want a stab at some of this stuff. My apologies if the points rule...
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    Need imageres.dll from win7, help please?

    I've been tinkering with my setup and accidentally messed up some stuff in the imageres.dll file. Now I can't get it to read cause it thinks it's no longer a dll. For some reason it let me change it, but now I can't change it back... So can anyone send me their imageres.dll file? It's located in...
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    Java help concerning arrays

    Long story short, my mom is in this java class and doesn't understand it at all. She's been having me help her, but I haven't done java in about 4-5 years now. Right now, we have to create a program that uses an array and basically it needs to look like this: ID Product Units...
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    Ultra 120 (non extreme) on i7?

    I'm curious to see if anyone has tried a Thermalright Ultra 120 NON-extreme version (4 heatpipes) on an i7 stock or overclocked. I've seen a few reviews that benched the extreme version on an i7, but none with this model.
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    Best bang for buck card for 3d modeling work

    My buddy is looking to put a new rig together. I've got most of the build list done, but when it comes to 3d modeling apps, I'm no expert. He uses both 3DS Max and Maya at a whopping 1280x1024 (17"). As of now the build is leaving around 150ish for the graphics card, but we could shift stuff...
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    Bad sectors?

    I bought a 320gb WD caviar blue drive used. It came from a part out so I figured the drive was good. Got it yesterday and hooked it up today. I installed it as a secondary drive and once I tried booting, the computer would hang at the Starting Windows screen (win7, with the glowing logo)...
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    Pci-e 1x 5ghz wireless adapter?

    As my new rig gets closer to completion I keep finding things that I want to change. I would like to get rid of my usb wireless adapter, but I've only got a pci-e 1x slot available. So far I've only come across 2.4ghz adapters, so I've started to wonder if a 5ghz adapter even exists. Anyone know...
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    Did I just get two defective boards in a row...

    Alright, so I bought a Gigabyte GA-MA785GM-US2H (rev 1.1, brand new) from newegg. I put on a Phenom II X2 550 and threw in my 4x1gb sticks of Corsair xms2 DDR2 800. After getting everything set up, I powered on and got 3 long beeps and a short beep. Couldn't find any documentation on that code...
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    Major NVIDIA announcement monday @ 9am PST

    Just posted a couple hours ago on their twitter: For those that wanna bookmark or start following:
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    Question about stock gpu cooler + thermal paste

    I know I've read about this several times, but it has been a while and I can't seem to come up with the results in the search, so here we go. 9800gtx+ with a stock cooler was giving some artifacts while gaming, so I figured maybe it's getting too hot so I'll try to get a bit more life out of the...
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    Unable to connect via rj45 on asus eeepc 1000ha

    I just moved up to my dad's place and he doesn't have a router. Previously I would connect wirelessly and I have had no problems with that elsewhere. This is the first time trying to use the rj45 port and so far, I've had no luck. He uses a manually setup connection and I've tried copying the...
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    Altoid amp my only choice for mobile amp?

    I'm thinking about getting a mobile amp. I was looking around and didn't find too many amps that didn't require an outlet. Am I going to have to build an altoid amp or are there alternatives that I could make/buy?
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    No folder, but the space is taken up...

    Hello guys and gals. I just bought a Lacie 750gb external and decided I would put all my music onto that drive from my old 160gb in my friends computer. Things went a little like this. We selected the several folders from the old drive dragged em over and then watched as it started to copy...
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    No usb 2.0 speeds with my evga 780i..

    After bios updates, nforce updates, trying the disc that came with the motherboard, I'm still unable to get my usb ports (front and rear) running at 2.0 speeds. I've never had such a problem so any insight toward a resolution would be nice. Edit: Nevermind, I didn't realize there was an...
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    All of my exe's are on strike...

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    All of my exe's are on strike...

    A few minutes ago I closed firefox on accident and when I went to my start menu to reopen it I got a nice little popup saying "The item you selected is unavailable. It might have been moved, renamed, or removed. Do you want to remove it from the list?" This now happens for every program in my...
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    Formatted 6400AAKS usuable space?

    Is it normal for this drive to only have about 596gb after formatting? Seems like a bit much to be taken up, but maybe there's nothing wrong and I'm just paranoid.
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    Anyone interested in cutting some side panels for me?

    I want to put a window in both my Antec P180 and Lian Li A05B, though my cutting tools will NOT work out (I've done numerous trial runs on a random side panel I had). I dont' want to buy the tools to cut these two panels cause I'm fairly sure I won't be using the tools again. Would anyone be...
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    What would be a "safe" amount of power?

    Getting my new rig together, almost done. Going to be grabbing a couple of GTX280's, but this also means I need a new power supply. My build will eventually house E8400 @ 4 8gb DDR2 1066 @ 890 (running 1:1 if you're wondering) EVGA 750i 2xEVGA GTX280 2x250gb hd (possibly reconfigure to...
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    Programs no longer working with 750i :(

    Well, I've got a new rig in the works, just have a few more parts to get before I'll consider it done. Components as of now: EVGA 750i, E8400 been running stock to keep the heat down, 2x2gb GSkill DDR2 1066, xfx 8600gts xxx edition, vista ultimate 64bit, cooler master realpowerpro 650w; don't...
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    vista ultimate 64 bit customizing?

    Anyone on here using Vista Ultimate (64bit) and customizing with it? I haven't been able to patch the uxtheme.dll both manually or with vistaglazz. I can't get complete control over the uxtheme.dll (and the other file) to replace it and Vistaglazz changed it, but then everything stopped working...
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    Negative effect of 64bit with <4gb memory?

    My next build won't be done for a couple weeks and I plan on getting 8gb of ram, but I won't be getting that quite yet. For now I just have 2gb to stick in there. Am I going to take a hit in performance and whatnot by using a 64 bit os with only the 2gb of ram? My main concern is still being...
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    Question about single led

    This isn't for a case, but it's the closest area I could find for the topic. I need to setup a single led but I have extremely limited space. For those wondering, I'm working on a Mini Munny ( and I'm going to place the led in the neck...
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    Best route for weaker systems?

    They're remodeling at work and as I went to my car to go home I noticed a few comps in the dumpster. Pulled them out and gave em a once over. They're both a P4 (I think @2.6, not positive, haven't had a chance to run them yet). One has 256mb PC333 ram and the other has 1gb of DDR400, fairly...
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    HOT! Razer Barracuda AC-1 $49.99, $5 s/h

    They put it back up on woot. Another chance to get this great soundcard :D
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    What was your first case mod?

    I'm thinking about trying my hand at modding a case I got and started to wonder where other people started. What were your first mods and in retrospect were they a good choice?
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    Bloomfield on X58 That's pretty hot :3