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    Dell claims Windows 7 unavailable until October

    Just a few minutes ago an Order Modification Expert told me the laptop I ordered was being delayed because Windows 7 Professional wasn't going to be available until October. Let's start at the start... I needed to order a laptop for a client, nothing special, just an $800 17" Inspiron. I...
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    in need of 5 minutes of help from a dozen facebook users

    There's a game I play on my phone called Jungle Heat, a clone of Clash of Clans, but I like it better. It's also playable on facebook, with incentives to play on both platforms. What I'm looking to accomplish is to unlock a hero which requires "Invite 20 friends". I don't have 20 friends on...
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    running Backblaze in a VM

    Does anyone know if you can install Backblaze in a VM on Server 2012 and backup data on the physical drives?
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    Alternative to Duplicati (FTP backup program)

    I've setup a couple dozen users with Duplicati for online backups to my FTP server and it works decently but I'm curious if anyone has experience with another program that is unobtrusive and works over FTP?
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    alternative to Edgewater router for VOIP

    VOIP company is suggesting an Edgemarc Edgewater 4550 router for the network, handling ~50 devices max. I had the displeasure of configuring a more expensive model Edgemarc a while ago and it left left a bad taste in my mouth. It was overly complicated for what was required and I feel the same...
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    I Need a Programmer for a single job

    Anyone here write code or know of a place I can find a programmer for a single job? I want to have a client application to update the IP address of said client to my DNS entries on Godaddy, but I'm not sure that is feasible. Think dynamic DNS. If the cost is less than paying for then...
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    The blue tooth range on my S5...

    is incredibly crappy. I've had my cell connect to my home phone base via bluetooth for many years. When the cell rings I can answer with my wired headset or any handset in the house (I work on computers for a living, often doing remote support while on the phone so a headset is required). With...
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    Samsung 500GB EVO $210 newegg

    Samsung EVO 500GB $250 -$40 Promo code EMCPAWB26 Total after tax $225 ($451.48 exactly for the two I purchased)
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    IDE was pretty awesome...

    But I'm not sure I'd call it "hardcore".
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    email notification for PM

    I used to get notifications about PM's. Then it started sending them a bit late, then occasionally not sending them, now I'm lucky to get notified at all. I checked the setting, it hasn't changed. Any ideas? :confused:
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    Gaming with my 5 year old

    Lego Indy, Spiderman Friend or Foe and Lego Star Wars are the games we play together on the HTPC. Does anyone have any suggestions for games that are two player on the same computer, that both he and I can enjoy? If they get complicated he won't be able to play them of course, but he does great...
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    eVGA i680 returned - priced $228 Fry's

    I paid $280 for the eVGA i680 from Fry's a week ago. After disappearing network ports, slower stable oc then my DS3, 15 degrees hotter case, slow RAID issues and random lock ups without any kind of error message, I returned it to Fry's. I didn't feel like play testing this too-expensive beast...