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    new build need response

    sounds good ordering everything right now thanks for all the help
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    new build need response

    sounds good, i gotta buy the hsf and prob around 100 for the mobo would be good maybe a little more, as for ram i think i got something lying around
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    new build need response

    im just putting together a quick build for myself, got the case, dvdrom, old video card, HDs i want this computer to be able to handle HD stuff and newer games. ill put the new video card in next month. was looking at these processors AMD Athlon 64 X2 6000+...
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    Universal Remote

    got a logitech harmony 880 its an awesome remote and not too expensive....logitech is offering 10% rebate too
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    Quick Build - Tell me what you think

    around 225, i have everything but the motherboard, processor and ram. i looked at the dells with no lcd for around 350 + shipping + tax,I'd rather build one
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    Quick Build - Tell me what you think

    yea my parents dont need that good of a computer i think ill go with something like the 4200+ which is around $75, i keep wanting a nicer rig but they dont need much and i wont do much on it either
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    Quick Build - Tell me what you think

    p3 600, its gonna go to my sister and my mom wants a new one, thanks for the suggestions
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    Quick Build - Tell me what you think

    I just need a computer to burn dvd Dual Layer dvd+r discs. my parents have a p3, they only use internet and typing programs and im gonna build them something simple. Gonna use onboard video and sound. I have the hd, dvdrw, windows xp, case, antec 430 power supply. I looked on new egg quick and...
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    Laptop Overheating?!?!?

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    laptop hd

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    Transfering files

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    amd64 and windows xp

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    Help finding files

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    Counter Strike: Source Install Error? Help!

    did you download it or are you installing from a cd?
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    Free mini soccer ball -

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    New degree deoderant for men

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    Free Nissan Nismo CORR Poster

    thanks :cool:
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    Free Nine Inch Nails (NIN) DVD

    nice :cool:
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    Computer still not working right!

    are you running windowsp xp -32 or 64 bit?
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    amd64 and windows xp

    the computer runs fine in safe mode. this computer has never been on the internet so spyware should not play a role; it horrible in regular windows always going into sleepmode,
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    amd64 and windows xp

    this is the list of what i have in the processes in windows task manager system idle processes-system system-system smss.exe-system winlogon.exe-system wscntfy.exe-user svchost.ese-networkservices csrss.exe-system alg.exe-local service services.exe-system svchost.exe-networkservices...
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    Laptop Reboots When I try to Shutdown.

    i have the exact same problem xcept witha desktop i just built; if i find any solutions i will post them
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    amd64 and windows xp

    i have just built an amd 64 3000+ computer with an asus a8v motherboard. everytime i try to click start then shutdown it goes into a sleep mode type of deal. i did a search for this and nothing came up on the forums and searched the web and nothing helped. is there a sp2 patch. the windows i...
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    Amazon Friday Sale

    Half Life 2 Collector's Edition [CD] List Price:$79.99 Price:$34.99 Madden NFL 2006 List Price: $39.99 Price: $34.99 post other amazon deals in this thread
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    tide and bounce with febreeze sample

    thanks :)
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    MY internet keeps cutting out.

    I have to restart my computer everytime the internet stops; so i can go on. Would this be a router problem. I have yet to try on another computer cuz they r not workin.
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    Nabisco Snack Bars

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    $5.00 Amazon Gift Certificate

    bah Invalid e-mail entered.
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    AMD Tech Tour Bundles

    i have to decide whether i want a laptop or a desktop for college. soooo tough; i like the combo deal; and i like the ibm thinkpad. i want both.
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    AMD Tech Tour Bundles

    if my plan follows through i will see you there :)
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    AMD Tech Tour Bundles

    hmmm desktop or notebook for college i would def get in on the bundle if i go desktop
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    Help finding files

    srry for not specifying the operating system which is xp; but i found the files in a hidden folder; thanks for all your input and help
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    Help finding files

    also it always goes to the screen asking safe mode safemode with networking last known good config and i go into one and when its about to load it just restarts and goes right back to that screen
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    Help finding files

    My friends computer wont go into windows; and he has files on it that he needs. I copied almost all the files but there are a couple on the desktop. THe problem is i cannot see the desktop files. How can i do this? so i can copy them.
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    Free Mountain Dew X

    thanks :D
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    Question about x300 mobile.

    i guess i will call them up and see if they are going to come out with a better video card btw this is their top of the line laptop - i wanted to get @ least a 9700 mobility
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    longest possible battery life in a laptop?

    ibm x series they rate the battery up to 7.5 hrs starts @ 2.7lbs and less than 1inch thick if u know somone who works for ibm u get a nice discount
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    Question about x300 mobile.

    Im looking to purchase this laptop: Intel Centrino Mobile Technology Intel Pentium M processor 750 (1.86GHz) Intel® PRO/Wireless Network Connections 802.11a/b/g Microsoft Windows XP Professional 15" SXGA+ TFT display 64MB ATI® MOBILITY™ RADEON® X300 graphics 512MB DDR SDRAM 60GB HS HDD...
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    Free Bloomin' Onion from Outback