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    AT&T Says Injecting Ads Into Airport Wi-Fi Was A Test

    The Washington Wi-Fi Project has already been terminated. It was designed primarily as a sort of advanced game program. We'd hoped it might build into a good training platform... but, quite honestly, for a strictly theoretical exercise... the cost-benefit ratio was just too high. It's all...
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    IBM Launches Tone Analyzer

    I need this! i get accused of sounding like Dan Akroyd ( ref. )
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    Need new gamer PC, current is 5 years old!

    Just a me-too comment on Asrock motherboards. I had one bad board about 5 years ago, but as mentioned above they seem to be improving in engineering and quality control. I have no problems with ASUS products (enjoying the fine 1750ac router as I type) but their customer service record of late...
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    Final Antitrust Charges Against Google from EU Coming Soon

    And maybe some Google Play apps on your iPhone?
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    QR Code on Heinz Ketchup Bottles Goes to Porn Site

    Condoment - I see what you did there!
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    Trouble with R9 270X + Thinkstation E30

    My first two thoughts are either a BIOS setting or a flaky PSU. I had a similar sort of issue with my son's computer a few years ago. Far enough back that I can't recall the details, but the solution had to do with the integrated graphics settings in BIOS. You might try some targetted...
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    Sick of waiting on AMD... new build suggestions

    Then you get to see how Skylake shakes things up perfomance and price-wise. Save your sheckels and lkeep scheming. I took over three months to settle on my build.
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    Is brand loyalty worth it? AKA: My x58 build went poof

    I find myself buying Asrock motherboards lately, mostly because of price but also because they haven't delivered the suck yet. I think everyone has a brand they will not buy, probably whatever they got burned with when manufacturers were using cheap capacitors. I just retired my old desktop...
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    Use of old computers?

    Use them for a computer lab. Or as a demonstration project for distributed computing, by folding for the [H]orde (with permission of course). A creative science teacher could use them in a lot of ways.
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    Upgrading from 6gb to 12 gb of ram, trouble getting all recognized

    Sorry to hear that RAD. I found the list of supported memory for this board (assume same model): There is no DDR3 1600 memory that passed with 6 dimms. Did you try running at 1333?
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    Am I running the memory @ stock 1600mhz??

    @kirbyrj, Definitely on point. Just to remind others, DDR = Double Data Rate
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    Upgrading from 6gb to 12 gb of ram, trouble getting all recognized

    My old system which just got replaced was real sensitive to RAM in the second set of slots. I could run anything with just two dimms and overclock like crazy. But if I filled the other two slots I had to back off from the factory clock and underclock the RAM from 800 to 667 MHz. You may be in...
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    Can I squeeze more life out of this build?

    I opted for the ASUS Strix 750Ti for my build. I don't demand too much from my games so it's more than enough for my needs. Nice thing about this GPU is the low TDP. It will allow you to upgrade to a nice GPU without replacing your PSU...
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    Sick of waiting on AMD... new build suggestions

    I opted for a Xeon E3-1231v3 in my recent desktop upgrade. Occasional gamer but need the system to also host a Minecraft server. The Xeon E3 1231 and 1241 give you i7 performance at an i5 price. They don't have integrated GPU and they don't overclock.
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    Upgrading from 6gb to 12 gb of ram, trouble getting all recognized

    This thread seems to be all over the place on the X58 and RAM issues: Somewhere in all that chaos was a suggestion to back off on the RAM clock. That might be fruitful. I think I'd start with memtest and run 2 or 3 sticks at a time and...
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    Old onboard NIC doesn't work with 4 gigs of ram

    if you're gonna buy a NIC, buy Intel. Example:
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    New Gaming PC for 2015

    Since you've got a discrete GPU selected, why not go with a Xeon E3-1241v3? About the same Passmark score as the 4790 but for about $30 less.
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    Upgrading from 6gb to 12 gb of ram, trouble getting all recognized

    Not a Windows user, but it may help pin down the issue if you boot up any live CD of a Linux distro and see how much RAM the system reports. if you get 12 GB then you know it's a Windows issue. if you get 6, then ... good luck!
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    What VR Looked Like In 1896

    That fan setup kinda looks like my workstation. :o
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    APC Back-UPS units question

    A local electronics supply store will have them. Hopefully you're near enough to a decent one. Buying local will save you on shipping although price will be higher than online. But someone who can look at the old battery and get you one with exact same specs is pretty valuable. BatteriesPlus...
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    relic's back

    Why am I reminded of this?
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    Unreal 4 Trooper Busts a Move

    Trying to explain to my wife why I laughed so hard on reading this...
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    Microsoft Offering 50 Free Albums for Download

    You mean I can get this without having to forward an email from Bill Gates to 100 of my closest friends? Too easy!
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    New Build -- Input Wanted --

    I confess that I'm not very up on E5 performance, as it's price is way outside the envelope I'm considering for a home rebuild. If you're giving that platform some thought you should scour the web for meaningful performance comparisons. This one from a couple of years ago sure opened my eyes...
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    New Build -- Input Wanted --

    I notice that the E5 single thread performance isn't as great as the E3, so while it may be an impressive machine it may not be optimal for your db development. The Xeon E3-1231 v3 sits in the sweet spot for single-thread bang for the buck. That with 32 GB of ECC RAM might not be a bad...
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    New Build -- Input Wanted --

    You may want to check out the discussion that Eric Raymond hosted on his blog about building a beefy dev machine: ECC memory was one of the features he settled on, I believe. Anyhow it seems to be a very similar class of build and may hold some...
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    Problems with my Hannspree hf229h

    I have two of these for my kids' computers. My daughter's HF229H stopped powering up today. Purchased both from BB in September. Hopefully Hannspree service will be adequate, the warranty is for three years.
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    Netbooting, A64, mATX, onboard everything, budget.........

    All right, I had to do it. I have prepared a comparison of various processors based on the stated maximum power dissipation from the respective manufacturers. You can find a PDF of the analysis here and the OOo spreadsheet is here. Depending on the cost of electricity in your neighborhood...
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    Netbooting, A64, mATX, onboard everything, budget.........

    Heh, I keep forgetting about the Sempr0n - the cheapest is going for $48 for a 2200+ OEM. So you can get two motherboard/cpu combos for the price of one A64/mobo combo. According to the data sheet it has a peak power of 62W at 2200+ clock of 1.5 GHz. AMD tech docs can be found here. So...
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    Netbooting, A64, mATX, onboard everything, budget.........

    The lack of replies suggests that A64 still isn't cheap enough to be considered the best cheap option. I'm betting Athlon XP is still the cheapest route, one that will provide damn near the same performance as the A64. Some numbers (from Newegg today): A64 2800+ ($112) and a Chaintech...
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    FAH problems

    You running console or graphical client? Graphical has problems with OpenGL sometimes. Check the log file Fahlog.txt and see if you're getting error messages.
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    Hit a Folding (Stanford) milestone? Post it here:

    350K points and 9338 WU.
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    The next best thing

    Test w Firefox
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    Looking for good linux distro to fold and learn on

    Pretty much all Linux distros are the same when it comes to folding performance. So it comes down to what is the easiest distro to learn Linux on. TBH on this issue I wouldn't trust the advice of anyone who is a dedicated hardware enthusiast, myself included. That said, here's my advice...
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    New World Community Grid Team: Spam Hampster

    My position stands - just because I have a position contrary to someone else's hardly makes us hypocrites. Now if I were to accuse you of selling out because of stats then sure, you'd be spot on. Sorry pal, but we are a team not a hive-mind. We often disagree. Like I said, I'm glad to see...
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    Hyperthreading Reality

    Larry, your credentials regarding EM-III are peerless. I think it's great and have supported your site a couple times through PayPal, which by the way anyone here can do by going to The Weatherman's site and clicking on the PayPal button. Now... SHAME ON YOU! If you cannot be civil...
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    Hyperthreading Reality

    If there are subtleties lets try and be subtle enough to figure them out, shall we? I don't think the HT compares with SMP very well. Sure, the OS and applications may not be able to distinguish, but the fact remains that the real SMP system is two CPUs. What HT does is for folding increase...
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    Hyperthreading Reality

    Lets not go down that road... As to HT it's a moot point for me as I'm an AMD folder. It just seems like an ill-considered comment for VJ to have even made. While perhaps the science of project #1 is delayed, the science of project #2 is advanced, no? Anyhoo, the right thing is Folding...
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    Global Grid Exchange launched at High Tech Consortium event

    If local or state governments can make revenue off this than I can hardly fault them. Currency is not the same as capitalism. They still have to pay the bills, pay the paychecks, balance the budget, all while presumably keeping your taxes down (or your parents) so that they/you can afford a...
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    why DC?

    stumpy - You've seen reasons why we do it. I heartily suggest that if you wish further debate on the question then perhaps you tell us why you don't. You don't have to build 20 computers to fold. You don't even have to leave your computer on 24/7. All it takes is installing the program...