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    LinusTechTips Ryzen 1800X Review

    I'm not subbed for a while (can't stand the new guy he hired), but a great review nonetheless.
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    XFX Radeon Pro Duo $800 @ Newegg Also available on eBay, but unfortunately no eBay bucks offer for me today:
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    Cisco Learning Network Store - Up to 30% Off, Ends @ 8AM PST 29NOV Deal Valid from 8AM to 12PM PST Today Only! Sale going until 8AM tomorrow with slightly lower discounts (up to 30% off) Not sure if they're running any deals later on...
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    Best Mechanical Keyboard, Money No Object?

    Just wondering what everyone here would recommend for the best mechanical keyboard out there. My preference leans towards something on the quiet side if possible, and which is actually available for purchase either now or very soon. Was considering the Happy Hacking Keyboard Pro Type S JP with...
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    Any news yet for the Fury X2 (Dual GPU)?

    Any word yet on whether or not AMD will be releasing a dual GPU equivalent of the Fury X? Quadfire user here, and I really need both GPUs to be on a single card due to my other slots being used for other things (RAID Controller and PCIe SSD).
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    OCZ Vector 150 240GB $84.99 @ Amazon via TigerDirect
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    Diamond & XFX 295X2 $999 @ Newegg (ACT FAST)

    Sapphire 295X2: (OUT OF STOCK) Diamond 295X2: XFX 295X2...
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    XFX R9 295X2 ON SALE @ Amazon $999 (ACT FAST)

    Looks like only 5 left:
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    List of Great PC Games Completely Offline?

    Hey, all! I'm currently stationed overseas and have a decent rig to play games with. Only problem is, playing anything online through a VPN is near-impossible due to lag, so I'm forced to play everything offline. I can download games through VPN (albeit slower than normal speed), but the...
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    Has anyone here tried the Cool Leaf Keyboard (v2)?

    Just wondering if anyone here has tried out the COOL LEAF v2? I've seen one or two reviews on the original version, but that didn't have haptic feedback , the wrist rest, or a touchscreen. Item information: (translated...
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    Need Advice on Power Conversion (240V to 120V)

    TLDR: I'm stationed overseas in a country that uses 240V instead of the regular US 120V. Would it be okay to setup my computer the following way: 240V Wall Outlet ==> 3000W Autotransformer ==> 12-Port Power Strip Without Surge Protection connected to 120V port on transformer ==>...
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    Origin 50% Off Select Games President's Day Weekend (2/14-2/17)

    Warm Deal Stolen from Slickdeals: Origin (EA online store) 50% for Valentine's Day weekend. URL: Code: LOVE Expires: February 17, 2014 NOTE: Doesn't work on some titles like Titanfall, but looks like it's working for select titles like Need For Speed Wanted U for...
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    Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate $20 at Nintendo eShop (Wii U & 3DS)

    Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate is on sale for $20 thru February 3, 2014. Includes both Wii U and 3DS versions. Source (since you can't browse Nintendo eShop on PC yet):
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    Seagate Expansion 4TB External HDD $130 on eBay Daily Deal

    Stolen from SD:
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    How soon should someone buy upcoming 7990?

    I'm looking to buy an Official 7990 since they release soon, but does anyone know if manufacturers plan to release revised "top end" Official 7990 models since they already sort of did so for the Unofficial 7990s? I was very interested in the ARES II when it came out, but for $1600 I could get...
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    Possible to cool computer components effectively at high ambient temps?

    Is it possible to cool computer components effectively (either with air or water or heat pipes) at high ambient temperatures? My budget is around $300, and my main concerns are cooling my Radeon HD 7970, Radeon HD 5770 and i5 2500k while at 90-110F ambient. I bitcoin mine and transcode video...
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    Highest quality 27-30" VESA 100m monitor stand that rotates into portrait?

    Does anyone here on [H] have recommendations for a high quality stand for a 27"+ S-IPS monitor? And yes, this is for a Korean panel, specifically the 3View PB2700 Super which has a 100mx100m VESA mount size. And yes, I've also posted this thread on OCN also, for those who frequent both...
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    7970 @ 1070/1400 = Crashing?!!!

    Just wondering if anyone else has had issues overclocking their stock-cooled 7970? I have a Sapphire 7970 and recently tried to set a moderate overclock of 1070/1400, however I eventually get crashes in games if I leave the settings at this, and artificating occurs shortly thereafter. I...
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    Transcoding Videos in Handbrake Overheats 2500K+Stock Cooler

    Anyone else experience overheating when transcoding a video in Handbrake using i5 2500K with stock cooler? Just wondering if it's the stock cooler (which is a piece of ****) or Handbrake, and I'm also curious to know if I'll have to purchase a much better aftermarket cooler in order to avoid...
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    GPU or Case Cooling: Which Comes 1st?

    Would I see more gains from upgrading to an aftermarket cooler such as the ARCTIC COOLING ACCEL-X-7970 Fluid Dynamic Accelero Xtreme 7970 VGA Cooler or Should I focus my money on improving my case airflow first? For reference, I am not overclocking either my CPU or GPU (but might if...