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    IOpinions on CMS e107?!!!?

    i use it for my site, and im pretty happy with it. lacks a few features i personally wanted, but overall a very solid and powerful cms...
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    need good external HD

    just wondering what a good brand for mass storage external hard drives is. I'm between 100+ gig WD or Maxtor. Any suggestions?
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    Hosting Feedback - Where can I get hosting... has been pretty good for me and i havent seen a lot of other hosts offering 50gb/month, 1000mb space, and a bunch of unlimited stuff including sql databases and emails all for $7.45. you get a ton more for only like $11. rarely goes down and pretty good support (actually...
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    how to compile server application from source + make file?

    hi, I am trying to set up an http server running adobe atmosphere. if you dont know its kind of a 3d modeling program that lets you create interactive worlds you can run online. Adobe is giving away the source code for running your own atmosphere collaboration and chat server but thats the...
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    Just for fun, what was your first PC?

    so what have you guys done with all your old gear?
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    does anyone know a good image gallery for a community website?

    hi, ive been testing out different image galleries for my site, some that integrate into the cms im using (e107) and some that are stand alone..... i havent found anything that really does what i want...... anyway my main concern is that each user of my general site have his own album, and...
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    help creating a logo for my college community website

    heres one i did on my own what do u guys think?
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    help creating a logo for my college community website

    well yea i am still looking, and paying for would depend on how much i like the logo and what rights i have to use it.... i wanted to try to design it myself and maybe just get some ideas from others, but anything would help.....:)
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    best CMS/Portal for letting users upload personal images?

    well i dunno i thought it looks ok and has all the functions im looking for...but it does look like theyre using something similar to e107 maybe?
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    best CMS/Portal for letting users upload personal images?

    this is the best example of what i want to do that ive seen out there although i cant figure out what CMS/Portal they are using....please help --teck9
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    best CMS/Portal for letting users upload personal images?

    hi, ive been trying nonstop to find a cms/portal system that would simply let my users make personal accounts, upload pics of themself (more than one), and allow me or another admin to approve those pics before they go on the site.... with maybe some kind of reference on the homepage to the...
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    help creating a logo for my college community website

    anyone? pretty please?:D
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    online quizzing system with content managent system front end?

    im working with a professor at school to try to develop an online quizing system that might have sub modules (to give various hints on solutions and such).... basically my thought is to go web based and since the idea is to have any professor anywhere be able to input their own content, the...
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    help creating a logo for my college community website

    hey guys, im working on a site for the college aged crowd in my city and i was thinking of doing a logo similar to a logo of a beer company. something like corona, bud light, guiness, coors...ect except just have it say cleveland campus and maybe a (.com) if it looks not sure about...
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    [PHP] Custom BB codes, with a twist. Need some help. , looks ilek a cool site the way its setup is similar to how im trying to set up my site except instead of pictures of cases, itd be pictures of people:D so im not sure if its a portal or cms or straight up coding from scratch that was used to create the site thanks...
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    [PHP] Custom BB codes, with a twist. Need some help.

    hey, cool site, just curious, does it use some kind of portal or cms?
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    open source content management systems?

    do u guys know which portal/cms would let my users create their own profiles (each would have a sub domain or somethign) and be able to upload their images and change thier personal info/comments. im guessing this info would be stored on a mysql db or something liek that on my host's...
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    open source content management systems?

    yea i think im heading in the right direction, thanks for the info so far:) also i wanted to go with for the host and they already have a few of these set up on their server, one portal system they list as already installed with any of their packages is xoops. anyone know...
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    open source content management systems?

    ive been looking around for the best strategies for creating a free community site where people would be able to have thier own accounts/profiles, there would be sections for news, sections for reviews of area businesses and things like that. i have heard a little about content management...
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    Web hosting....

    yea, im having this same problem..... im working on a community oriented site where hopefully there will be a lot of traffic and people will be able to make their own accounts and profiles and such.... anyway does actually look pretty sweet out of everything ive seen so...
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    Please advise on the best FREE .NET, ASP, PHP shopping cart

    check out osCommerce, its pretty easy to setup and free, works with php though...
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    question about letting users create profiles on my site

    im working on a general community site for my area. i havent worked out all the features yet but one feature i want is the ability for users to make a free account and be able to upload a couple of their pictures, and have some info about themself, possibly with the possibility of other users...
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    question about a website idea

    hi, i am thinking of making a small site for people in my area to make profiles, put up pictures, and have some other features. Anyone ever been involved in anything like this and what language do u think would be the best for this? (asp, php, javascript?) im guessing i would need a...
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    creating a search for a webpage

    me and my friend are working on a small site, its a site for selling books. we are using a a paypal shopping cart, but we dont have a search function. i have never created a search function before so i really dont know where to start. i think the best search would be to search...
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    is there way to change color of java text without using 2-d graphics object?

    thanks a lot man, i cant believe its that simple (or im that dumb:eek: ) but yea im gonna post some screenshots of the software package im writing , thanks for the help again:)
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    is there way to change color of java text without using 2-d graphics object?

    im looking to change the color of some text in a java program, its just located on a JLabel which is on a JPanel... basically i found a complicated way to do it that involves using graphics 2-d objects here does...
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    Logo [Request]

    yea Lord Hyperion's logo looks sweet and if he did it quickly, i cant imagine what he could do with some time on his hands...:D but if u guys are bored i always enjoy seeing what the talent on this forum can come up with, because its something i can learn from myself Madjuggla, the...
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    creating custom colors in java?

    i know what u mean by RGB values, but im not sure how exactly to implement it, could u give me an example for setting a background of a JPanel to a specific custom color other then the standard java colors (white, blue, yellow....ect) thanks
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    creating custom colors in java?

    im looking to make some custom colors by mixing of different colors and adjusting the brightness...ect does anyone know the format/ code in java for doing this?
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    Logo [Request]

    IBleedPurple, i like the general design but the slogan font doesnt seem to fit, i dunno maybe different colors for the circle would work better? also i was looking for something smaller, about the size of what AoL_Is_My_EnEmY did.... AoL_Is_My_EnEmY, i like the colors and effects...
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    very nice, free, simple image host

    Direct / Hot linking allowed 2,500 megs bandwidth p/month (~70,000 hits) 100 megs disk space (~2,500 pictures) No porn or offensive pictures Photo Bucket
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    changing font style in java?

    basically, im making a GUI for something with JPanels and on them will be JLabels with some text. I'm not sure what the standard java font style is (maybe ariel?) but i was wondering if there was a way to change that to a different style that is installed on my machine. thanks in advance:)
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    Logo [Request]

    looking for some help in designing a company logo, the name is Cleveland Lighting One, with the slogan being "see what a touch of cleveland lighting can do..." something neat, and kinda geometric would be cool for an icon, possibly incorporating the actual name or letters C,L, O (or numerial...
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    is there such a site?

    this site jimworld has some cool forums sorta related to what youre talking about check it out
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    post your pocket PC/ PDA pics here

    just curious what kinda gear the [H] has since im in the market:D
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    if you had about $200 to spend on a pocket PC what do you go with

    im looking to get a pocket pc for around $200, prefereably good memory, battery life, wireless and stylish is a plus, is this possible? what do you guys have? thanks:D
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    graphic request for a friend

    Hi, I am posting this for a friend, he recently started a site for selling books and stuff on ebay, but his logo needs some work. He was wondering if anybody is able to help him out with the logo. His site is ignore the stuff on there, its from an old web template