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  1. cvinh

    Razer Huntsman TE TKL Keyboard + Razer Viper Ultimate Wireless Mouse $80.99 + tax These were both $52 each separately last week on Amazon but Best Buy has both for $80.99 total so that makes it better than the Amazon deal if you were buying both. Or if you want a 60% keyboard...
  2. cvinh

    Razer - Huntsman Tournament Edition TKL $51.99 Amazon/Best Buy

    Available at Best Buy -
  3. cvinh

    SAMSUNG 970 EVO PLUS M.2 2280 2TB $195 with Code NEWEGG

    SAMSUNG 970 EVO PLUS M.2 2280 2TB PCIe Gen 3.0 x4 $195 with Discount Code EMCBN2Z36 . Best price I've seen in the last few months. Performs better than SK Hynix Gold.
  4. cvinh

    Cabelas Gift Cards 20% off via Ebay

    20% off Cabelas Gift Cards. Need another rifle? Some ammo? Now's the time...
  5. cvinh

    Logitech G502 Proteus Core $29.99

    Been waiting for this to come back in stock ever since BF. Good deal for those who wanted one. Only difference between this and the Proteus Spectrum is the weights and RGB lighting, neither of which is necessary for me...
  6. cvinh

    The Elder Scrolls Online + Morrowind + Discovery Pack DLC $21.86 w/ Promo Code

    From CDKeys and use promo code TESCDKEYS7 This includes the base game and Morrowind and some goodies from the DLC pack. Pretty good deal considering just Morrowind itself is selling for $40 on the main site. The CD...
  7. cvinh


    So first there was Hearthstone, then there was Shadowverse, then there was Elder Scrolls Legends. And now the latest card craze, Gwent. I assume it's mostly different from Witcher 3 version because that was just too simple. Here is the link if anyone is interested. Today is the first day of...
  8. cvinh

    Secret Lab

    Okay just saw an ad about this Singaporean company launching their chairs in the US today. Anyone heard of them before? Is it just another DX Racer clone?
  9. cvinh

    [Warm] DXRacer FD99 Formula Series Chair $240 + $30 Shipping

    Massdrop: Bringing Enthusiasts Together If anyone was going to buy one of these chairs anyway, now's the time to get one. They don't go on sale ever for retail so getting $30 off ($300 shipped directly from DX) is a decent deal. I've had the Formula chair for about 8 months now and it's still...
  10. cvinh

    Final Fantasy VII Remake

    The dream is real people.
  11. cvinh

    Best Lights on Video Card?

    I really like the MSI logo that lights up on the side of the card, I was thinking about a new build though that would have white/blue lights? I was thinking about the EVGA FTW 970. Which card do you think has the best lights/logos that would match a white/black/blue build?
  12. cvinh

    Microcenter:Free MSI Z97 Gaming 5 after $10 rebate with purchase of intel CPU!!

    Seen here -> Went to my local MC in PA and saw this deal in the advert. This is a pretty good mobo and I don't see how MC isn't losing money on this deal, it's crazy. Is something wrong wth this mobo: bios, drivers,etc?) I bought it with a 4690k.
  13. cvinh

    HOT? 16GB GSkill RipJaws $100 with Visa Checkout Add 2 of these to cart and use checkout code NAFVC10 to take $10 with Visa Checkout and should come out to around $100 They also have...
  14. cvinh

    Ninox Aurora

    Anyone heard of or use this mouse? There is a sale on it right now for ~$40 shipped and wondering how it measures up to a DeathAdder or other gaming mice.
  15. cvinh

    Beyerdynamic DT880 Premium 32/250/600ohm $250 has the DT880's in either 32/250/600 ohms for $240 + $10 shipping. Pretty good deal, the 600 ohm ones go for $349 on Amazon I think you must have an account to see the product page.
  16. cvinh

    Bottlehead Crack Headphone Amp + Speedball Upgrade $299

    For all the audiophiles If you buy the Bottlehead Crack Amp for $279, you can get the Speedball upgrade for only $20 for a total of $299. (Original: $394 for both) Pretty good deal, I was planning on saving up $394 but can...
  17. cvinh

    HOT? EVGA SuperNOVA 750W Modular PSU 80+ Gold $50.99 AR + Promo About $51 after $30 rebate and VISACHECKOUT code (Saves $9). Getting this one...
  18. cvinh

    Metro Last Light Complete $4.99 Steam

    $4.99 for complete edition on Steam Includes Metro: Last Light, Metro: Last Light - Ranger Mode, Metro: Last Light - RPK, Metro: Last Light - Faction Pack, Metro: Last Light - Tower Pack, Metro: Last Light - Developer Pack, Metro: Last Light - Chronicles Pack If you already have Metro...