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    Free Oink Invitiations

    I had an oink account but could never get the uploading to work for them so I got the boot. No one there was willing to help me out and just kept saying read the FAQ. I am in no way new to networking or computers (I am a server technician for crying out loud). So in short I say to hell with...
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    Gears of War for PC?

    "Its not going to happen, Gears of war is only for the Xbox" Uh I think I have deciphered that correctly. :rolleyes: Gears of War is a Microsoft product and with their revamp of Games for Windows on Vista we will see it on PC and Vista.
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    Do you max out your graphics when playing multiplayer?

    wow about being overly defensive. And please dont go on another rant about why your opinion is the only one that matters. First let me say your hockey analogy doesnt work, the player doesnt turn off the effects on the stadium so he can make a better shot. He simply doesnt pay...
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    ok first try at BF2 and I want to ask a few things

    Check out the reality mod for bf2 if you want more acurate/stronger weapons. Less shots to kill all, tanks/planes/helo/people. A much more "realistic" feel to it, no more super soldiers who can take 4 shots to the head before dieing. I like the reality mod much better...
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    Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter

    I said that about ghost recon 2, but then they screwed us pc gamers. They claim that they are going to release a copy of ghost recon 2 for pc with (or around) ghost recon advanced warrior. I am looking forward to this game on PC, hopefuly they havent totaly destroyed GR.
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    And while im on the CS:S subject...

    ^^^yup that would be my guess as to the reason for it as well. If the skins bother you so much, just download new ones. None of the skins in my cs folder are the origonal. One that I have (dont rember what gun) everytime you pull the gun out and camber the round it shows brass get...
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    Half-Life 2 ROCKS!!

    From what I read on the release notes valve said it was suppose to be a level in the game that they decided to leave out. It does feel much more like a tech demo tho, mabey it was and they just said it was a level, or mabey it was both.
  8. J

    Half-Life 2 ROCKS!!

    um more like a year. But yes the game does kick ass. I was kinda disapointed with the lost coast level they put out, it was just so short and kinda bland realy.
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    Is there / will there be a demo for DoD:S ?

    No there will not be a demo, and the game is already out.
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    COD 2 review from Firebomb

    I played this demo and then played DODs for the first time. Lets just say I only played DOD for like 10 min. Going from this game to DOD was just horrible, cant wait for COD2. And the crouching/prone wasnt that bad once you got used to it, it was just like the other CODs are.
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    BF2 stinger - why do i suck so bad

    I agree with this, I found that it was taking me 4 missles istead of my usual 2. They just seam to be much weaker now.
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    BF2 Patch 1.03 release in 5 days

    hmm that makes sense, you know kind of like capturing a point realisticly. Everyone sitting in the same helicopter is not teamwork, everyone getting out of bird at same time to capture a point and then calling pilot back in to pick up is team work.
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    Any new BF2 1.03 Patch rumors?

    that and the god damn grenade launchers. I was in a room the other day and I could have sworn I was playing rocket arena. With all the bunny hoping rocket guys and grenade launcher guys it is horrible.
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    Any new BF2 1.03 Patch rumors?

    God I hope they fix the bunny hopping. It has turned this game into quake with vehicles. :rolleyes:
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    Cable or DSL for on-line gaming ?

    Yeah it is. Unless they are running a t1 to your house you will not get those speeds. Not even fiber to the house can get 1gbs speeds. Oh and you thinking you get 1.2mb downloads is this from one site or all sites. Cause I would love to see how you got around the caps.
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    BF2 - How do you drive/fly?

    Yup my thoughts exactly. I find 1st person in any vehicle better. To add you can also call out spotted enemys on the fly in first person, but can not in 3rd. And I do feel I can control the vehicle better in first, as versello said. JEEVES
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    Anyone have these problems with BF2?

    All you have to do is hit enter twice and you will spawn. Never waited more than 2 sec when it hits 0 and i do not spawn. As for the second problem, never had it. Try to refresh the list before you disconnect from server.
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    Scard of Games?

    no kidding
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    Battlefield 2 problem.. Textures? Please help

    9600xt in one computer with no problems at all. X800XT in other computer and no problems. On my X800XT computer all setting are high and AA is 4, res is 1024x768. So your fan-boy answer is "teh wrong" :rolleyes: As said before, try to underclock your card and see if that helps. How...
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    BF2 "Commander"

    One thing I did not like, I was commander and brought my team back from the brink of failure. We were no in the lead with all the spawns and me at the top of the ranks. Since this server had auto teambalance on it takes the top guy and throws him to other side. Well that was me...the...
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    Bullet Registration in BF2

    Actualy it is not a server setting it is in the net code. Every server I have ever played on since 1.6 first came out had this problem. Even in lan games there is the issue. And not too many game suffer from this, reason being the fact that games dont use hitboxes anymore and actualy use...
  22. J

    Bullet Registration in BF2

    It is kinda iffy for me, sometimes I can hit them and kill in one shot. Other times it takes me 10rds and nothing. I see this problem even more up close, if I am moving and so is the target I cant hit a damn thing (unless i use shotgun :cool: ). It is not the ping as my ping is never over...
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    BF2 - So where did destructible environments go???

    um when they said destructable enviorment you guys realy thought everything. If you watched the videos it only showed somethings, like barrels or a pile of trash. I pictured it to be exactly what it is, a step towards everything being destructive. This map is also the demo map, gives you a...
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    Battlefield 2: What do you think after playing the demo?

    First night I played it I realy did not like it. There was nothing all the great about it cept for the graphics. But the more I played it the more fun it got. I have found that it is only fun when you are in a squad with people that are actualy wanting to work together. With great...
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    DC_Final, BF:V, BF2, and aircraft...

    I was in a pilots only clan for a while in bfv. Helicpoters capture flags just as good if not better than on ground. plus trying to capture a point when a heli is flying in is a pain in the ass. There realy isnt a ground weapon that can take a heli down with one shot (wich I am hoping is...
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    DC_Final, BF:V, BF2, and aircraft...

    Yes the air combat did posses a vital role in both dc and bfv. I saw mainly the helicopters as the most important. If you have a few good pilots on your team, you are sure to win. BFV got to the point where everyone would just fight for the helis wich sucked ass. I am a ground pounder at...
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    I Plan On Buying An Electric Screwdriver In A Few Days, Which One Should I Get?

    They are still good drills, I have used mine hardcore for the past 2 years. The charger died becuase the circuit bord frys itself. They dont even sell those chargers anymore and now come with the charger built into drill itself. For cheap buget black and decker is good, if you have the...
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    Games That Shoot Back

    wow, just wow. I would asume that a civi model would be less of a shock. Taking a full stun from a stun gun on a 12 year old kid would prob kill them. What I want to see is a suit you wear that will give you a small shock where you take a hit. So if you get hit in the back of your arm in...
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    The truth about Brothers In Arms

    I love these arguments. :rolleyes: Unless you personaly have been "under fire" then STFU. This is a game not a simulation. If you want realism go join up. If you want to play a game then STFU and play. If you dont like a game then give your techincal reasons and then STFU. But this...
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    The truth about Brothers In Arms

    I for one did not like it. It felt very clumsy. The aiming is horrilbe and the firing is even worse. As a strategic game it is kool but as a FPS it is not. It takes quite a few bullets to hit a target and if they are behind cover it takes even more. I for one have not played much of it and...
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    Project Hollowpoint

    from that picture it doesnt look like the 22s are getting through. Interesting idea and I hope you will win the competition. JEEVES
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    So what happens when the levy breaks?

    well my hose didnt pop but i did wind up with a leak...of sorts :rolleyes: I was at a lan party and pulled my computer out to show someone and then pushed it back under the table. Booted up into game and started playing, then the whole thing froze up on me. Pulled my computer back out and...
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    Republic Commando

    this is a joke right? every single game i have bought in the past 4 years has had a "online key". JEEVES
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    brothers in arms: cod rip off?

    My thoughts exactly. I do not like how you cant hit them, and the few that you can you have to fire 3 mags at the guy before he goes down. Only other thing I do not like is the fact that you can not peak around corners. They put such an emphasis on supressing fire but yet they make you stand...
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    Please tell me everything about Bondo!!!

    Well not at one time ;) JEEVES hey what happen to your project kckazdude?
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    Looking for realistic war game

    not to crap on your thread, but do you mind me asking what made you think of games when it came time to do research? JEEVES
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    Half-Life movie

    They are making a rainbow six movie. It is being directed by john woo, wich could be great or it could be horrible. I love john woo movies, but rainbow Six is about a tactical assault team not dual wielding gun slingers. Warhammer 40k would be a bad ass universe for a movie. Hell they...
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    first doom movie pic

    Oh come on now, if you watch that movie expecting a serious movie of coarse it sucks. But if you watch for comic value it is priceless. As for the Doom movie if you go into it expecting doom you will be very disapointed. If you go in there expecting a cheezy action movie it will be just...
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    Weapon Choice

    I like the limited weapons. But Some games would just plain suck with only limited weapons. The one thing I truely hate about games is when you can not pick up dead enemys gun. :mad: JEEVES