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    Looking into an affordable 3d ready projector

    So im looking into getting a projector for 3d gaming on my ps3, i was browsing and comparing prices when i stumbled upon THIS PROJECTOR, it seems to serve everything i would want, the reviews are good and it says its 3d ready so i would assume that it would support 3d gaming on the ps3 (with...
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    First look at Uncharted 3: Drakes Deception

    Uncharted 3: Drakes Deception - teaser trailer and pics
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    Kung Fu Live video demo E3 (for those who have not seen)

    Controller free kung fu game for ps3 lol -
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    Crysis 2 Launch trailer

    Crysis 2 launch trailer It may have been posted already, but its new to me.
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    Geohot brings back other OS support with PS3 3.21OO custom firmware

    Geohot brings back other OS support with PS3 3.21OO custom firmware Well, Geohot promised a workaround for Sony's removal of the "install other OS" feature in PS3 firmware 3.21 and now Geohot has delivered. While it's not available to the public just yet, Geohot's 3.21OO custom firmware will...
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    Firmware 3.21 who updated

    Have you updated your PS3 to the newest firmware yet?
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    Five Impressive New GT5 Replay Videos

    Five Impressive New GT5 Replay Videos Watch Them Here:
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    New Sonic 4 Screens

    NEW SONIC 4 SCREENS Back to the 2d style, thank god.
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    32" 3d lcd tv?

    Im looking for a 32" 3D lcd HDTV for when the next ps3 (3d enabled) firmware update comes around. I cant seem to find one any anywhere. Are they not on the market yet? Do they have to be branded as a 3D television, or will anything over 120hz suffice. (Pardon my ignorance)
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    PlayStation Move Minority Report Tech Demo

    Thought this was pretty cool Check it out:
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    Kevin Butler steps into the future "pew pew pew"

    Gave me a little chuckle, check it out:
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    Gran Turismo 5 v. Forza 3 Screenshot Comparison

    Gran Turismo 5 v. Forza 3 Screenshot Comparison Check it out
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    Afrika Import video review

    Afrika video review This is a review of the overseas version of Afrika on the PS3.
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    wireless usb disconnects router while uploading

    so i bought a linksys wireless usb adapter to use with my WRT54GS router, but the problem i am having is, every time i upload a file to the net, my router either resets, or i get extremely low bandwidth (56k slow), i cant upload a 100KB picture without it disconnecting. I thought it might...
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    Lost planet 2 demo

    anyone play the demo yet. played it on my ps3, and it was pretty good, not amazing, but still fun. some very cool ideas. took some getting used to at first play, but better after second run. the graphics are pretty good, and some bad. the animation and characters models are damn...
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    is there a RROD DIY sure fire fix?

    I finally caved and decided to fix my 360. I was looking through youtube and watched all kinds of vids on how to repair a 360, but i also see allot of comments saying that it will just RROD after the fix in the near future. My warranty is up, and i really have nothing to lose at this...
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    eyepet demonstartion

    another peak at the eyepet for the ps3
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    E3 The Last Guardian

    what were your impressions on "The Last Guardian". personally i was wowed with how good it looked. hears a link to the trailer
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    Project offset still looks good

    its been some time since i heard any thing about "Project Offset". im glad to see it still has huge potential, still looks as stunning as the day i discovered it, hopefully it doesnt get scrapped, i would love to see this game hit the shelves. Project Offset Media Page
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    whats a good free c++ based 3d game engine

    as the title explains, Im looking for a good free 3D game engine that supports the use of c++ code. preferably based on user experience. edit: SDK with GUI, for simplicity sake.
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    pixars render farm

    Pics some guy took while on tour at Pixar. For the movie "Cars" rendering took 1 hour a frame, and apparently would have taken 9 hours a frame if they were not running on Linux (read it somewhere).
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    i read the sticky, but i want to change my user name.

    I know user names cant be changed, but i am requesting a name change. I was 16 when i chose my user name, and its not really appealing to me 6 years later, obvious reasons. so anyone in charge, admins, mods, im just requesting a user name change. if the answer is no, that's completely...
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    vray or mental ray

    i usually do my complete renders using mental ray since it comes with max, and is pretty simple to use. i recently demoed vray, and it seems to take a bit more tweaking to get a decent render, but seems like there's more to work with. is one actually significantly better than the other...
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    Collector or trader?

    Are you a game collector or a game trader. Meaning, do you like to keep your games, or trade them in for money and/or swap for other titles? I personally like to keep all my games, its kinda like an achievement to add a new game to my library and watch my collection expand. I still have...
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    is the 360 holding back the ps3

    Hi there FYI: Im not a fanboy or whatever, I have all the consoles and play them all (just to clear the air). Ok so heres my question and/or thoughts: The 360 "as fun as it is", is it holding back the ps3 when it comes to multi platform games?, meaning, is the lack of dvd disc space in...
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    GOW III, no not Gears

    Anybody see the new God Of War III vid, looks pretty sweet. what do you think.
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    anaglyph desktop for windows???

    I heard that there is a 3d desktop plugin for Ubuntu that allows you to view you desktop in 3d using 3d glasses, you know the ones red/cyan(blue). i was wandering if there was an app for windows that could let you do the same thing. i have a pair of Hannah Montana 3d glasses just itching...
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    complaining about games poll

    I started this poll because every tech/gaming forum i go to there are almost always posts about people bashing games and complaining that it (the game) will probably suck. Im starting to see a trend on many unreleased games being beaten up on by people who have not even played the game...
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    multiplatform games, Console or PC?

    When you buy a game that has been released at the same time on consoles and PC, what system(s) would you rather buy the game for, console or PC?. i usually like to get multiplatform games for the PC, mainly because of the price, i also like to adjust graphics. but pc has a downside...
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    ps3 and optical in

    heres my issue. i have a sound card that has analog 5.1 logi speakers hooked up to the line(s) out, my card supports optical in and out. now, since my ps3 is set up with my pc monitor, i also want my sound hooked up to my sound card using the "optical in" port. so, I hooked up my ps3's...
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    Microsoft LX-3000 ps3 probs

    ok, i have the Microsoft LX-3000 usb headset, i plugged it into my ps3, it detects it and all the setting cooperate with it allowing my headset to be the main sound output, but there is no sound, its weird, cause i can go to the mic test screen and hear my voice, and i can also hear emulated...
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    keep aspect ratio ps3 to computer monitor

    i have a HPw1907 widescreen monitor, native res @ 1440x900, 16:10, supports 720p, 1080i, currently running at 720p on ps3. i know the ps3 has to crop the image to fit my screen, therefore leaving jaggies (at least its better than my CRT), but i was wondering i f i can keep the ps3 aspect ratio...
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    cool pc cases

    i came across this cool little page while randomly browsing the net. Check it out: just go to English Edition (if desired) Under The PC Case DIY link. Yes this is a PC v v v
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    Oblivion sound problems

    I have the same post in the sound forums, but since this could be an issue with TES4 software, i feel i should post here also. Ok heres the problem, i have Logitech X530 5.1 Speakers, on board Realtek ac97 sound. when i play oblivion i only get voice out of the front two speakers, but i get...
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    Oblivion sound problems

    Ok heres the problem, i have Logitech X530 5.1 Speakers, on board Realtek ac97 sound. when i play oblivion i only get voice out of the front two speakers, but i get ambience in all 5 speakers, i know how to configure my speaker system i am not ignorant in the PC sound department. my center...
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    Whats with this website?

    i did not know where to post this, so im posting it here. I typed wwwwwwwww in my url search, and it gave me this page i have no idea what it is or about, but i thought is was pretty interesting. there is no pron, no viruses, background loaders, nothing bad, its...
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    How do i network more than one pc to my pc (no router)

    I am trying to set up 2 computers to connect to my pc using only Ethernet cards and crossover cables. i already have one pc on my network, but cannot connect a second pc to my computer. i want my pc to act as a router (sorta), i have 2 Ethernet cards in my main pc, and only one shows that...
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    cat 6.4 oblivion performance (ATI)

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    Check Out Spore "videos"