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    Vista Nvidia Centering

    Built my Media Center As soon as I installed nvidia Drivers for my 8600GT my screen shifted to the right. Now I can not see my whole desktop anymore on my TV. I have a samsung 32" LCD HDTV LN-S3251D Asus 8600GT THey are connected via a VGA cable and the DVI adapter on the video card...
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    Finalized HTPC Build

    Motherboard: Intel DG965WH Processor: C2D E4300 VideoCard: Asus 8600GT passive cooling HDCP Tuner...
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    2 tuner cards = 2 cable boxes?

    I am getting a dual tuner card. Will i need two cable boxes to have my htpc work as a DVR? Cable guys are here as I type this...
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    New OnQ system

    Bought a new house and it has an OnQ system installed. I get my cable tv and phone service from comcast. Any tips on how to set my network up?
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    Check Out my HTPC build

    Spent about a week researching HTPCs and This is my build so far AVerMedia AVerTVHD HDTV/TV-Tuner Combo PCI Express (x1) Card
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    HTPC and what I want in mine

    I am going through the process of building a HTPC and its a bit harder than i thought it would be. I am gonna list out the things I need. If you could please help me out with what parts to pick I would be very grateful. Thanks for the help in advance. Here is the List Take the place...
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    HDMI Motherboards

    Looking to build a HTPC with HDMI Out to my TV. Do the motherboards put both sound and video through the hdmi or just video?
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    Airport Extreme w/ Windows Desktop

    Got a Airport extreme and a macbook. Got a PC that is connected to the wired ports. I am trying to remotely connect to my window sPC from my macbook. I have RDC for OSX and i put in the computers IP address and I cant connect to my PC. I have XP pro updated fully. An account with a...
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    Good HD enclosure For vid editing

    I am looking for a good usb enclosure to do video editing on. I got a macbook so I am limited in the ports I have It has one firewire for my DV cam and 2 usb2.0 ports. I would like an external that is powered but the same usd port and it transfers data with. No plugging into the wall...
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    Grainy Looking 2nd monitor?

    I hooked up a monitor to my macbook via the mini-dvi to DVI adapter and it looks pixelated and grainy. The monitor is a Samsung 172t (its not that new). It looks great attached to my PC. I have it set at its standard res. 1280 x 1024 @ 75hz and at millions of colors. I have tried it on 60hz...
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    Using Dual Screens w/ Macbook

    I got my macbook hooked up to an LCD. an old Samsung Syncmaster 172T, but now when I drag my firefox window there firefox information appears on my book screen instead of my monitor. Anyone know how to fix this?
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    TV on macpro?

    So i just got comcast cable in my work studio. They gave me a great deal of $45 a month with no install fee. They also gave me free cable tv. I have an old 17" LCD screen that I would like to use for tv through my mac pro. I also have a 30"cinema display for work. Is there a way to...
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    1 monitor for 4 computers

    SO I bought a 4 port KVM to make 4 computers go out to 1 monitor. I do not have keyboard or mouse connections on these devices. Now the KVM does not work cause the manufacturer says that the keyboard connection has to be hooked up for each device. Is that the way it is with all KVM's?
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    Tax Return Toys Thread

    Got some toys for my macbook today with my tax return monies :D What did you get?
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    Upgrading from EDUcational version Adobe

    Can I buy the upgrade version of CS3 to upgrade my education version of CS2.3?
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    Bigger HD for my MacBook

    I just purchased a 160g hd, 2 gigs of ram and a USb-Sata HD encloser from newegg. Now What is the process for transferring all of my files and programs in OSX from my 80 gig to my 160 gig via the encloser?
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    Apple Keyboard and Mouse

    can you use the bluetooth apple mouse and keybard with a PC too?
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    Bluetooth for 2 computers

    Hi I have a pc and a macbook and I would like to use 1 keyboard and 1 mouse for both. I currently have a Apple Bluetooth Mightymouse and I am thinking about getting the apple wireless keyboard too. How can i make the bluetooth combo work with my pc? and then How can I make it work...
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    Need help creating FTP

    Hi I am trying to create an FTP on Windows 2k3 SBS. I want the ftp to have 2 folders 1 for me and trusted people to use (Have access to, read, write) 1 for for other people to use (Have access to, read) still password protected Now I would have to be able to read and write in both of them...
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    4 port KVM

    Looking for a good 4 port kvm that has individual buttons for each port. Keyboard switching is not necessary. Any Suggestions?
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    Linking to PDF files

    I am having a problem. I am trying to put my company's .pdf spec files to be hosted on our server running windows 2003 SBS. I made the folder, got a domain for it and put all the files in the folder which I setup in IIS. Everythign is working except that if I want to see tto see anything it...
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    Just got a support job in DVR.....

    Now I am going to be in charge of setting up all the burn-in stations (we have like 8 multi level workstation desks) . They are linux embedded DVR Recorders (like cctv) If anyone has any suggestions I would love to hear from you!
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    Hardware Upgrade to Wierd Video

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    Nano 2 w/ no protection?

    How many people use there nano 2's with no case?
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    Who notices Adobe apps being slower?

    Does anyone notice Adobe apps being slower on Intel macs? I just got a macbook core 2 duo and I don't notice any speed hits on running my adobe programs. Although I have read everywhere that it is supposed to be way slower than adobe apps running on PC and older apple G4's. The only time i...
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    1gig super fast memory or 1.5 gig ok memory

    I have a AN8- Ultra board with a san diego A64 3700+ A unique situation has arisen where I can trade the 1 gig of memory 2 x 512 which pretty nice with 2 x 256 of nice memory to get 2 x512 of some kick ass memory. Normally I would jump at that offer but My concern is getting 3d studio max...
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    Hardware Upgrade to Wierd Video

    SO I just upgraded my computer with AMD 64 chip 3700+ San Diego, Abit AN8 Ultra, and Leadtek 6800GT TDH and my video playback is horrible, divx, dvd, real media are all effected. The colors look all drown out and depleted I am using windows xp home with all upgrades, newest nvidia drivers...
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    Spicmas LAN Dec 11th - 12th

    Spicmas Lan party goodness When: December 11-12 at 5 pm to 5 pm Price: $25 Location: Brooklyn Fencing Center 62 4th Street (corner of Hoyt st.) By subway, take the F or G to Carroll St. (Just four stops from Manhattan!) Head to the 2nd St/2nd Place end of the train, and exit by the...
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    WHy low FSB ?

    Ok its not that low but I am running ABit NF7-S v2.0 Amd 1700+ @2200mhz Buffalo pc-3700 2x512 DDR (BH-5 chips) and I can get no higher than a 210 fsb. what am I doing wrong or not doing at all?
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    Heh Another Christmas gift I just got Griffin Powermate got it in Black too FIrst my Logitech DiNovo Set and now this. I have too many input devices.
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    Logitech diNovo just got it!

    DiNovo Keyboard Just got this for Christmas! It looks soooo sweet, now I just have to figure out what I am goign to do with my new bluetooth capabilities :) What do you think I should get next? I have no bluetooth devices besides the keyboard/mouse/mediapad. also since I have a new...
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    Coolermaster 500 case heatsinks