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    dropped my case temp by 7C

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    anybody got an athlon 64 3000

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    Are Dell Inspiron laptops overclockable

    Hi guys thinking of switching my desktop for a laptop, gonna be on the road for a while so it makes sense. Been looking at dell laptops and wanted to know if they can be overclocked or not, theres not a lot of information going on it so if anyone can give me some insight that'd be cool
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    cat version performance review

    title says it all, great article that compares the performance of various cat from 3.5-4.5 and apparently they're planning to add in some more of the earlier drivers as well. check it out if your a benchmark junkie.
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    nVentiv gone bust...

    Rumour has it that tha makers of the prometia units have just filled for bankruptsy. There site is down and there has been a shortage of units for a little while now. sorry to be the bearer of bad news
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    second stage of my first watercooling project ... THE WINDTUNNEL!!

    this is a follow on write up that continues following the mods i'm doing to my case for watercooling. If you missed the first part you can find it in this thread.... here had a bit more time on my hands the last couple of days so i decided to do the next step and as you can guess from the...
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    first stage of my first watercooling project

    well i've just started to mod my case to include my first water cooling rig, it's not finished yet by any means but if all goes well it should be done some time in the next week. this is just a bit of a taster for you guys before the finished result. got all the parts i needed from this case...
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    what to look for in a water pump

    i'm seriously considering going down the watercooled route but i need a few pointers from you guys to save money i'd like to buy all the components seperately and just looking on ebay there are a lot of pond/fishtank pumps that are a lot cheaper than the normal pc ones. basically i'd like to...
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    just did my first voltmod

    just did my first voltmod and im pretty happy, all wen't succesfully. my cpu vcore is now running .1v higher than if its set in the bios so i can go upto 1.95 now. shame i havnt got watercooling cuz i can't really make much use of it till i get some. doing a vdimm mod later as well. if...
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    Whats your hishest 1:1 nforce2 fsb

    I've heard a lot about the dfi lan party board lately getting really high fsb speeds but i thought i should share with the [H]ard that the Soltek SL-75FRN2-L can reach high fsb speeds as well. heres my best effort using the system in my sig i did have to relax the timings a lot to get...
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    samsung 3200 ram is pretty killer

    i got two sticks of samsums 3200 512Mb ram about a month ago and i really wasn't expecting a huge amount from it when i got it for two reasons, 1 it was fairly cheap (a lot less than OCZ and mushkin) and 2 the sticks were double sided. anyway i've just started to stretch the ram and so far...
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    how low can you get your cpu temp on air? beat 21C

    recently did some mods to my case to aid airflow and overclocking (links here) and my temps dropped all round. just applied some as5 and set my cpu speed to stock to let it set and was pleasently surprised to see my cpu temp averaging 23C, sometimes as low as 21. just so you know my case temp...
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    dropped my case temp by 7C

    the air flow round my case was pretty poor before the wkend so i thought it was about time i sorted some fans out to help my overclock. i added a couple of fans into my custom made case window to blow onto my 9800 and northbridge (the northbridge heatsink is custom made as well and is passive...
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    advice needed on cpu watercooling block using amd clip

    got a mate who wants to set up a watercooling rig but he hasnt got any holes in his motherboard to mount a water block in the normal way so he needs to find a block that uses the amd clip mechanism. i've found this block already made by wet and chilly chips but in my opinioon it's overpriced...
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    anybody got an athlon 64 3000

    just read the artical on the main page comparing intel and amd chips and it doesn't mention anything about how well the athlon 64 3000 overclocks. has anybody got one yet, what sort of luck have you had?
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    how to unlock a superlocked barton

    link's below, havnt tried it so don't know if it works. unlock post your results props go to burningrave101 for providing the link
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    request for general discussions forum

    mods please dont close this straight away!! i'm seeing more and more threads that aren't hardware related, just general discusions stuff and i'm just thinking that it would be a good idea for there to be somewhere for people to post these threads and not have them closed. Surely this would...
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    VDDQ and VREF mods,what do they do?

    what does modding the vref and vddq voltages actually do, vpu and ram mods are obvious but i'm clueless about the others. also how much difference does it make to the clocks you can achieve. if anyone has done these voltmods on 9800 cards can you post what results you get please.
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    would this work as a server?

    ok so this is the setup in our house. one of my roomates comps is acting as a server and is connected to the internet (1Mb connection). everyone elses computer is then linked to his through a network switch so his computer has to be on for any of us to use the net. The problem with this is he...
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    best 1800+ wks and where to buy

    i know the 1800+ are overlclocking well right now but what are the best weeks to go for + does anyone know where to buy them in the uk
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    2nd custom air chiller, and it fits!

    topcat989 did you ever get any temperature readings for the air coming off the cooler
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    Share in my joy.....I finally did it!!!!!

    hey cornelious0_0, any luck with the new ram yet, this threads been quiet for a while now