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    Windows 8 drivers - manual install or automatic?

    My process has been the same from Win 98 to XP to Vista to 7. Install the OS and manually install drivers. The drivers I install are the Intel chipset, RST, Intel NIC, USB3, X-Fi, and CCC or Forceware. With Windows 8 I read something about USB3 drivers being included, so wondered at this point...
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    AMD driver lockup

    I get random lock ups, my screen will freeze for about 5 seconds, turn black and come back on. I also get a notification that the video driver recovered from a lockup or something along those lines. It will happen watching a video or playing a game. Googling the issue I've tried the suggestion...
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    Sonicwall Pro 2400 compared to Cisco IAD2400

    I know both of these are old and discontinued, currently we are using the Sonicwall here and have 5 locations connecting in with various other Sonicwall products. The owner of the company is looking to switch over to Cbeyond at all locations since they are a lot cheaper than Century Link. During...
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    Forwarding domains

    Currently the company's domain address is quite long. It's just used for email and RDP connections, no website. I want to register a short domain address to use so that we do not have to give out a long address to people. We have an exchange server. Can I just have a domain forward emails to...
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    Restarting DNS service

    An outside tech company came in to get iphone - exchange activesync working a few months ago. I noticed in the event viewer on the win2003 domain/dns/exchange server thousands of error 3015/3024. After some googling I figured out there was a conflict on a port which was being used by dns.exe. So...
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    Help: RDP connection dropping VPN network

    Having trouble trying to figure out the issue here. So there is a warehouse which has the servers and 4 stores connecting through VPN with Sonicwalls. At first I thought the modem, router or switch needed to be power cycled as other stores weren't having issues. I'm thinking the issue is...
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    Crucial m4: 2x 64GB RAID0 or 1x 128GB?

    Going into a new build with a Gigabyte P67 board. The RAID setup would only be $8 more. I know TRIM wouldn't work, but GC would keep them tidy. I don't really see any other con to go with the 64GB drives, or is there? Thanks.
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    Corsair Carbide Series 500r - Now Available

    Newegg Link I think I may need to go with this one for my new build and use the 400r I already bought for another. I like the aggressive look of this case and the included side fan and fan controller. It also has a removable hard drive cage for extra long video cards. I'll probably go with...
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    CPU "Budget Boy Wonder" So I was sitting on the crapper reading a free copy of CPU and saw a budget build with a 400R case. Exactly what I plan to do. So the first component they mentioned was a Core i5 2300. Seemed kind of silly when the...
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    "Compatible" Laser maintenance kits Would this be just as good as an HP kit which costs twice as much?
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    Exchange 2003 database size

    I'm trying to understand Exchange 2003. So from what I can understand by googling is that when a large mailbox is deleted, lets say 10GB, it does not free up space on the hard drive. Instead it adds 10GB of white space in the database. Also if I understand correctly an offline defrag must be...
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    One printer on 2 servers

    So at work there are 2 physical servers. One server is the exchange/domain controller. The other server has the sales software. I added the printer to the 1st server and shared it, but when a user connects to that printer while RDP'n to the software server it won't print. I noticed the names of...
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    iPhone/Gmail sync issue - contacts

    I followed these instructions: There is no issue with the contacts being pushed to my phone, but when I add contacts to my phone they do not sync back to Google. I do not sync contacts through iTunes. Not sure what...
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    CPU for Home Server 2011

    I'm lookign to build a server mostly for storing / streaming media files. The Athlon X4 630 is $70 (OEM) and the Sandy Bridge Pentium G620 is $65 (Retail). The Pentium uses less power but I'm thinking the quad core may be better for a server. Then there's also the issue with chipsets. Does one...
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    Corsair CX430 v2 whine

    Is a high pitched whine normal? It's there even when the system is not powered on. Although it's a bit annoying, I just wanted to make sure it was fine.
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    Antec Six Hundred $35 after MIR & Free Shipping I don't need one, but couldn't pass it up for the price.
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    Trouble connecting 2 repeaters to AP

    I need to setup wireless acces at the warehouse at my work. I have 3 D-Link DWL-2100AP's. 1 is connected to a switch and working properly as an access point. I was able to get another working as a repeater (WLAN light on) but cannot get the 3rd working as a repeater. I configured both repeaters...
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    Which version of Linux for media server?

    Linux noob here, The names that are sticking out to me are Debian 5, Ubuntu 10.10, and Fedora 14. What I'm trying to do is stream/transcode media to my PS3 with PS3 Media Server or Media Tomb. I use PSMS on my desktop, don't know anything about Media Tomb or if it's better/worse. The 2nd thing I...
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    Corsair HX 650W $80 AR / Antec TP New 750W $75 AR

    Newegg Sale link for promo code (EMCYWZW26) Product Link There's also the Antec TP New 750W for $75 AR/Promo Both awesome PSU's for a great price
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    Plug wireless router into work's network?

    I'm pretty sure this will work fine, but seeing as how it's at work and I don't want to mess anything up I just wanted to double check. I have a spare WRT54GL running Tomato. I've reset the router and left everything at stock settings except for adding a wireless password. Can I take a network...
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    Netgear WNDR3700-100NAS $124.99 Shipped

    SuperBiiz (eWiz), Netgear WNDR3700-100NAS RangeMax Simultaneous Dual Band Wireless-N Gigabit Router Use promo code GRAD15 for $15 off, to save a few more bucks, use BCB.
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    Mytheon - ARPG MMO - Open Beta I haven't really played much of it, just got it installed before work. Seems interesting, not sure how well their income model is going to work out. It's free to play and you can purchase in-game items. I'm just happy to see an ARPG MMO so i'm giving it a shot.
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    iPad introduction video, as captioned by Google I couldn't stop laughing. "[The iPad] Is a world class female" "Police in two hours. Oh no i can't" "we wanted to take over"
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    Antec TruePower New 750w $69.99 AR

    Sweet PSU for a sweet price. $20 off w/ promo code: EMCYPYR26
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    Intel Celeron E3200 $39.94 Promo: TOUCHDOWN10 for 10% off Bing Cash Back for 5% off 46.99 - 4.70 - 2.35= $39.94 Not sure what I'll use it for yet, but it will do great for a WHS, HTPC, or a general usage PC. If you're building a cheap gaming PC then the Regor 240 is a good...
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    Seagate 7200.12 500GB $40 AR Promo: ZZF1029
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    Evony Anyone play? I just started playing, so far it's pretty fun. Easy game to play while browsing the web. I wasn't sure what to think of the game seeing the tit ads everywhere, but my brother-in-law plays it and it looked interesting.
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    Question on Turbo mode & Speed Step

    I notice my mutli is constantly switching from 9 to 22. Is there a reason to leave Speed Step enabled if it's constantly changing? Also is there a way of testing turbo mode, as in seeing it hit 3.4 GHz on Core Temp? I tried running a single thread of prime95 but didn't see it change. Or should I...
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    Firefly - $12.99 Best Buy

    +-+DVD/6096681.p?skuId=6096681&ref=10&loc=Expanded Movies&id=1324175"]Link to Firefly @ Best Buy For those that have not seen this series I highly suggest it. Even if you end up not liking it, it's only $13 ;) This is the lowest price I've seen, usually I see it for $20 on sale.
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    The Asus is $20 cheaper and 1.5" larger (although coming from 20" I'm sure either will be big enough). My Dell 2007fpw bit the dust apparently (need to test a different dvi/vga cable) so I'm looking for another monitor to order ASAP or pick up. Reading through the forums and browsing online I've...
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    Asus 5850 in stock @ Newegg $259.99

    OOS Hurry!
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    Best CODECs for Win7?

    Since Win7 has a lot of built in CODECs for videos now, what's missing? I remember reading the .MKV container wasn't supported, so what plug in should I use for this so WMP 12 can open it (I prefer WMP over VLC). And is there any other CODEC/container I will need a plug in for?
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    PowerColor Radeon 5850 $235 after BCB Bing Cash Back: $11.74 Promo HAUNT10: $10
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    My $1,150 Core i7 860 build

    Talon: Antec Mini P180 Black....................................................$ 69.99 Antec TruePower New TP-750 750W.............................$ 89.99 Corsair CWCH50 Hydro Series H50...............................$ 54.99 Asus Maximus III...
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    Antec TruePower New TP-750 $90 Shipped Newsletter Promo Code: EMCLXNX33 Or if you are interested in an ATI 5870 card you can get the TPN 750 LED version for $50 in a bundle...
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    Enermax Infiniti 720w vs Antec TPN 650 vs Corsair 620HX

    Enermax: $60 Antec: $99 Corsair: $90 I'm pretty tired and about to go to sleep. Which would you chose? [H] gave the infiniti a gold award and it's the cheapest. I've never used Enermax and don't care for their color scheme, and I may not be able to use it with my Belkin 900va UPS. The TPN...
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    Asus Maximus III Gene - $174 after BCB Use promo code FUN15 for $15 off and Bing cashback for $9 off. Next lowest price I found was $200. Promo good until 9/30. Product Page
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    Samsung vs Lite-On DVD-RW Trying to decide between these 2. Samsung is cheaper after MIR. Price is not as much of a concern as quality and quietness though. From past reviews I've read I believe...
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    Mini P180 + Corsair H50

    I'm thinking of making a build with these 2 and an Asus Maximus III Gene or Rampage II Gene. The main thing I'm wondering is if I should use: Antec fan Corsair fan Antec + Corsair fan push/pull 1/2 different fans (Scythe S-Flex?) and whether it should be exhaust or intake. I want to keep the...