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    Modem Causing Busy Signal

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    Asus P4S800 / Dead CPU / Firmware Update

    Hey there, the CPU in my kid's PC recently pooped out. Perhaps it has something to do with the fact that I didn't make sure the retail HSF was properly secured. Oh well, all this tweaking, bound to miss something at some point. Anyway, it had a Celeron 2.4 (Socket 478, 400 MHz FSB) and I...
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    Good Old Days

    What ever happenned to the "good old days" when gfx cards were released in 3 different models, all with the same core, just clocked at different speeds. Remember what a great deal a GF4 Ti4200 was? Now the big players cripple the middle and lower tier products by chopping the memroy interface...
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    9800 Pro $200 @ CompUSA

    Here in Hampton Roads Virginia at least, CompUSA has the 9800 Pro for $230 w/ a $30 mail in rebate. ($200) Pretty sweet deal if you want a retail card from a brick and mortar shop.
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    "Conservation of Energy" or "Living Conditions With Pelts/Chillers"

    OK, I've got to know what all you chiller/pelts [H]ard watrcooling folks do about heat. I mean, to cool your components to sub zero temps there is an awfull lot of heat being generated and expelled somewhere. A 226w pelt is still a 226w pelt. So what do you do to keep your ambient room...
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    As5 / Gpu

    When applying AS5 to a 9800 core, should you follow the "half a grain of rice" method for P4's or should you spread an even layer on the GPU heat spreader. I guess, more to the point, is the GPU actually a smaller chip under the center of the heat spreader (like a P4) or is the GPU really...
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    Koolance Exos-AL: My Review

    Well I finished installing my Exos today after leak testing it overnight. I've been able to run some OC tests and overall I am very happy with the kit. Some of this is obviously a rehash of my last post but here is the full review. Looks: Sweet! I got the Aluminum model and it's one slick...
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    Leak Testing My Exos!!!

    <edit> Full review posted </edit> I know, I know... I'm posting before the job is done but I'm just so excited! First Impressions Looks: sweet! I got the Aluminum model and it's one slick looking, light piece of work. Instructions: Pretty good but it actually dumbs things down too...
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    Watercooling Install Question

    OK, I'm waiting on all my parts to come in (Exos, blocks) and I'm beginning to wonder how to get the cooler installed on my GPU. Allow me to explain. My plan is to temporarily mount the blocks in their places without compund and then measure, cut and install the lines on the blocks. Then...
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    Thinking of Exos: Waterblocks?

    Hi, I've been around for while but only lurking on the WC side of the house lately. I'm pretty sure I want to watercool, getting awfully tired of the airplane hangar sounds coming from my case and hoping to pickup a little more OC in the process. Most of the reviews I've read about the...
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    Modem Causing Busy Signal

    OK, here's the story. I little while ago (1-2 months) we started noticing that our phone would sometimes be "off the hook" meaning that we would pick up the cordless or any other phone and get no tone until we hung it up and tried again. After unplugging various phones is the house, I...
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    When In Doubt, Remove The Shim

    OK, so I hmm'd and haw'd about it long enough. I removed the shim from my 9800 Pro. I figured since I already modifed it with a VGA Silencer and ramsinks, I already voided the warranty. I wasn't so sure that I was getting good contact between the Silencer and the core and boy was I right. My...
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    Radeon 9X00: Core vs Mem, Synchronous?

    OK, so today I'm thinking that perhaps I may be able to push the core of my 9800 Pro higher if I back down on the memory speed. I think I may be misinterpreting the scant white dots in the 3DMark03 Nature scene (waterfalls always get me) as a core problem rather than a memory problem. (As the...
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    VGA Silencer: My Review

    Introduction OK, so in spite of my earlier thread asking for advice on a (non VGA Silencer) cooler for my 9800 Pro, I went ahead and bought a Silencer anyway. I figured that from the pics I had seen, it would have a very good chance of clearing my ramsinks so I gave it a shot. So what do...
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    NewEgg: Saph 9800 Pro $268 Free Ship