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    Think I need to upgrade for Fallout 4?

    I've seen the recommended specs for Fallout 4 but I have a Dell U3011 (2560x1600) so I'm wondering if I need to upgrade my video card. Obviously nobody knows exactly what performance will be like, but based on other "modern" games (I haven't played a new release in over a year) I'd appreciate...
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    Borderlands 2 Ultimate Loot Chest Edition

    Who is buying this? I think I might pre-order it since I liked the first game and the extras actually seem cool. It's expensive at $150. There is a Deluxe Vault Hunter edition with less stuff for $100 as well. Amazon link...
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    Cooler Master Storm Trigger

    I just received my Cooler Master Storm Trigger with Cherry MX Browns. I'm upgrading from a CM Storm Quickfire Rapid (Cherry MX Blues) because I work in spreadsheets often and need the numpad. I thought I could survive with a separate USB numpad that I use when I need it but that got annoying...
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    Good CS 1.6 Servers?

    Anyone know of any good cs 1.6 servers? Feeling nostalgic.
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    Ergotron Triple Monitor Stand - $150 FS (ebay buy it now)

    I just bought one and there are two more available. Seller appears to be decent. Amazon sells this for $256.84 and this is the cheapest new price I've seen...
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    NZXT Switch 810 Watercooling Build

    I'm finally starting my watercooling build using the NZXT Switch 810 case as my base. Here is the current list of components/things I ordered that might not get used: 1 x EK Supreme HF (Acetal + EN) 2 x EK 580GTX VGA Block (Acetal + EN) 1 x Phobya G-Changer 420mm 1 x Phobya G-Changer 140mm 8 x...
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    Xigmatek 80mm/170mm/200mm LED Fans - $0.00 AR+FS until 11/30/11

    These fans are between $8.99 and $19.99 with a rebate equal to the price and free shipping until 11/30. I have no idea how reliable Xigmatek's rebates are but I figured I'd post this in case anyone wants to give them a try. It might be limited to one per household. 80mm Green LED 80mm...
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    The Official [H]ard|Gaming Minecraft Server

    The Official [H]ard|Gaming Minecraft Server This is the discussion thread for the official [H]ard|Gaming Minecraft server. All server updates will be posted here. The server is now running Tekkit: Download the client package here: Once you've got the...
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    20-30-20 config questions

    I'm thinking of running a 20 + 30 + 20 config. I currently have SLI GTX460s and would run the 30" off of them. Would this cable work for 2560x1600 on the 30" monitor if the monitor I get from ebay doesn't have one? I was thinking of then getting a GT430 to run the two 20" monitors. One with a...
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    Finally upgrading - how does this sound? Looking to buy today/tomorrow.

    OLD rig: q6600 g0 @ 3.0GHz (couldn't get it stable at 3.2GHz even with low RAM clock & high Vcore...worst g0 q6600 ever) Thermalright Ultra 120 Extreme HS Abit IP35 Pro 4 x 2GB G.Skill DDR2 1066 8800GTX OC 150GB Raptor + 2 Data Drives PC Power & Cooling silencer 750W Asus Blu-ray/DVDRW drive...
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    Dragon Age preloading available on steam now

    just fyi
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    Windows on Mac

    I know this will sound stupid and everyone will hate me...but is it possible to just install Windows XP on a Macbook Pro 13" and not have OSX at all? I know that I can get a similarly spec'd laptop for less and that the drivers aren't perfect in windows but I'm just curious.
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    New Voodoo laptop?

    Have there been any rumors of a new voodoo laptop? I really like the envy 133 and don't want to get one and then have a new model drop on me a month later.
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    Change default media player in Vista?

    I just installed Vista and I'm looking for a way to change the default media player. I have a logitech elite keyboard (love it) and want my media, play, stop and next/prev buttons to work with winamp all the time and not windows media player as they do by default. The iTouch software that...
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    Link to program to test new monitor?

    Does anyone have a link to a program that will help me test my new LCD? Basically one of those programs that shows Red, Green, Blue etc to see if there are dead or stuck pixels and then some blacks to see how good the monitor is. I tried searching but probably just didn't choose the right...
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    HD Tune benchmark

    What's the "proper" way to run this benchmark? Do y'all change the "block size" and "test speed/accuracy?" Also, what other benchmark utilities can be used with Windows Server 2003? I get some pretty drastic differences by changing the block size with the setup I'm trying to test.
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    8800GTX + HR-03 Plus + this fan?

    Would this combo properly cool my video card while keeping relatively quiet? 8800GTX (undecided on which brand) Thermalright HR-03 Plus Nexus 92mm Real Silent Case Fan Also, any other suggestions on a quiet 92mm case fan that I can use with this heatsink? TIA.
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    Help an old, rusty member out! Build questions.

    Please let me know how much of an improvement I'll see going from my current rig to my planned config. I've been out of the game for a couple years now. I've been busy modding and reading about my car and have let computer hardware get the better of me. I've been reading reviews recently and am...
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    Momentary switch to latching switch

    I'm trying to make a momentary switch function like a latching/locking/on-off switch. I've seen a few examples of circuits online and am about to start trying some out. Most of my choices are here: Before I go and do this I wanted to find out if anyone...
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    Cs 1.3 + 2005fpw

    I have Counter-Strike 1.3 installed mostly to watch some of my and others old demos. I recently got a Dell 2005FPW (native res 1680x1050) and can't figure out how to get the game to display correctly. This is what it looks like: As you can see, the bottom and right sides are cropped. I've...
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    Banner Help

    I need some help making a banner. I want to make something similar to this: Any ideas on some tutorials that can allow me to make an image look like that? PS: I have checked some of the photoshop links in the sticky but I haven't found anything promising. I'll go through them, might take...
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    Quiet SFF

    I'm trying to build a quiet SFF, and because of what I've read I will probably stay away from Shuttles. The Aria is not much bigger than your average Shuttle, and thus I think I'll go with it for expandability plus it's apparent quietness. My main question is if I can fit the following in it...
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    PCB Color

    I've been looking around for a motherboard that has a white or silver PCB color. All I've really found is this one: Does anyone know of any others? Thanks.
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    Sample/Split audio files

    I'm trying to make a highlight video, and I'm going to be using a few of my mp3's to go along with the video. I'm looking for a program that will allow me to make an mp3 that's only part of the original mp3. For example, say I want from about 0:03.5 to 0:22 of a certain song. Does anyone know of...