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    Noobish HT link question.

    There seems to be some grey area between what the actual HT link speed is for a cpu. By auto settings my HT link is 2.0 ghz. HT 3.0 on AM3 chips is supposed to support 2.6 ghz HT link. The highest I can get it is 2.4 ghz at the default 1.20 HT link voltage. I tried 2.6 at 1.30 volts...
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    Asus 23.6

    Well my viewsonic vp finally died :( Spent 2 days trying to get it to come back on but I had to give up on it because I needed to continue with my work. I opted for the Asus 1080p Widescreen as my brother got the samsung version. I'm so impressed with this leap in resolution that I've gone...
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    Finally fixed my Viewsonic VP2030b

    I've had an issue over time where the monitor would no longer wake from sleep. The monitor would turn off even if I used power scheme - never turn off. Eventually the screen stopped coming on altogether. Turns out there is a factory reset for viewsonics that is not in the manual. Hold...
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    M3A78 + 955 - I dont think so!

    Looks like asus wont be introducing a bios update to recognize the phenom 2. Well i spent my load on the cpu so for the time being im stuck with this mobo. Currently im playing with amd overdrive to see what i can squeeze out. Update 1. AMD OD causes BSOD at cpu's stock 1.25 volts and...
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    So Freaking Annoying

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    help me build a box

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    Windows Mobile 5.0 and Outlook Web Access

    I can not for the life of me find a scope of support or any documentation saying whether or not a PDA is supposed to be able to log in to outlook web access to view an exchange account. It can be done, and has worked, but not so much on any windows mobile 5.0 pdas. I was wondering if any of...
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    Sli And Alt-tab

    Hey Guys Sorry For Caps Im Doing This From My Phone. I Was Wondering If Anyone Else Has Certain Games That Will Crash When You Alt Tab Out Of Them. Sometimes Wow Will Minimize Fine Other Times I Have To Reboot. My Specs Are In My Sig. Wheb I Disable Sli Alt Tab Works Fine.
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    Why SLI won't work with my Mobo...

    I'm having a major problem getting SLI enabled on my computer. When I install new drivers, Windows prompts me to enable SLI in a dialogue box, but when I go to the 6800 gt tab, the computer restarts. Everything worked fine until I went to this mobo, so I know the video cards work and that I have...
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    SLI 6800 gt Crashing Problems

    Ok, here's the deal: I just recently got an ASUS SLI32 motherboard with 2 6800gt's on it. Everything ran fine BEFORE I got this board (I had the SLI-Deluxe). After the mobo switch and subsequent format, I was able to install everything to current (drivers) but when I go to Display->Advanced...
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    weird video playback issue

    I have a BFG 6800GT. When I play a video, the gama is way too high, and the colors are off. While the video is playing, I can go to display properties, settings and when I click advanced, the video fixes itself as soon as the nvidia controls load up. What gives? :confused: The videos...
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    Gold Duping in WoW It seems as though WoW has been exploited by using instances to duplicate gold. :( It would seem that many lvl 30s are exploiting a problem with Maraudon to dupe items and gold. People are able to carry massive ammounts of...
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    A8N deluxe Prob/Solution

    Hey guys just ran into a nice fix, and I thought sharing this may help others. I've been having random lockups with cs source. If it was fullscreen it would lock my entire machine, if it was in window it would only crash the game. Brothers In Arms wouldn't alt-tab, and after exiting the...
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    Other SLI uses.

    Im a computer noob, but with 2 video adapters in SLI, what is keeping an sli system from letting you run 2 games at once. For example, I currently alt-tab from WoW to CS:Source. I would like to have WoW on my tv and CS on my monitor.
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    Overclocking SLI setup?

    Now that I have SLI installed, coolbits disappeared, how do I oc the 6800 gts?
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    Just upgraded from nforce2, now I need good sound

    I upgraded to the A8N, and, the spdif doesnt output 5.1, and analoge 5.1 sounds like crap. I have invested in a 5.1 klipsch promedia system with the preamp. I know asking for DICE capability is too much, but I i am willing to sacrifice the 5.1 for excellent fidelity. What soundcard should I...
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    Which cpu?

    In two weeks I'll be upgrading to an A64. I currently have a 3200+ barton. I'm for sure with the 2 6800GT's and A8N, but what I'm not sure of is the cpu. Can I get a good OC out of the 3000+, or will I need to get a 3500+ winchester to oc?
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    Drivers suck

    Ive been getting bsod lately. My computer locks up and my games crash. I had been spending more time on a 700 athlon with linux than my gaming machine. Last night i uninstalled the latest foreware drivers and went to the 66.81's. But i didnt use the wizard to install them. I just went to...
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    suse linux install troubles

    I'm trying to install SUSE on my computer but i keep getting stuck with the same error over and over. RAMDISK: Compressed image found at block 0 invalid compressed format (err=1) VFS: Cannot open root device "<NULL>" or unknown block(0,5) Please append a correct "root=" boot option...
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    6800gt temp monitor

    I have my gpu set at 450. The temp monitor ingame (i have dualscreen, with the tempature on the secondary screen) reading at 72 degrees while im playing. Isnt this a tad low for stock cooling? Is the nvidia temp monitor accurate?
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    I want to watercool

    Alright, I want to watercool my mobo, hd, video card and cpu. I don't want to skimp out either, But i have no clue on what blocks to get, or any of the parts that i need. I dont want a kit, I want to peice together the best stuff. I dont want to put in any dye. I dont even have window on...
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    x800 at compusa

    here in webster tx there are 4 on the shelf, and also 6800's. Lots of em.
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    I spent all day building this computer. The case is a thermaltake v5000, and i painstakingly hooked up all the fans to the "hardcano". The mobo is the abit AN7, with a amd mobile 2500+. Ram is 2x512 corsair xms. Video is 9800 pro. HD is seagate sata 7200 rpm 160 gb. And i dont remember what...
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    New video cards in stores?

    When does nvidia and Ati plan on having their cards in stores? I just want one of these damn things, and no one has em in stock.
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    help me build a box

    My cousin wants MS Flight Sim 2004 to run flawlessly so he can practice for an important test. Would an Fx-51, 1 gig pc3200 xms registered ram, 74 gig raptor hd, asus sk8v, radeon x800 be over kill? Could he play it as well on an abit nf7 with 1 gig pc3200 xms, mobile 2500( hoping for...
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    barton 2500 @ 2.2

    I currently have my barton clocked at 2.2, and i want to go higher. I havent touched my vcore, and was wondering if i need to adjust it to go to 2.4. Right now i have my case off with a fan blowing in it. ITs hovering around 40 degrees idle, 50 under load. oh yeah, this is in a SFF box \/
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    Overdrive max

    Well, the cats are saying the temp is low, and the overdrive guage is maxed, but only showing its clocked at 418, just 7 mhz over stock. IS that all it will go, that seems a bit low for boasting overclock potential on xt cards.
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    So Freaking Annoying

    i have 2 displays. On one, i have windows media player 9 playing videos fillscreen, and on the other i have my desktop. If i click the desktop or anything on it, the video on the other screen will minimize...WHY?!
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    Time to encode

    I was wondering how long it takes to convert movie length divx avi's to mpeg -2. Is is in the hours, minutes? Oh yeah check the sig if you need to know what its being done on.
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    Would I notice...

    I have a shuttle sn45g mobo which uses the nforce2 ultra chipset. I have one stick of Corsair CMX512-3200C2PT 512MB DDR400 PC3200 An 2500+ o/ced to 3000+ with a 200 fsb with a radeon graphics card. If i get one more stick of that memory, would i notice much of a difference?