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    FITES 200 August 23rd-25th

    Fites will have plenty of bandwidth for the summer event. We normally start planning for the next event at a meeting right after our LAN. We have made several improvements to our infrastructure. Below is some info for our event, see the main site ( for updates and...
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    LAN parties in New England?

    I am also in NH, and am looking for a local LAN to attend, l'pane dropped off the map after the 2010 nor'easter. I loved that event and the UMASS crews game IRL was awesome. I'll have to check out Xana LAN I go to many of the larger LANs and volunteer, I am a staff member (Network guy) for...
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    XBMC build

    Do ATI/AMD GPU's support VDPAU now, I thought that was a nVidia only feature. If you plan to play high def stuff the VDPAU decoder is great.
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    Opensolaris disk names using LSI HBA?

    The driver creates a fake device to hide all the real paths behind it.
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    Solaris iostat errors

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    FITES 200 - February 25th-27th 2011 Mechanicsburg PA

    People are getting pings of 130-140 currently to our server. Come to the helpdesk if you want to setup a tournament.
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    treyarch dev says negative 'gamers' are ruining industry

    I think the statement was largely misunderstood. The statement "“as a community manager who lives in the media or social media world every day, I think the social culture of video games is moving in a more negative direction as technology and social media continues to grow. Rather than...
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    Pittsburgh - Iron Storm XII - 200 gamers! March 4-6th, 2011

    I wish I lived closer, i'd love to make it :(
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    FITES 200 - February 25th-27th 2011 Mechanicsburg PA

    If you want to sit together please grab a seat within the next week or two, and be sure to reserve your seat on the event page. Also if anyone buys their seats in bulk there are discounts for groups of five or above. The month before the LAN we get the bulk of our sign ups and blocks of...
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    FITES 200 - February 25th-27th 2011 Mechanicsburg PA

    Updated the original post with news/details! PC Tournaments have been posted! Console tournament list is still being finalized. Please see for details (maplistings/server config/rules) Call of Duty 4 5v5 Search And Destroy Hardcore...
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    FITES 200 - February 25th-27th 2011 Mechanicsburg PA

    Clan tags were never displayed on the seating chart, only usernames. Clan tags are listed in the users page:
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    FITES 200 - February 25th-27th 2011 Mechanicsburg PA

    Network throughput has never been an issue. If anyone has anything constructive to suggest please please utilize our own forums at
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    Intel Introduces Ultra-Small Intel® SSD 310

    I'd like to see SSD's that plug directly into the motherboard like a DIMM going mainstream in the future, with SATA/SAS being more useless overhead and Intel announcing plans to build disk controllers on the CPU in the future it would seem the obvious next step.
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    FITES 200 - February 25th-27th 2011 Mechanicsburg PA

    I believe it will be the same setup as last year, 10/100Mb ports at the table with trunked gigabit uplinks back to the main switch.
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    FITES 200 - February 25th-27th 2011 Mechanicsburg PA

    We also rent a server, we play BC2 on Fri/Sat usually, join us on We are making arrangements for a BC2 server to be used exclusively by our LAN attendees. You are welcome to play as much BC2 at the LAN you want. As with any game that has no LAN support we cannot...
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    FITES 200 - February 25th-27th 2011 Mechanicsburg PA

    We still have 10% off coupons available. We also have group discounts available. See the registration page for details. We are finalizing the tournaments, we will have plenty of free play servers available throughout the event. We will be announcing details shortly.
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    Just ordered a rack

    Anyone ever use a SKB rack, they are for DJ/Audio equipment and are not deep but seem to me the thing to get if you ever want to move the equipment.
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    FITES 200 - February 25th-27th 2011 Mechanicsburg PA

    Be a part of Central Pennsylvania’s largest LAN party ever! Frag with friends, neighbors, and strangers alike. The fun begins early and ends late as we frag the day away! This year's event includes even more space than last year, an improved console gaming section, tournaments, open servers...