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    Freakin ACE ;)

    Had mine since august of last year. It is a great piece of hardware (and leopard is sweet) Plays all my games well too in bootcamp mode.
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    time thingy

    The Apple TImeCapsule will show up as a remote drive. As for backup programs TimeCapsule will work with both Leopard and windows XP backup programs. It does not work with vista backup programs (some security issue).
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    OEM Question?

    if you speak of vista. you can't install on any other computer
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    So I bought a wii...

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    macbook tune up?

    hazel is also a great program to clear out all the crap that doesnt get deleted when you remove programs
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    Keep the 2ghz macbook or buy the 1.83ghz macbook pro?

    stick with yours and get a external 22" for photowork. It is noticeably faster using 2 CS3 programs at the same time when using the C2D MB.
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    Mac Mini to HDTV problem

    the res might be 768. I had that issue with my samsung. nvidia had some fix for it in windows but I havent hooked the mac to the sammy yet. I'll try when I get home. I am curious
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    Taking an Ipod 30G video and Shuffle 2gb

    plug in at the airport while you wait for you flights
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    New Apple Keyboard Questions

    I use the old BT apple keyboard. I love the numpad goodness with the wireless sexiness.
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    How come Pystar hasn't been stopped?

    They change there EULA they have to support other hardware that is not there own. I like that Leopard can't be installed on PCs easily. Strong control of hardware makes for better software performance.
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    Apple 30" Cinema Display Help!

    damn slow fingers.....
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    Macbook 13.3'' resolution for web design ?

    13" is great for designing. I know many that use and love it. Ive heard many pissed off people argue that the color accuracy is off but for web design it really doesn't effect it. Almost all laptops use the same type of lcd panel that you would find in a MB or a MBP. Get one and don't worry...
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    Apple 30" Cinema Display Help!

    i can tell you from my experience. I use a BT mighty mouse and the Old BT Apple Keyboard (i love my numberpad) I attach my 24" and make sure all my other devices are active. Close the case and wait for the mbp to go to sleep. Wiggle my mouse or press a key on my keyboard and it becomes...
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    Apple 30" Cinema Display Help!

    wait a while. do you have an external keyboard and mouse?
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    Apple 30" Cinema Display Help!

    plug in the 30" and close the laptop, wiggle your mouse and you will have the 30" running full rez
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    CCTV DVR Build

    So now you are gonna support your own security system? Building your own is great if you are selling them to other people and working as a professional in the security field, but I highly suggest you keep the embedded specko you have unless your work wants to pay you more to administer your...
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    Vista Nvidia Centering

    I try 720 but my tv says it is not supported, I am running some weird res that seems to work
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    Vista Nvidia Centering

    Ok so I found out the meaning of overscan. Now to fix it
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    Vista Nvidia Centering

    Ok I got a DVI to HDMI converter and hooked it up to my pc and tv now I get a picture that covers the whole screen but its zoomed in. I canot see the edges of the desktop at all why is this difficult?
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    Vista Nvidia Centering

    newest nvidia drivers from their site
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    Vista Nvidia Centering

    it only happens when I am in 1360 x 768
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    Vista Nvidia Centering

    Built my Media Center As soon as I installed nvidia Drivers for my 8600GT my screen shifted to the right. Now I can not see my whole desktop anymore on my TV. I have a samsung 32" LCD HDTV LN-S3251D Asus 8600GT THey are connected via a VGA cable and the DVI adapter on the video card...
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    Finalized HTPC Build

    Motherboard: Intel DG965WH Processor: C2D E4300 VideoCard: Asus 8600GT passive cooling HDCP Tuner...
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    2 tuner cards = 2 cable boxes?

    I dont really understand that SO since I have digital cable I am going to have to get 2 cableboxs and attach each of them to my dual tuner card of my pc. Then i am going to have to get some sort of IR reflection thing so I can control the tuner boxes so I can change channels. I am...
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    2 tuner cards = 2 cable boxes?

    K thanks for your speedy responce:)
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    2 tuner cards = 2 cable boxes?

    I have comcast digital cable and I am using this card I only have one box right now. Can I hook up the connection from the wall straight to the tuner card instead of using the cable box?
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    2 tuner cards = 2 cable boxes?

    I am getting a dual tuner card. Will i need two cable boxes to have my htpc work as a DVR? Cable guys are here as I type this...
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    New OnQ system

    Bought a new house and it has an OnQ system installed. I get my cable tv and phone service from comcast. Any tips on how to set my network up?
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    So, who's winning the HD-DVD/Blu-Ray format war?

    worldwide? still tied US Bluray
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    Check Out my HTPC build

    I see you got an HD dvd player for your HTPC. Which one did you get?
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    Check Out my HTPC build

    Spent about a week researching HTPCs and This is my build so far AVerMedia AVerTVHD HDTV/TV-Tuner Combo PCI Express (x1) Card
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    SO if I am building a htpc and I have a regular lcd tv I bought a year ago I shouldnt get a hdcp videocard?
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    HTPC and what I want in mine

    I am going through the process of building a HTPC and its a bit harder than i thought it would be. I am gonna list out the things I need. If you could please help me out with what parts to pick I would be very grateful. Thanks for the help in advance. Here is the List Take the place...
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    HDMI Motherboards

    Looking to build a HTPC with HDMI Out to my TV. Do the motherboards put both sound and video through the hdmi or just video?
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    Airport Extreme w/ Windows Desktop

    Got a Airport extreme and a macbook. Got a PC that is connected to the wired ports. I am trying to remotely connect to my window sPC from my macbook. I have RDC for OSX and i put in the computers IP address and I cant connect to my PC. I have XP pro updated fully. An account with a...
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    Good HD enclosure For vid editing

    I should just edit from my macbook HD instead of trying to edit from a USB or Firewire enclosure. My GF has a macpro I would love to use (and I paid for most of it) and a 30" screen but she is at it all the time......:mad:
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    Good HD enclosure For vid editing

    I am looking for a good usb enclosure to do video editing on. I got a macbook so I am limited in the ports I have It has one firewire for my DV cam and 2 usb2.0 ports. I would like an external that is powered but the same usd port and it transfers data with. No plugging into the wall...
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    Using Dual Screens w/ Macbook

    Wherever the menu bar is, that is where that address memory bar and right click menus open up.
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    Using Dual Screens w/ Macbook

    When I move the firefox window to the fighter jet side, it works normally. Only happens in firefox