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    Sapphire R7 370 Nitro Review

    The conclusion is.... Buy the 950 if you're a budget gamer and you wont be disappointed.
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    License Plate Readers On Garbage Trucks?

    My trash service is run by the city, and since it is part of the local government, I dont see any harm.
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    Netbooks Forecasted to Die Off by 2015

    Wait, they're not dead yet?
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    Intel Ivy Bridge Processor IPC and Overclocking @ [H]

    I might wait another round, looks like my upgrade/investment in 2010 is still holding ground.
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    Marketing Ploy Has 'Humans' Flying Over New York Area

    You usually dont need permission to fly R/C aircraft.
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    Best FedEx Delivery Ever: LCD Monitor Edition

    Dumbest thing, or in reality the truth. I work at UPS inside a hub and boxes are not conveyed on pillows or treated gently. So if you ship something, pack it like its gonna be dropped a few times.
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    Best FedEx Delivery Ever: LCD Monitor Edition

    The USPS guy wont be upset, they contract through UPS for their priority packages. They use UPS airplanes.
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    Another Steve Jobs Action Figure Shut Down by Apple

    damn i'd buy one if they were cheaper
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    HBO Would Want Netflix to Charge $20 a Month

    I'd easily pay a couple more dollars a month for netflix with HBO. But with thier rational, I'll keep downloading HBO shows from bit-torrent.
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    USB Drive / Battery Combo?

    Best smuggling device possible? Think about, you put it in some mundane device that no one cares to notice and use it to carry or steal data. Or again, use it to hide data.
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    UPS Expands Photo ID Rule for Retail Shipping

    UPS had to pretty much do this to appease the TSA. At my hub, we have had agents come visit and inspect the area where we sort and load air packages.
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    Secret Package Delivery Procedures Revealed

    lol, I've never had this problem with UPS or FedEX Air, but DHL and FedEX were notorious for this in my area. DHL would leave packages worth an easy $500 or more on my front step in my apartments without knocking and notifying me. And FedEx ground would drive by the first two attempts without...
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    Kindle Owners Rich, iPad Owners Young and Male

    You must be new, we like to bash Apple as much as we like to read about performance.
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    Microsoft: Blu-ray is Going to be Passed by as a Format

    haha, I have one blu-ray player in my home and its collecting dust. While the Wii with netflix streaming has gotten all the attention in the 5-6months. My HTPC is loaded with DVD quality video, I never rip blu-rays either.
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    The Weird Week in Review

    Depends on the state, even in the anti-gun state of Cali, you only need a handgun safety card to on a handgun, for long-guns nothing is needed. Back to the story, this isnt the first occurrence of this happening, even mythbusters did a piece on this same scenario. And you're prefectly fine as...
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    Apple / Dell Speak Out About Foxconn Suicides

    I work for UPS and at my hub we've had 2 suicides in less than a year time now. So those Zero suicide rates are BS.
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    Microsoft Offering Windows 7 Upgrade Deals

    They need to bring back the Win7 Home Premium Upgrade 3-packs. I need another for a computer room project, :*(
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    SLI, worth it in these two instances or not?

    So you're saying SLI is only for the fastest flagship GPUs atm.... Werent the 8800s one of the best GPUs a couple of years ago, why wouldnt SLI apply now?
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    GTX 470 anyone?

    I'm not planning on one either, but I'm just stating what it might take to change my buying preference.
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    GTX 470 anyone?

    I'd buy one after a $100 price cut, if I cant find a 5850 in stock first.
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    Or people with A/C? Badass setup though.
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    Apple’s Spat With Google Is Getting Personal

    dejavu.... I guess with Gates doing humanitarian work, Schmidt stepped up to the plate and took over as Job's nemesis.
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    Craigslist Scammers Using Smart Phones

    I'm really surprised no one has blamed craiglist yet, even though every page has that warning against wiring money to scammers on it.
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    Intel Confirms Atom N470 Processor

    Wish granted....
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    Star Trek Online - Eyefinity done right

    So you'd like another term, does Eyefinity compatible rub you the right way?
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    What is the most efficient way to use these 3 cards? 8800gts/4890/4850

    I'd go with your first suggestion, replace 4850 with 4890 and stick the 8800 into system as a phyx card, the other 16x pci-e ( 4x electrically) will be suitable for it. And if your g/f doesnt want the upgrade, sell it or keep as a spare.
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    P55 Motherboards Circa 150$

    MSI if you plan on doing CF/SLI in the future, since the Asus method does turn the second x16 slot into a 4x for the USB 3.0 support. From personal experience, it has been one of the easiest builds and overclocks and is a very solid board. Asus, if you need USB 3.0 support that dosent...
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    Early-Adopter Criminals Embrace Cloud Computing

    Now if we just get the Porn industry into cloud computing, it'll be golden...
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    Google's Experimental Fiber Network

    And I was happy with my 7mb DSL, 1GB, now I CAN download the entire internet, lol. or alot more pron...
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    Rare Coin Dealer Sues Google for Address Mix-Up

    Hope this guy has a nice safe, or if he lives in a free-state, google's mistake should make it easy for him to get his concealed carry permit now. Especially since this story is public now, he probably just made himself an even bigger target.
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    Friend needs help upgrading his graphics card...

    +1 I'd suggest an 5870, anything else and he wouldnt probably notice, BUT thats if he is playing something a bit more modern than CSS.
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    Ok, I got an i5-750? now what?

    Yeah, I pushed mine to 4.0ghz w/ 1.301 voltage, I really havent tried to go higher, since LinX pack testing drives it to 84 C during stress testing. Prime on the other hand will be about 5 C lower, these things run hot during stress testing but even full load during gaming, I never see temps...
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    Got any games you've completely neglected?

    Fallout 3, I bought it and played a couple of hours but L4D and WoW has my attention atm. Shit, I even purchased Ghostbusters for $15 and played that straight through, but for some reason I can get into Fallout.
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    New ATI Catalyst 10.1 Hotfix is out, but did it fix your gray screens, etc. ?
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    Illinois Now Allows ‘Virtual Visitation’ for Divorced Parents

    So is this a way for dead beats to get outta real visits, instead they start up skype or outlook and get credit for a visit?
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    HDDBoost - Combines an SSD with your existing hard disk

    Thats kind of cool, provided it works. Its Ready Boost on Meth.
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    Athlon II X4 620 w/ mobo $60 AR @Fry's

    We'll I just grabbed one of the deals, my Mom needed an upgrade and this fit the bill. The mobo is crap but prefect for a casual/office setting. And 2 weeks ago I thought the 620 w/ mobo at $90 was hot, but its mobo was a tad better so the price increase was justified. The only thing bad about...
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    Google Street View Catches Tree Killers

    That might be a bit hard to do, unless someone has found a way to keep a stump growing.
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    Frys (B&M) ASUS ATI RADEON 5870 1GB $379.99

    Is this a regional thing, I didnt see this in the La Times or on the ad boards at the San Marcos store? I wonder if Frys' refunds the difference, I just purchased that board last Saturday too.