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    How to place files on RAM!

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    Lexibox are you game?

    Lexibox is one of the new Aim games under puzzle section. Most people dont like these types of games but i cant seem to get enough of it. I even went on the offical forums to trade SN to play but still cant get enough players. So if anyone want to play that aim game, PM me at feelingshorter.
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    Screenshots of movies

    Wow, it works, thanks! EDIT: Not only that, it fixed my gamma problems with displaying video. Its weird how when i play videos, it doesnt use the gamma settings of my destop even tho i set the gamma settings the same for overlay/destop. But when i disabled the hardware support, it took gamma...
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    Screenshots of movies

    I connected my camcorder to my computer via firewire. Make a movie from windows movie maker. Opened it in media player. Took a screenshot and then went to paint to past. It doesnt show the movie. Pic!! How do i export pics from movies? Is there a program? Since i am trying to sell some stuff on...
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    Requesting a chop of the Valedictorian of my High School

    lol. funny stuff. copyright infringment
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    50 recruits...11 days...we can do it!!!

    i'm in dropped gaming like 4 years ago (good old starcraft!) so not like i am using my amd 2200 anyways. Keep folding.
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    How to place files on RAM!

    thanks, i had problems finding that on the internet. Since most people dont use this. Most of the articles written are like years old except for that one which has update for how to use on windows XP. I decided to not even mess with that. I think ill just go "grab" me some new ram from local...
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    How to place files on RAM!

    ok thanks for all the help but your missing the point. I dont want load huge files into my ram. Maby just some CS maps, that way when a new map begins, it loads faster. Or ill load small programs like AIM or IE or Opera.
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    How to place files on RAM!

    i see...512 megs is small... does anyone know if i can put 2 different types of ram speed into my computer? Like lets say use 512 megs of pc2700 along with 256 megs of pc2100? (sorry for more newb questions.)
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    How to place files on RAM!

    I read somewhere long ago on a tweak website that there was a way to place static files on your ram. Basicaly, lets say you can load up aim or steam or internet explorer on ram. So that when you boot up your computer, the files are already there and there is no delay when you open up the files...
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    Chop my gun

    wood? WOOD? WOOOD?! Paint the whole freakin thing black and your gun would look much better. Some people think that gun would look ugly, but i respect all people's choice and taste. So i can only show you all this: That is an upgraded M733 Commando, with silencer, red dot scope, and spray...
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    I FINALLY broke the limit

    photoshop counter strike, lol. I WAS THINKING THE SAME THING!
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    Home Made Heatsink Abandoned

    i'm thinking about where i can get copper wires and thermite right now, anyone kow how much termite cost
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    Whats wrong with running hot if your not going over the recommeded limit?

    i would say keep it under 55 C. There we go, only a bit under 60, so 45-50 C would be really good. Or if you have some extreme cooling, 35-40. I wish i had money, my amd T bred 2200+ is overheating at 56C core temp.
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    Home Made Heatsink Abandoned

    termite huh, thats not the problem, the problem is finding the freakin copper. And i was in my right mind, it was just some cheap weed (literality, garden weed). Did you know you can smoke ANYTHING? You can like anything that can burn, so the next time you see a burning house, go grab urself a...
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    Home Made Heatsink Abandoned

    Title says it, reply and keep this post up for a day or 2. Sad yes i know, i keep trying but failing. I still havent recieved my torch and i am afraid my ceramic bowl will break since it is cheap so i wouldnt dare let a bowl of molten copper melt over my stove. My parents would kill me! It was...
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    Home Made Heatsink

    That above post was by me, i was at a friend's house. And if anyone knows anything else you can melt, send me da idea!
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    Home Made Heatsink

    Yea i edited my post, the composition of a modern penny is only 2.5% iron. And about your idea, i do have a propane oven at home that i can use, since i dont have a torch. But Ill be using a ceramic bowl as my container, and i can easily make a ceramic lid to cover my ceramic bowl. Good...
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    Home Made Heatsink

    Some fast facts that ill go over: 1. The idiot that posted and said that pennies before 1983 were pure copper was lying. I did my research and here is what i found: "After the Civil War, in 1864, the composition of the one-cent coin was changed to 95% copper and 5% zinc."...
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    Home Made Heatsink

    Haha, yea. I already spent like 11 bucks on stuff i need to build the heatsink, and not only that, i had fun doing it. I already built the mold, and ill proably heat it tomorrow if i dont have homework. Then when my pencil torch arrives, ill be able to see if i can melt alumnium foil or the...
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    Home Made Heatsink

    I see. First of all, we need 2 measure out how big and we need a visual on how the heatsink would look like. Whos goona just drill holes, measure, and it turns out all wronge? Better 2 measure first, mold it and let your mind work and then put clay over it. This is how it is usualy done isnt it...
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    Home Made Heatsink

    Anyone know if a pencil torch that runs at 2000 degrees would be able 2 melt, lets say a metal US full copper penny, and alumnium foil? BTW does anyone know if alumnium foil is actualy 100% alumnium? And if you dont have wax 2 mold into a heatsink then use...i dunno, for example....... i'm...
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    Dumpster Diving!

    hahahaha tips
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    software ocing?

    yes there are software OC programs out there, they should only be used when you know your computer cant be OC. Thats what they are for. That is a FAMOUS website. It just hasnt been updated. In my opinion, if you cant OC it hardware wise, dont do it software wise. Mess...
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    Home Made Heatsink

    Ok Ok, many people have read this forum and i dont think that is a PC 13 idea. Man if you can ignite glass from a few inches away, that means you can ignite ur ass a few inches away also. Man i dont know what your thinking HELL NO. I just plan on using a pencil torch 2 melt some stuff. I already...
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    Overclocking trouble

    OK i dint know you could even OC a 2.4 that high. And if your boot screen doesnt show up means your system cant handle it right? Its what my friend told me; "If your computer doesnt boot and it is not stable, then it cant handle the OC". Did you adjust the FBS 2 match ur video card? or maby...
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    Safe oc?

    that is expensive dude, can ya give me ur old parts? :D And a general rule proably is overclocking = less CPU life, so i guess you can try not 2 overclock 2 the max, even if you have extreme cooling. I had a 400mhz computer that broke down after 4 years of service without overclock so...
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    Where to buy?

    Anything but retail haha, i'd also say ebay, dont buy a used one tho.
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    Home Made Heatsink

    ok i just laughed my ass off. And learn 2 use periods lol! I understand what he wrote tho, man ur out of ur mind! Who at home can actualy start that reaction? It is also gonna cost money, and if you dint notice, a strip of magnesium? MAGNESIUM=Expensive enough. And i dunno what ur talking about...
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    Home Made Heatsink

    i saw some pencil torches like that on the internet before, i want one now lol, just 2 play around with, i dint solder can be used 2 tin stuff, but now i do. EDIT: man i have 2 buy a dremel, solder, a pencil torch, i mind as well freakin buy ramsinks! *calm down, calm down* I think ill...
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    Home Made Heatsink

    What in the world did you use to tin it? And on the 5th picture, whats that green thing in that container? EDIT: i was on my way to hobbie lobby 2 buy some cheap stuff and make my ramsink and heatsink when i saw your thing, where did you get that pencil torch? Radio shack?
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    Home Made Heatsink

    so sweet, wish i had all that equipment haha, i dont even have all that crap
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    Wow this was great

    i cant find any lite-on dvd burner for 80 bucks, retail dual is like 150, and since no one sells at retail, it is cheapest at 110.
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    i need the quietist and bestest heatsink

    is the slk 700 with the TMD fan good? I like the fan since it isnt terribly loud and the heat sink is good. i think, but the slk700 is old, has anyone tried it on a higher motherboard than the 2200+ tbred?
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    Nuub tryin to OC

    shouldnt need 2 ask that question, do some 24 hour test and see if any errors occur, Just amp up the frequency bit by bit as you already done. Most good motherboards have a fail safe thing where it turns off the comp if your cpu wont boot if you turn up the frequency 2 high, so just play around...
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    Overclocking problem!!

    maby you just cant go further, the MB might not let you? I dunno, i dont even OC my computer cuz i am afraid 2 burn it but thats just my guess. I got an epox, which is great for overclocking, i should do that sometimes.
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    Home Made Heatsink

    nah i woulda noticed, i live in texas, how would a canadian penny get down 2 texas? Rarely, and canadian is more influenced by American than we are by them, so they recieve a lot of our coins but we dont really get much of theirs where i live.
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    LOL...410mhz memory clock on my Geforce2 GTS

    i got a 128mb geforce 4 ti4200 and i have no idea how 2 overclock it.
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    Home Made Heatsink

    I never even seen canadian currency of any kind at all.