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    Warm: 9% price drop on Vizio 39" smart tv. E390i-B1E I've been watching this for a little while and I think this is a new bottom. Seems the other sizes had minor discounts as well.
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    Locking down android permissions

    I recently moved to Android from a windows phone, and am really taken aback by the free-for-all that goes on with personal info and device permissions. I've been doing some online research and wanted to ask the [H] community how they lock down their phones. Reference: LG G3, Android 4.4.2...
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    Good *nix book for developers

    I'm a web developer by day. My development machine is windows, and there's always been someone else to handle linux/apache server deployments. As such i've never learned much about the unix shell. However lately i'm handling more responsibilities and find myself using the terminal more and...
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    Tech stocks/investing subforum

    Not sure if this issue has been covered before, but i feel that a lot [H] is very much into following tech stocks and investing. So seems like it might be nice to have an investing subforum where we discuss companies, trading advice, and throw around wall-street-shark acronyms like ROI, P/E, EPS...
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    Chairs Discussion

    I almost never see good office chairs in DEALS, or talked about, and I'm really in the market for buying one so take a seat [H] and let's hear some stories. I've tried this chair before and it is really really nice, but for the cost of a small car. But then again, I probably use the chair...
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    Verizon vs. T-Mobile

    I'm switching to one of these carriers. The plan and phone options are the same for both, and coverage in my area (D.C. metro) is generally very good. So i can't decide just based on that. The only options left to consider are existential "other factors" like company practices, views on net...
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    RoR: Managing long actions through better workflow

    -Also posted this on Ruby Forum I'm working with Ruby on Rails, but any MVC framework i'm sure encounters this issue. In our application we have a number controller actions that have gotten very long and difficult to maintain. Usually #create and #update. A huge reason for this is that the...
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    Limit game deals on [H]ot|DEALS

    I don't like it when there are too many video game sales listings on [H]ot|DEALS. Especially for things like steam sales which happen every day. This is mainly a hardware forum, and I'm hoping the Deals section can be hardware focused. Perhaps video game sales can go under a 'Deals' folder in...
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    Ethernet over HDMI

    How exactly do you use this? Only thing with an HDMI out on my computer is the Radeon 6950. Can't find any info on whether it can do ethernet over HDMI. Can you connect two computers and transfer data?
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    Cheapest tablet with large screen

    Can't seem to find a thread that covers this in depth. I'm needing a tablet just for web browsing. I don't care for power or screen quality, just screen size and rock bottom price. You can get some cheap tablets out there for ~$70 (nook and this but they're all 7" screens. 7" is too...
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    How good is DSL

    I've moved to a new house that does not have a working cable line. My only option for internet is DSL. What's [H] think of DSL? Verizon is offering plans at 15Mb/s which sounds too fast to be true. Are these reliable? I've had cable internet for the past 13 years and have been very happy with...
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    Is WebGL the future?

    So I'm looking at some of these demos for webGL and they look good. They can be slow on weak hardware, and universal browser compatibility is still a LONG way off, but things are moving forward. There is no doubt that eventually there will be hardware supported, real-time, 3d graphics in all...
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    PSU input amp / household current usage

    My issue is simple yet very frustrating. I live in a small apartment in an old building and the maximum current coming to my fuse box is 20 Amps. Yes I = 20A! Two circuits, 10 amps each. I am building a new SB machine with specs similar to other folks here, and have gotten stuck on the...