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    40" Samsung UN40KU6290 4K $290 at Best Buy (or $265 with $25/$200 Amex offer)

    This TV is available for the same price online at for members only. You have to log in to see the price and purchase.
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    GTX 1080 - Founders Edition?

    So only the Founders edition will be available on May 27th? I want to pair it up with Broadwell-E when it releases
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    2x980 Ti, 4670k, R9 290 and more! 1 day auction

    Hey all, deploying soon and I need to get rid of all of this stuff. List of things for auction. With the exception of the 980ti, everything else is used. 2 x MSI GTX 980 Ti 6G Gaming, 1 new 1 used 1 x Intel i5 4670k 1 x Gigabyte R9 290 Windforce 1 x EVGA GTX 760 2gb w/ ACX cooler 1 x...
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    Amazon - HIS Radeon HD 6970 2GB Video Card - $223 - $20 MIR = $203 (TEMP OOS)

    Call it in, chat was no use and the guy ("Sandeep") actually disconnected on me. I called it in got a nice lady that offered the sapphire card for the same price and I bit. I mentioned that there was a $20 mail in rebate and she couldn't take it off the price but added it as a promotional value...
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    Corsair Force 3 120GB for $110 AR

    This isn't the same drive as the one with all the problems. This is the newer revision that has supposedly fixed all of the issues. If you search for "force series 3 120gb" they'll both pop up. This is the GB3A model. I almost bit but I still have a lot of space on my 90GB vertex 2 boot drive...
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    Refurbished Viewsonic 23" IPS VP2365WB 119.99 + FS

    Got both of my 26" monitors today. Both perfect on the outside and no dead pixels but I only had them turned on for a few minutes.
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    Refurbished Viewsonic 23" IPS VP2365WB 119.99 + FS

    I don't get mine until Thursday of next week. Keep us updated once you get yours!
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    Refurbished Viewsonic 23" IPS VP2365WB 119.99 + FS

    I ordered the 26" but I don't know if the order numbers would help since my second order starts with a S and first was a W. I placed the first order Oct. 2 around 5 PM and second order on Oct. 3 around 3 PM
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    Refurbished Viewsonic 23" IPS VP2365WB 119.99 + FS

    Just received tracking numbers for both of my orders.
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    Refurbished Viewsonic 23" IPS VP2365WB 119.99 + FS

    Are you sure it isn't the cards that are causing the problems? A lot of CC companies will flag three transactions that are exactly the same for fraud protection etc. Both of mine went through just fine (still on B/O) and the representatives have been very helpful. edit: they placed a hold on my...
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    Refurbished Viewsonic 23" IPS VP2365WB 119.99 + FS

    I understand but it wouldn't have been hard to waive it or split his order up. Oh well, good luck to everyone!
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    Refurbished Viewsonic 23" IPS VP2365WB 119.99 + FS

    That's a load of bs. I ordered one online then talked to a rep via live chat and he called me to place the order and said there were no shipping charges.
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    Refurbished Viewsonic 23" IPS VP2365WB 119.99 + FS

    I ordered a 26" last night and placed another order just now. I was just going to use one since I don't have the desk space but at this price wth I'll buy a new desk :p edit: I had to go into live chat and they called me to place the order. Rep said that they should be fulfilling them wed/thurs...
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    Refurbished Viewsonic 23" IPS VP2365WB 119.99 + FS

    it isn't sold out but back ordered. anyone have luck with macmall back orders?
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    Sony Playstation-Brand 24inch 3D Monitor

    This will sell well for people who want 3D TVs but can't afford the big screen price tag. Should be good for college dorms/apartments or people with very limited space. Most of what you said has nothing to do with the monitor. The Microsoft E3 press conference was terrible. A lot of people...
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    My i7 2600k box is branded "i5" in several places

    Friend of mine experienced the same thing with a 2600k he bought last weekend also from Fry's. i5 box with 2600k stickers all over. Odd thing is I bought two the day before him and both of mine were correctly boxed/labelled.
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    The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings ann.

    Single 5850 and having no problems. Running smooth at 1680x1050 on ultra with ubersampling and motion blur off. I've got a 2600k @ 4.6 and 8gb of ram.
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    Black Ops....who coded THAT network trash ?!?!?

    I am also noticing more connection issues with black ops versus mw2, lame. Lol, give it up bud. MW2 might have been Mech Warrior 2 but for the past 3 years mw = modern warfare.
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    Q9400 to a 1366 i7 setup?

    I'm in the same boat as you but I am going to wait it out. I just ended upgrading my video card for better gaming performance and will upgrade my CPU when the new sandy bridges come out.
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    Drunk Gamer Thrown To The Floor By Cop At Gamestop

    Dude was just trolling
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    Drunk Gamer Thrown To The Floor By Cop At Gamestop

    wouldn't call it brutality, he was clearly on something and was probably giving the workers a hard time. i fully support the officer in that video and was surprised he didn't use more force. :rolleyes:
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    Halo: Reach CO-OP doesn't work on new 4GB Xbox 360 slim

    I knew an XBOX with a HD would be a problem sooner or later but I didn't expect it to happen on a high profile game like Halo. Perhaps it has happened in other games but it didn't get much attention in the media unlike this. Why are you guys debating about PC vs consoles? They both cater to...
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    Sony Japan Patent for PS3 backwards-compatibility add-on

    My 60 gb died on me a month ago, interesting but I only played my PS2 games a handful of times and I still have my PS2.
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    G245H, U2311H or ZR24w?

    The U2311H is on sale for $239.25 before taxes and free shipping on dell: Click the 25% off coupon and use it when you check out. Courtesy of SD
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    My new LIAN LI Lancool PC-K58W

    technically it's a lancool, kind of like the toyota/lexus thing but the other way around?
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    Gran Turismo

    Can't wait for this game! It is one of the reasons why I bought my PS3.. nearly 4 years ago haha
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    Mass Effect 2

    played okay on my 7600 gt with a e8400@3.6 ghz on 1680x1050
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    How I saved my ps3 from the ylod

    Had my PS3 reflowed for $40.. working now
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    Seasonic M12II-620 PSU Drawing

    Count me in
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    Did FF XIII marketing really just snag me?

    Big difference in cutscenes.. which is one of the core components of the newer Final Fantasy games. You also forgot to mention you need to pay for online gaming on the 360 and 80 GB PS3s had software BC too. I paid $600 for my launch ps3 but if you add up the price of everything needed to...
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    Did FF XIII marketing really just snag me?

    You don't have to transfer files, you can stream them from your PC using tversity or some other programs like it. I have both systems, PS3 version won me over because it was developed for the PS3 and comes in a single disc. I had to swap discs playing Mass Effect 2 on the 360 and that annoyed...
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    Ruined my disc. Ethical decision?

    Were you hoping someone would come in here and tell you that it's okay? If all you've done was purchase a license to the game, then Harmonix should just give you another disc for free right? No, didn't think so, you fucked up and what's worse is you even knew it was going to happen. I don't...
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    About to DL AOC

    There are disadvantages if you play on a big pvp server such as getting ganked everywhere but it's a lot easier to find groups. I play on Tyranny, one of the more populated pvp servers. What kind of classes do you normally play in a MMO?
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    So is AoC offically a no go?

    I made it to 80 on a low pop pvp server and it was a blast exploring the everything. I just went over to the big pvp server and I'm still having fun leveling while dealing with gankers all over the place. The end-game is a little bit lacking but they are implementing a new PVP system next week...
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    Age of Conan is now FUBAR

    Mounts are 2G and training is 1G but I agree with you that it isn't possible to get one in your 40s. I think I was low/mid 50s before I could afford a mount of my own. A friend of mine bought it for me when I hit 40 :D
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    Reasons to buy a PS3

    MGS4 alone is enough reason to buy the PS3, reliability, blu-ray, and upcoming exclusives are just added bonuses.
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    GTA 4 - Headlights?

    if you press triangle while getting out of a car niko leaves it running but if you hold it he turns off the engine