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    My first SSD (update)

    +1 for Samsung. Never experienced any issue.
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    Poll: Will you be buying a 2080Ti/2080/2070?

    Decided not to be on a bleeding edge. I might start searching for 1080ti.
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    $1054.98 EVGA 1080TI FTW3 Hybrid + 650W power supply combo

    WOW... Just realized that bumped 1080Ti FTW3 Hybrid price to $1010. So, it's a great deal!
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    Super Talent DDR4-3200 16GB $54.90

    Wow great deal! But, it seems like it's gone.
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    Perhaps the best headphones at...$50?

    Thanks OP!
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    $729 EVGA GTX 1080 in stock @ Best Buy

    It's gone... Not in my area!
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    How does one buy a graphics card?

    Check EVGA website and put notification, and wait ... You may get a chance to get one at the updated MSRP.
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    Is Netflix Planning the Ultimate Super Bowl Surprise with “Cloverfield” Sequel?

    Thanks for the recommendation. RAW looks really interesting!!!
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    Crypto and gpu price going back

    But I already have a couple that were shipped with motherboards :)
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    Decent inexpensive dual band PCIe 802.11AC adapter

    Would that be good for gaming as well? Cannot really have a wired connection for now.
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    NEwegg hurry! 1080ti

    I'm in WA. It seems like NE started collecting sales taxes. So, even if I got that SC, I should have paid more than 950 after tax :(
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    NEwegg hurry! 1080ti

    Got OOO during the checkout. :(
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    Show Your LCD(s) setups!!!

    The keyboard looks awesome!
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    What's the best bang for the buck Android phone right now?

    OnePlus has been great to me as well. Started using OnePlus One.
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    Stupid question but gotta ask cause I don't know

    Some MOBOs do test memory (not just quick test) during boot up, so it takes some time. Thus, I would say yes; it would affect the boot time. You can disable this testing in BIOS, I believe.
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    Gigabyte z270x Gaming K5 No sound via optical

    +1. If you see light out of the cable, check the format. Most devices would do PCM.
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    Amazon Patents Employee Tracking Wristband

    Wow really creepy..
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    ASUS Strix Z270E question

    Did you try the 5GHz channel?
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    My Galax 1050ti exoc white came...

    The rig looks really sweet! And the desk mat looks great to me as well!
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    ASUS Strix Z270E question

    Without the MIMO antenna, you could get up to around 430Mbps. However, that's kinda theoretical speed. I typically expect half to a quarter of those speeds for wireless.
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    Open CL

    I don't think games really need to use CL or CUDA, unless it needs intensive physics simulation.
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    Anyone able to buy a video card directly from Nvidia recently? How long are they backordered?

    $899 is actually a good price for Ti. Local craigslist listings ask 1000+. :(
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    How to Stop Windows 10 From Updating??

    Once I was in a similar situation. Take a look at this (
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    Multiple EVGA 1080 ti’s in stock at MSRP

    Ah... even EVGA bumped the price :(
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    1070Ti in stock at New Egg "HOT@$649"

    Just a couple of minutes, then it's gone. :(
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    Prototype 4x Titan V

    Thanks for sharing this. Just wow!
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    astronomical GPU prices?

    I should have built one earlier. Having hard time to find CUDA-capable GPUs at reasonable prices. :(
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    Ditch 1070 and wait for Volta?

    Even with the increased prices, most of them are gone really quickly.
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    Ditch 1070 and wait for Volta?

    That's good to know. Thanks!
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    Ditch 1070 and wait for Volta?

    Other than Amazon and Nvidia, do you guys know retailers that do not charge more than MSRP?
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    OMG I snagged a video card at only 15% over MSRP!

    15% over MSRP is a really great price. I would also jump on it... but wait! I don't think I have paid anything over MSRP in my life tho. :(
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    980ti vs. 1060 6gb

    I think used 980 Ti is a bit more expensive than a new 1060 6GB, and it's a bit cheaper than 1070. So we're getting we paid for?
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    New: WD Black WD1002FAEX 1TB 7200 RPM

    Significant performance gain over SATA 2 version?
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    HDD Monitor

    Generally, I found that the software RAID card manufacturer provides is good.
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    RAID 0 worthwhile improvements in my case?

    If you're referring the 160gb drive to ST3160811AS, I would like to recommend leaving as is. It's a really silent and small drive, access time isn't that fast. So, I'm only using the seagate drive for back ups.
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    Do most gamers use with wired or wireless mice?

    Although modern wireless mice do not have much lag, stereotypical though that gaming mouse should be wired haunts me all the time. So, I'm always using wired for gaming :).
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    Velociraptor shakey shake shake

    +1 here! :)
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    5400 rpm 500 gb vs 320 gb 7200 rpm

    500GB +1 :)
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    ST31000528AS Health

    By any chance, IDE / AHCI issue?
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    ST31000528AS Health

    I was not able to see SMART info for external drives with Seatools. But, WD tools displayed that information surprisingly! My WD Raptor (50+ reallocated sectors) was not detected with WD tools, but Seatools was able to scan the drive :). Guess it's worth trying many tools.