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    Power Limit: Is my new card b0rked?

    The new cards are all set to throttle down for furmark as its ruined cards even at stock clocks. There is no reason to use this app anymore as it won't show proper results.
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    Zotac AMP!: The Unloved

    Yep you can flash the extreme bios, but all it does is raise your base/boost clock. The problem is the extreme amp! is voltage locked as well atm. It seems to have been some kind of mistake to lock all the cards despite their marketing claiming to go above the 1.212v with the OC plus.
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    Zotac AMP!: The Unloved

    The Omega is voltage locked (the extreme is supposedly not, but i havent seen anyone with it yet to ask). I'm quite happy with my 1525 OC.
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    Zotac AMP!: The Unloved

    I got an 970 amp! omega, runs great! Overclocked to 1500core/8k memory without issue, and the fan is inaudible even on full load (temps stayed between 68-74c with fan at 60% in alien). No coil whine either, very happy!
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    S27A950D or Dell U2713HM

    Actually i've been reading forums about it and it seems that the provided DP cable is the problem. Buying a new quality one solved many many peoples problems.
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    S27A950D or Dell U2713HM

    Agree with this. I had an XHD3000 and the new 27" SA27950D 120hz beats out 2560 res every single time. Higher fps just makes everything so smoooooth.
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    AMD Catalyst 12.10 & 12.11 Beta Now Available

    It doesn't happen if you use an HDMI cord but does happen if you use DVI.
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    7870vs7950vs660ti opinions?

    7950 definetly. Not sure why you're comparing the 7950 and the 660 ti when the 7950 beats out the gtx 670 now with 12.11 drivers
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    Samsung S27A950D 120Hz

    Is there any new tutorials for 3d nvidia vision that work with latest drivers or does the trick only work with 29x?
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    Samsugn S27A950D question

    How weird. Thanks~
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    Samsugn S27A950D question

    Here they are: and
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    Samsugn S27A950D question

    Hey guys I keep seeing this screen popping up with this extra price/tag: -W LED/BLU But i cant seem to find much info about why and if this is better than a regular 950D. Is the price justified?
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    Hot, 20% at greenmangaming, Deus Ex: HR for 29.98.

    Bought it with paypal. Got same error as compddd but was charged and game is available under my games. Now I wonder when we'll receive our keys.
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    Hot, 20% at greenmangaming, Deus Ex: HR for 29.98.

    Ah great, preordered. Don't see a key in the confirmation letter however.
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    Hot, 20% at greenmangaming, Deus Ex: HR for 29.98.

    Any idea if this is a steam key or going to be like direct2drive?
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    Will a GTX460 Own My PSU?

    I'm running a gtx480 with a 620hx, you'll be fine op.
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    GTX 480 bad company 2 hitching/stutter

    Can you make a video of it? Haven't noticed it yet.
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    Cyborg R.A.T. Mouse

    This mouse could've been nice if you guys dumped the twin eye, that simple. Lifting being for "noobs" is not an acceptable solution to me. Other mice that don't use the twin eye don't have the problem, and so I vote with my wallet by not buying any mouse that uses this sensor.
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    Cyborg R.A.T. Mouse

    Told you guys the twin eye sensor is piece of crap. I bought a G500 after the imperator and this thing is perfect.
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    How loud is the GTX480 suppose to be?

    Neither. You buy your own 120 or 140mm fan and connect to the mobo header or use a 3 pin to molex adapter.
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    How loud is the GTX480 suppose to be?

    I have a spitfire on my 480 and my max temps are 55c, and even in games with dx11 and full 99% gpu usage (like avp) temps rarely go above 62c. Keep in mind that it's also completely quiet as the 140mm fan I use from thermalright is 900rpm. My microwave is louder than my pc now.
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    4890 Cross Fire --> GTX 480 (sidegrade or upgrade?)

    I went from a hd4870x2 to a 480 and my min and avg fps improved quite a bit, I'm happy with the results.
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    Should I buy a GTX 480 or wait for the 485?

    Yep it was announced at GDC 2010. Although it's not an offical card (like the hd4850x2) it's still coming.
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    GTX 480 Spitfire Cooler - Wow!

    Look at the previous page.
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    GTX 480 Spitfire Cooler - Wow!

    Yea absolutely. I hate loud GPUS and the hissing noises, ruins my gaming experience. However now it's all quiet just like my accelero hd4870x2 was. Yea there's enough clearance. I have an x-fi full size installed behind mine.
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    GTX 480 Spitfire Cooler - Wow!

    Would work fine, thermalright posted vids where they had it setup like that with the spitfire facing the h50.
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    GTX 480 Spitfire Cooler - Wow!

    Yea there was no way it was gonna fit facing downward with my true 120.
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    GTX 480 Spitfire Cooler - Wow!

    Can't tell your what vram temps are like since the gtx480 vram sensor is not enabled (can't access with software). It was 60 bucks for the cooler + 7 for the mount kit. Water starts with at least 120.
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    GTX 480 Spitfire Cooler - Wow!

    Installed the spitfire on my 480 today. Took me about 8 hours. 1) Stripped screw in gtx480. Had to use dremel to cut it out. 2) Mounting the spitfire alone on the gtx480 was clunky as hell. I highly recommend a 2nd person 3) Couldn't get the card into my cm stacker. The PSU cage at the top was...
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    My GTX 480 is starting show rainbow effects

    Does it only happen in 3d and not in desktop? Run a game in windowed mode, does it still happen?
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    Question: GTX 285 vs 5850

    5850 without a doubt.
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    Arctic Cooling Accelero Xtreme 5970 now available!

    Yea you didn't tighten it enough, and since the cooler is hanging upside down there is even less contact. This is why I prefer my reverse atx style.
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    minimum fps for gaming, what do you think?

    Above 45 and I'm alright.
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    4870x2 to GTX480? or wait

    I just upgraded from an hd4870x2 to a gtx480, pretty happy. Min fps and avg fps went wayyy up.
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    how much watt does gtx 470 or ati 5850 use compare to 8800gts 512 mb? thinking about

    I'm running my entire rig completely stable with a 620hx.
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    GTX480 and physx card question

    Ah great that alone justifies a purchase then.
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    GTX480 and physx card question

    Is anyone using a gtx480 and a physx card (say a gts240) and multiple monitors (say two)? If so I was wondering 1) Do you plug in your 2nd screen into the gtx480 or the gts240? 2) If into the gts240 does the gtx480 still have the high idle temps when there's 2 screens? Thanks
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    Now I remember why I love Nvidia

    830 crashing as well hah.