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    Am I asking too much for my socket 939 motherboards and such?

    Figured it was time to let go of some great socket 939 hardware. Both rigs were still running great before I retired them. The question is, am I asking too much? Most of the old stuff is being sold outside the US. The DDR1 RAM I'm practically giving away. Thoughts...
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    Getting an old BEFSR41 Lynksys router to work

    Don't know what I'm missing but can't get internet access with this old router. All the lights are on. I can access the router. The DHCP Active IP table sees both computers. The Verizon FiOS router ethernet cable is plugged into the Linksys WAN. What am I missing?
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    Recommend router for wireless TV/Xbox/laptops

    Yeah I know wired is the best but it's not possible for everything at this point. That being said, Xbox is about 50ft away in a bedroom, the other Xbox is 30. the TV is about 30. No straight lines of site of course. Want to spend less than $200. It's a B-day present for my kid's house. Have no...
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    Recommend an SSD for an old socket 775 system?

    Upgrading one of my old systems from Vista to Windows 10 with a fresh install. Specs: Antec 900/CORSAIR CMPSU-620HX PSU GIGABYTE GA-X38T-DQ6/IntelQ9650/Thermalright 120 extreme Corsair Vengeance CMZ8GX3M2A2133C11R 2x4GB 8GB DDR3-2133 PNY 8800GT Ditching the HDD and going SDD. Unfortunately...
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    Best thermal compound for cpu, gpu, motherboard northbridge

    Gonna pull my old rig apart & e-apply the thermal paste for my old socket 775 system before I install Windows 10 from Vista. CPU Q9650, GPU, & motherboard heat pipe for a GIGABYTE GA-X38T-DQ6. Best paste for all 3? AS5? Thanks.
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    How do I interpret BSOD in Vista

    Yes Vista. I get BSOD occasionally. It's an old reliable socket 775 system that I built a long time ago that is only used for email/internet so there's no real reason to build new. However I would like to go SSD/Windows 10 but I would like to find the problem and see if it's worth fixing. How &...
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    Looking to upgrade Ryzen 2500U laptop memory

    So I just got the Acer Nitro 5 Ryzen 2500U which only came with 8 GB DDR4. The DDR 4 is one stick of Hynix 18-18-18-38 2400MHz Is it a crap shoot if I upgrade to 16 GB of HyperX 14-14-14? Would they automatically go to...
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    How to get the panel off laptop?

    Took 17 screws out of the back of the laptop. Can’t seem to get the panel off. What’s the trick?
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    What are we using for vid card benchmarking nowadays?

    Just wanted to see what this Acer Nitro 5 Ryzen 2500u laptop can do in it's basic form. 3dmark?
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    How much bandwidth does a vid card take up?

    My Z87 board is crapping out and I was thinking of upgrading to a Z97 board. Yes I know It's a dead socket. The question I have is, If I use my 780GTX and use the M.2 PCIe with an M.2 NVMe SSD, will there be a bottleneck? 1x M.2...
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    Best M.2 SATA III SSD?

    So in short I can't use an NMVe SSD in my gaming laptop even though I have the appropriate port. Due to power constraints I'm limited to SATA M.2 and I want to ditch this 1 TB HDD. So, MLC or TLC? Samsung 950, 960 EVO, or WD blue...
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    How to find out if hotel is blocking gaming servers?

    My son is doing an internship in one of the Marriott hotels in New Jersey. All of a sudden he is having a hard time connecting with the gaming servers. Is there a way to ping their servers to see if the hotel is blocking them? He did a speed test and he is getting a 12 ms ping and his upload...
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    Making Windows 10 fast

    First time using Windows 10 on this new laptop. Been on Windows 7 with my old laptop and gaming rig. Is there a good reliable source for making Windows 10 faster & more efficient? Thanks Edit for system specs: - Ryzen 2500U 2 GHz Processor - 8 GB of Ram in single channel - 15.6" Display...
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    Will I notice a real world performance hit using SSD over NVMe?

    So I just bought this Ryzen 2500U laptop: Bonus! It has an open M.2 slot. Bogus! NVMe isn't compatible. So since I have to use a typical NAND M.2 SSD, would I have noticed any real world performance if I had...
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    Choice between 2 laptops....

    So my 10 year old HP AMD E350 laptop crapped out. So I can't decide between these two laptops. I really don't need a gaming laptop but it's only a few dollars more and it makes logical sense but the battery life sucks. I'm out of the loop with the latest Ryzen CPU's. If you don't mind I could...
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    Upgrading old socket 775 system from Vista to Windows 10. Advice?

    My wife & son use my old socket 775 system for shopping & web surfing. That's it. But the old hard drive took a dump and was going to buy a new SSD along with Windows 10. What is the cheapest 64 bit Windows 10 around? So far I've found this...
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    What is the bottleneck to 4k gaming?

    I have a socket 1150 system but I want to get a 32" 4K monitor that's on sale at Costco. If I upgrade to a better GPU will that be sufficient with my 4770k & 8GB ram? Or is the Z87 chipset system not adequate enough? Currently I'm gaming on a 2560x1440 monitor with a GTX 780. I have no...
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    Can't update BIOS for an MSI Z87-GB65 Gaming: Media not found error

    So I'm in the BIOS for my Z87-GD65 Gaming motherboard and the M-Flash keeps telling me 'Media Not Found Please plug in USB media and press ENTER to try again.' When I go to take a screenshot of the BIOS using F12 it tells me 'No USB Device is found. Please plug USB dongle then try again.'...
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    Found the DOS version of an old Commodore-64 game: Telengard!

    Dunno if any of you are old enough to remember this game from the early 80's. But I used to play this game every day until I accidentally overwritten it trying to save my game on the Commodore 64 tape deck. Might have to break out the graph paper again for this one!
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    Where can I look up these BSOD error codes?

    I’m using a Windows 7 laptop that I just put a new SSD about a month ago & I just got this BSOD for the first time. Tried to google one of the codes & came up empty. Is there a link I could look these up? Thanks
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    Trying to boost performance of an anemic E350

    I have an old HP 2000-329WM with an AMD E350, 8 GB 1066 Ram, & 480 GB SSD. Boot times have decreased significantly since the change to an SSD from the failing 5400 rpm HDD. However for general use, it's not any different. Was looking at ways to boost performance since overclocking is out of...
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    Is it necessary to align an SSD after cloning?

    I just cloned my old 320 GB 5400 rpm HDD to a 480 GB SSD. The HDD was failing & had bad sectors so I used two different programs to clone the HDD to the SSD. I only did this because Macrium refused to clone C: but not the other partitions. Then I used AOMEI to clone C: cause it was the only...
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    Windows 7 troubleshooter will not work

    Update: Solved!! I just got through cloning my dying 5400 HD to a larger SSD on a Windows 7 laptop. I can't fix problems, check for performance issues, or even troubleshoot problems on my network card. I used the system file checker to see if anything was corrupted on the SSD but it came up...
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    Can't get any of the cloning software to recognize the SSD

    Update: Can't change the title since I wrote it wrong. Sorry. Using Macrium. Getting an error 9 which according to Macrium means disk errors. Ran chkdsk c: /r last night & running it again now just to be sure. I've been able to clone data partitions D & E, but not C. Other than the disk...
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    Are 10k & 15K HDD's for a laptop with SATA 1 pointless?

    Are 10k & 15K HDD's for a laptop with SATA 1 pointless? I'm asking cause my 5400 rpm drive is failing and you can get 10k's much cheaper than a SSD. Which is pointless for SATA 1 on this laptop. Or should I just go with a 7200 rpm drive? Advise?
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    Cloning an old HD to a larger SSD with partitions

    I have an old laptop with a 300 GB 5400 rpm HD and I want to clone it to a 500 GB SSD. The old HD has C/D/E partitions. What software do you recommend and what happens with the partitions? Which partition will it designate the extra space to? And what USB transfer cable do you recommend on the...
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    Need a PCIe wireless card for gaming

    Build a new socket 1151 gaming rig for my daughter. Need a wireless PCIe card for it since she can't hard wire it due to location. It's running Windows 10. If it matters I have to ask her what router she is using and what company. Recommendations? Thanks
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    Mouse and keyboard work in BIOS but not in windows

    Have an MSI Z87-GD65 mobo that boots up fine to Windows 7 Keyboard, internet, mouse, and all USB ports are not working Tried to reinstal drivers, still now working. All '!' in device manager. Reset CMOS, still nothing. BIOS mouse/keyboard works. Currently running chkdsk. No system restore...
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    Anyone using a touchscreen monitor with Windows 10?

    My son has windows 10 and needs a new monitor. Was thinking of this 24": Is there any point to having a touchscreen with Win 10? Functionality? Thanks
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    Rare New Super Flower Fan Master Fan controller

    Found this rare gem in my closet. New and unused. Rare Super Flower Fan Master controller. New! Sealed! Here's a review on what's inside the box: OC3D :: Review :: Super Flower Fan Master SF-609 :: Introduction, Specs & Packaging
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    Extended warranties for your new laptop. Do you purchase them?

    Narrowing the choice for a college laptop from Newegg. The question is, do I purchase any of their plans. Accidental or extended? Have you encountered the need for one and was it worth it? Thanks Edit: Nevermind. Bought the Accidental Damage Plan from Newegg.
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    Cloning a laptop HD to SSD. What do I need?

    I have an old 5400rpm 300GB drive on my laptop and I need to speed it up with a 512SSD. Besides the SSD, what software and cable do I need? There are 3 partitions on the old drive as well. Thanks
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    When is the new mobile nvidia GPU coming out?

    My son needs a new laptop and was going to get him this: Buy Razer Blade Signature Edition Gaming Laptop Review - Microsoft Store Which has the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970M graphics but I'm hearing the 1070 is next. But when? I may hold off.
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    Can I repair this Asus 24" LCD?

    Something fell over and hit the monitor. This is my monitor and can I replace the screen myself? Thanks ASUS VS24AH-P Black 24" 5ms (GTG) HDMI Widescreen LED Backlight LCD Monitor IPS 300 cd/m2 80,000,000:1 -
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    Can you pull music off an old ipod?

    A coworker wants to know if she can pull her old music off a classic ipod and put it on to her new computer. She still has the old USB adapter. Thanks.
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    Need a laptop for civil engineering.

    My son is going to Penn State for civil engineering. Looking for something that has horsepower and can take portable punishment. I'm sure there's a trade off between horsepower and battery life but I've bought aftermarket '12 cell' batteries before and they all suck. Thanks Edit: Is 15"...
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    Need a router for my sons dorm room. Recommendations?

    My son is going to Penn State and his landlord says he'll need a router for internet service. What do you guys recommend for security and speed? Thanks
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    These new PCI-Express SSD's...

    Are these PCI-Express SSD's the same as SATA SSD's just faster? Or are these overkill? Gonna build a new rig with Wndows 10 and use this: SAMSUNG 950 PRO M.2 256GB PCI-Express 3.0 x4 Internal Solid State Drive (SSD) MZ-V5P256BW - Sorry. A bit behind on the new tech.
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    Anyone OC'ing a 4770k with air?

    I used to have a Swiftech H220 but it crapped out. Twice. So I'm going air. I have an Inwin D-frame open case so I'm up for anything. Recommend? Thanks
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    Need a joystick for GTA V and flight sim. Recommend?

    So my son wants a joystick for his games. Nothing too expensive. Preferably under $50. Thanks