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    Thoughts on first gen E5-2670

    Yes, I use it as a standard desktop and games also work great! One limitation I've found is that only one PCIe GPU can really be passed through in ESXi. If you have more than one, ESXi will refuse to boot the VMs. All potential workarounds I've found cause the board to not boot ESXi at all. This...
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    Thoughts on first gen E5-2670

    Also running ESXi 6.0U2 on a S2600CP with a Radeon 7870 passed through, works great!
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    VM with passthrough "freezes" entire ESXi box when shutdown/rebooting guest

    Try leaving out the audio device when passing through to the VM if you don't use HDMI audio
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    Passthrough Gaming Rig Upgrade

    I got my new hardware in, and it simply worked by installing the Crimson driver (not even in safe mode). R7 240 and 7870 working fine in Windows 10. However, I also ran into the issue where the host would reboot (not even a PSOD) when the VM was shut down. It *seems* to be resolved for me by...
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    Passthrough Gaming Rig Upgrade

    Haha thanks, sorry if I came off as sarcastic, that was not my intention :) I'm trying passthrough with several Radeon GPUs right now, but I keep blue screening whenever the monitor is plugged in. I haven't tried installing the drivers in safe mode though, I'll try that next
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    Passthrough Gaming Rig Upgrade

    Do you know how you got it working or did it really just magically start working that one night after you went to bed?
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    VMware vSGA without Horizon?

    You don't need to enter any keys when installing the Horizon Agent on the VMs, and the Horizon Clients are free to download.
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    VMware vSGA without Horizon?

    Please correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe you can install the vSGA VIB, then in the guest OS install the Horizon Agent AND the Direct Connect package, so you can skip over the Horizon broker (which is the bit that needs a license key). Then you can use the regular Horizon clients to access...
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    The "Use my ESXi host for multiple HTPC's using passtrough" project

    I tried to virtualize my HTPC/workstation like this back in 2013 with little success. Ironically, I got it to work more or less with a Mac OS X VM, but there were major stability issues and I gave up. I went down the USB video card route as well and the DisplayLink drivers for some reason still...
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    How much longer will WMC work? Thinking of getting a cablecard

    The guide data can actually stop at any time now, but since Microsoft last year made the effort to switch the guide data to Rovi (which also feeds the Xbox One guide), I assume the guide data will last for a few more years. One issue is that the Rovi guide data quality may be missing/incomplete...
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    Ceton Infinitv PCI 6 No channel map - Will not pair with Comcast

    They're usually pretty good at resolving issues when they talk to the cable company themselves. I had an issue with Charter where trying to get it fixed myself was a complete dead end with the phone and office people, but Ceton was able to use their inside contacts to fix the issue pretty quickly.
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    Is my ATI A636 Digital Cable Tuner (CableCard) a dead end now that WMC is dead?

    The internal PCIe Ceton tuners work fine, but if you want network tuners, the Prime generally seems to have fewer issues. I have the networked Ceton and it's solid for me but others seem to have issues.
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    Apple OS X Server on ESXi

    VirtuallyGhetto has a lot of information on running ESXi on the Mini/Mac Pro:
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    "WMC support for Netflix ends September 15", apparently

    There is a mechanism called "mcupdate" that updates TV guide listings (and runs daily or so). Through mcupdate is how they're going to remove Netflix (and also how they added the warning). Updates pushed through mcupdate is also how they removed the "Internet TV channels" and the "Sports Strip"...
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    SnapRAID help...

    I've used FlexRAID (both tRAID and RAID-F) and SnapRAID + DrivePool, and FlexRAID RAID-F works (successfully recovered failed drives) and was reliable (no crashes or memory issues), but I kept getting weird messages in the logs that the developer never really explained to me when I asked on the...
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    OpenSolaris derived ZFS NAS/ SAN (OmniOS, OpenIndiana, Solaris and napp-it)

    Very interesting. I updated to ESXi 6 build 2809209 and OmniOS 151014 build 7648372 just a few days ago and haven't noticed any issues with NFS datastores at all.
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    Vcenter Server Appliance 6.0 - 11 disks?

    Here's a further explanation including what each VMDK is for:
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    weird m1015 and intel res2sv240 issue

    Might be a bad expander? I recently installed the res2sv240 along with an M1015 in Windows using FlexRAID as well, and it's been running solid with no issues or data loss. M1015 is on P19 IT firmware, latest res2sv240 firmware (and it's powered by the motherboard), and I have M1015 ports 0 & 1...
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    HD Homerun DVR by SiliconDust

    Plex will also be limited to copy-free channels/recordings currently
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    Will VMs always autostart?

    I have pfSense set to auto start, and even if I manually shut the VM down before shutting down/restarting the host, the pfSense VM will still auto start
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    Charter Communications and Copy Once Protection Flag

    WMC will also still work on 7/8. Still all copy-free except the movie channels here in California on Charter
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    HD Homerun DVR by SiliconDust

    It just won't be included in Windows 10 it seems, but WMC has been effectively out of development for years. It will keep working on 7/8 as long as guide data is supplied, and even if Microsoft cuts it off, there are still ways to get guide data into WMC.
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    Charter Communications and Copy Once Protection Flag

    Which area are you in? Still all copy-free here on Charter except for the movie channels
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    esxi 6.0 drops support for dell C1100/C2100 NOOOOOOOOOO!!

    I was able to get 6.0 + VT-d to work on my C1100, maybe I'm lucky :p. I did upgrade the BIOS to 3B23, which is the latest on Dell's site I think. See:
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    VMUG Advantage EVALExperience

    I'm pretty sure they've confirmed 6.0 licenses are coming shortly, I'm waiting until they have 6.0 licenses to pull the trigger too :D
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    Backup solution for ESXi 5.5 (free) for home network

    Veeam still has a free edition (Backup Free Edition) that works with ESXi (not sure ESXi->Workstation though). But I think you need a paid ESXi license, it says here that it doesn't work with free licensed ESXi hosts:
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    Networking newbie needs advice.

    You may be able to create a custom ESXi installer to include the vib for the onboard NIC, depending on the model. OTOH, most any PCI-E Intel NIC off of eBay should work fine as well.
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    Fileserver hardware and technology questions for new build

    I believe ESXi 5.5 U2 now supports the i210 out of the box
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    ESXI & Blue Iris Security Software

    You can use multiple free licenses with multiple hosts, but the big advantage I think is being able to use vCenter to centrally manage the hosts. Otherwise, you would have to manage each host individually, which may get tedious. Vmugadvantage gets you licenses for ESXi (which unlocks vMotion...
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    ESXI & Blue Iris Security Software

    No need to subscribe to Vmugadvantage then, but keep it in mind if you ever expand to multiple hosts
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    ESXI & Blue Iris Security Software

    With only a single host, will a free (5.5) license not work?
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    What all do you run for software / servers at home?

    Entirely VMs! Running on two ESXi 5.5 hosts: pfSense for firewall/dhcp/dns OmniOS + nappit for VM storage SUSE Linux for vCenter + vCenter Operations Manager Windows Server 2012 R2 for AD Windows Server 2012 R2 for SMB file sharing and storage Ubuntu 14.04 for ADS-B receiver (PiAware +...
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    Looking at a Receiver and Harmony 700

    Andrew Jones Pioneers (51 series or 52 series) are excellent for what they cost, even more so when they go on sale for half off once every few months. But I agree, the sub is the only weak point in the set.
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    New Supermicro 24-bay Chassis - Help setting up

    Exactly, I think if you have 2 PSUs, it will balance the load between them, reducing efficiency if you have a low workload. But more (most) importantly in a home environment, the fan noise is reduced.
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    New Supermicro 24-bay Chassis - Help setting up

    :rolleyes: Anyway did you get it working? It shouldn't sound an alarm if the PSU is physically removed, but if you just unplug it, it will sound the alarm
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    So you are considering building a MythTV box...

    Exactly, I believe PlayReady uses the CPU and motherboard as part of its check. People running WMC on real hardware are usually SOL with their copy-once recordings when their motherboard dies since their motherboard is usually long discontinued and they can't buy a replacement.
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    New Supermicro 24-bay Chassis - Help setting up

    I think you have to pull it out, you should be able to pull it out just a little so you don't have a gaping hole in the back though.
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    New Supermicro 24-bay Chassis - Help setting up

    The PWS-920P-1R mentioned earlier are (subjectively) quite a bit quieter than the stock PSUs. You could also run only one, since you probably don't have two independent power circuits in your house (if you're running it in your house).
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    So you are considering building a MythTV box...

    I've tried recording copy-once shows in WMC in a VM and then migrating the VM to a different host, and the shows don't play.
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    white label drives?

    I've gotten several 4TB drives from GoHardDrive and as far as I can tell, they're pretty much identical to the latest model WD RE drives. I had one failure, but they replaced it without any issues and they've been going great since.