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    4A Games Releases Metro Exodus Special Weapons Class Trailer and Pre-Load Info

    exactly - that's why store exclusive content is bad for market - stores do not compete on things important for consumers - they will compete on who pays more for exclusivity - there is no need for more walled gardens - but some price competition would be nice...
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    USB-C Audio Is "Dead"

    BT audio almost works for me ( music/handsfree in car and handsfree at home ) but there is a problem - after a week or so of seamless switching between car and home system BT fails to initialize connection - i have to turn it of and on again in phone to make it work for another week. and while...
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    A Robotic Exoskeleton Will be Available Soon

    77 pounds... construction workers can lift more or less the same - my basement were built from 70 pound concrete blocks...
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    Mars Express Images Show the Icy Korolev Crater on the Red Planet

    in earthen neighborhood yes martian... not so sure
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    Ford Unveils Its Noise-Canceling Dog Kennel

    those spikes above the entrance look little... stress inducing.... to me...
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    Linux Kernel's New Code of Conduct Results in F-Word Being Replaced with "Hugs"

    Damn nuclear weapons could hurt somebody too you know, its in our best interest as human beings to replace them with cotton candy. They will no longer work as deterrents or WMD's but all carebears will bee so huggin happy...
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    Top Three Memory IC Vendors Are Generating Record Profits in 3Q18

    i think most people still remember buying memory built on older (more costly per GB) processes for half the current price per GB... and big manufacturers insisting that those prices are sustainable and they are not trying to force smaller manufacturers from the market... honestly....
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    Fallout 76 No Longer Has Its Frame Rate Tied to the Physics Engine

    If its not broken don't touch it. older the code, more things will incorporate fixes for the results of original botched implementation so fixing it is risky
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    Blizzard Faces Hellish Backlash after BlizzCon Diablo Mobile Reveal

    most of companies are doing it - especially on low end money grabs and mobile projects (worked for subcontractor of subcontractor making those 10 yrs ago)
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    U.S. Restricts Exports to Fujian Jinhua for Stealing Trade Secrets from Micron

    with current prices no wonder everyone will want in - dram was pure gold for some time now - will end the same as it did with nand - when new player tries to do something price falls drastically to force them out of market - but with state actors that can take loses for long time in name of self...
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    Science Confirms That Bluetooth Headphones Are "Mostly Terrible"

    cram dac, battery, amplifier, charging circuit and wireless solution plus buttons leds etc .... into same space as in analog headphones... and expect to have similar sound quality for similar cost... seems legit
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    The Devs Discuss Cyberpunk 2077 Demo Stream

    now they know what "current gen" consoles can do - and were burned with w3 2013 trailer vs 2015 ingame backlash... plus console version parity crap... but you can mod that lighting/shaders/textures back if You want it (only on pc though)
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    28 - Core Intel Demo Questioned on Cooling

    Well.. as far as i remember Core processors were repackaged Pentium M (witch in turn were Pentium 3 mobile parts as Pentium 4's were too hot for mobile), now Intel has Atom in that space so they probably wont pull same trick this time...
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    500 Million ASUS Motherboards. The Celebration Starts at [H]. - Lucky Draw

    a story ? well only cpu i fried while overclocking was on ASUS mobo - had a lot of fun with while it lasted - but i went to far with the voltage... good times :D ah yes motherboard survived :P