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    How Does your Company deal with Client Emails

    Hi i think i have the correct section however, Our Company currently requires each staff member to deal with individual Clients via their own staff address, for example a client will request something in the email and the staff member will have to act upon it. there is no current method of...
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    Mortal Online

    Thought I would start a thread on this game now that it has entered open beta its a truly hardcore MMO with absolutely no hand holding at all I never played Ultima Online but from what i have heard this game is very similar Its a very pretty game in a very open sandbox world...
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    Server 2008 R2 Password expiry

    my user account password is expiring on my server 2008 r2 install how do i remove this policy i do not want to change it the account is a local account not in a domain or anything.
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    Lowest power PCIe gpu

    im in the need of a new low power GPU and im torn between the 3450 or the geforce 210. although i cant find any comparision reviews i need absolutely no 3d performance whatsoever from it just purely the lowest power consumption if anyone has any better thoughts please let me know
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    Msi p55 problems

    hey guys i'm having problems with my MSI p55 gd65 the build is i7 860 msi p55 gd65 antec signiture 650w ati 3450 seagate 7200 400GB hdd 8GB Corsair xms3 1333mhz ( i know some parts are under powered but it is going to form the basis of my new home server) anyway i managed to...
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    Speed up Movie Loading in Win7 Media Center

    I have recently upgraded my media center to run from windows 7 however one annoying issue is that when i open up the movie menu it takes about a minute to load my library (approx 300 movies currently) my movies are stored on a Share on my Home server when i browse the folder in explorer...
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    ESXi and multiple NICs

    how does ESXi handle multiple nics if i had 4 nics in my machine could i assign each one to an individual VM essentially having a NIC each as opposed to sharing one? sorry if this is a little vague im just trying to get my head round things before buying a new machine
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    HWINFO 3.00 could some have a look please

    the new HWinfo was released a short time ago and i have been looking through some of the results for my hard drives im a a little concerned about the above specifically Max. Multiword DMA Transfer Rate: 16.7 MBytes/s Max. PIO with IORDY Transfer Rate: 16.7 MBytes/s Max. PIO w/o...
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    cheap Rackmount case

    Has anybody seen / used this case before looks like it could do a reasonable job any body have any opinions?
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    effects of hardware Virtualisation in CPU

    i'm currently experimenting with VMware server i was going to build a new computer shortly possibly based around i7/i5 but i beleive that i5 is not capable of hardware virtualisation how much would this effect me over the i7 which i beleive is. is there much benefit from hardware vt?
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    Cpu rises to 100% on network connection

    i have an issue with my network and i was wondering if you had a solution [416] 948.0-950.0 sec 9.68 MBytes 40.6 Mbits/sec [416] 950.0-952.0 sec 9.78 MBytes 41.0 Mbits/sec [416] 952.0-954.0 sec 9.72 MBytes 40.8 Mbits/sec [416] 954.0-956.0 sec 9.80 MBytes 41.1 Mbits/sec [416]...
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    problems with host headers

    having problems with host headers i have been trying for some time to use host headers to setup multiple websites on my home server. i have 2 domain names and fortunately there is no rush on getting this working as it is only experimental for the time being...
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    dell perc5/i w/o battery/memory

    can this card operate without the battery and memory im not looking to run any form of raid or anything just looking for a number of ports
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    Home Security

    I was wondering round the local Maplin yesterday and noticed some Wireless cameras. the cameras feed into a receiver which has a scart output. i figure if i can pass this to a simple pci / usb tv card i can set up my own home CCTV System on my server which runs 24/7 anyway has anyone done...
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    replanning home network

    at home i have an office which houses 3 pcs 1.server) 690g 3600x2 running sever08 2.Development machine) asus p5k, q6600, vista 64 3. Gaming machine) abit IP35 q6600 Vista 64 and a network printer 1.) dell 1320cn they are all connected via a Gigabit switch using cat5e 1.)...
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    1366 with onboard graphics

    i was wondering when we could expect a 1366 board with onboard graphics dos anyone have any idea?
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    Suggestion for new section

    Low Power Systems whilst im aware we have SFF systems and Via systems sections none are specific to Low power systems i think it would be a great addition to the forums any one have any thoughts
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    My z680's are dead!!

    i thought a shoe in replacement would be the z5500's however after reading a couple of threads im not to sure. what would you advice be? i was running a set of z680's on a onboard sound controller froma abit ip35e using Vista 64 (will move to 7 when it comes out) so would like to...
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    Looking for a good Management information Package

    hello all i thought this would be the best place to put this request, basically im looking for a MI package that can take SQL views and allow the User to manouver the data around into Pivot Tables and Charts, and eventually hopefully look at SSAS Cubes (i know excel can do this but im...
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    dell perc 5

    having recently read some information about the dell perc 5 and considering purchasing it, i was worried by the seemingly large number of motherboards this is not compatible with. has anyone tried running this on a 690g based motherboard? how about p35?
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    forwarding two domains to one ip

    okay i think i get how this works but i seem to not have it correctly set up i have one static IP from my provider however i would like 2 maybe more websites run off it. surely i could forward to my ip on port 80 and forward to my ip on port 83 am i missing...
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    Can Atom be run off a Laptop Battery

    now im sure that this is possible im just not sure of the logistics how could a laptop battery be wired to a pico psu (obviously only need 12v Dc) then how could it be wired so that the battery could be recharged? has anyone seen this done, has anyone seen anything similar before...
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    C# help needed please

    Hi Guys i have a dataset that contains a int ID and a String Name im trying to Map to some buttons in a windows form so that i can use the ID on button Click sort of like foreach (datarow W in Dataset) { button A = new Button(); A.text = W.Name = ID //then puts the...
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    is it possible to replicate WHS on Server 2008

    i was wondering if it was possible to replicate some of the features of WHS specifically one drive pool and file replication. i know file replication can be handled via batch files. but what about a shared drive pool
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    broken USB memory stick

    a guy i work with has brought in a broken ucb memory stick with some pretty important data on it. the device does not get recognised when plugging in to a usb slot on any machine we have tried it on. my immediate thoughts where to open it up and see if there are any problems on it that where...
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    Problems with activesync and exchange

    There seems to be an intermitant problem with activesync on some of our companies phones and exchange the problem seems to be that the auto sync set every 15 minutes will fail at which point if you do a manual sync it will also fail but on the second manual sync it will succeed, does anyone...
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    how to access corrupt windows install from ubuntu

    i have a corrupt windows install and was hoping to access it from the ubuntu Live cd im in ubuntu now but cannot find the HDD anywhere i really need to grab some photos off the Hdd before i reformat can anyone help thanks
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    looking for a decent colour printer

    hi guys not really in the know when it comes to printers i really could do with getting a decent colour printer (a4 only required) problem is there are a load of cheap inkjets on the market and i was hoping for something a little better. also cheap refills are a must as well as vista...
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    new to IIS 7.0

    what i would like is to allow directory browsing but upon attempting to do this prompt for a username and password (from AD) im sure this is possible using IIS7.0 i just cant figure out how any help would be very gratefully appreciated
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    looking for a simple touchscreen

    im looking for a cheap / small touch screen quality doesnt have to be good, just some thing maybe 6" by 4" or similar anyone know of any Thanks
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    DFS and Namespaces

    im trying to reorganise my shares using DFS and Namespaces on windows server 2008 what i'm trying to do is restructure the share so that a folder or fileon d:\ can be shared in the same namespace as a folder on e:\ (or f:\ or g:\ for that matter) structure being...
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    ISO mounting for windows Server

    I have recently set up Server 2008 for use at home, what i would like to do is mount ISO on to virtual drives then mount them as network drives accross the network what software would yu reccomend to use to mount the drives, i know daemon could do the job fine, but are there any others...
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    theoretical replicating some WHS features in Server 2008

    Hi guys im building my new file server using Windows Server 2008 Data centre edition however one feature i do like about WHS is that you can have one pool of drives. whilst this could be replicated on a network share using DFS i was wondering if it was at all possible using some form of disk...
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    Hot Deals - UK

    thought i would start a thread where people could update the Latest hot deals they find in the UK that other people here might like Lets try and keep this Tidy and PC / Hardware / software based
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    [H]ot deals UK

    any chance of putting in a sub forum in hot deas for us UK members, i get jealous of all the newegg etc deals you guys find and there is no-where to really identify UK deals thanks guys
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    Sata Disk controller

    Hi guys having recently noticed (or been told) that the 21610sa is in fact pci x (god knows how i didnt notice) i would like to find a reasonable, cheap sata controller im not interested in Raid just basic ports i currently use two of these Link and they serve me fine however i could...
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    using access with reporting Services

    i have been trying desprately to get an access database linked into reporting services with no avail i have tried the import wizard and i cant seem to find the correct option for adding as data source does anyone have idea i'm sure it can be done
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    Adaptec AAR 21610SA 16 Ports Serial ATA RAID Controller

    for £100 quid this seems a bargain im aware that it only runs on PCI but surely for a Low usage home server this would do the job fine any one have any experience Link
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    windows home server or Server 2008

    from my MSDN subscription i can get a copy of server 2008. (x86 or x64) but i was toying with the idea of windows home server. it will be going onto a 3600X2 on a k9agm2 with 2 gig of ram in my sig (which you cant see!) as i retire the old fileserver and upgrade the development box. It...
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    celeron 1400 power usage

    hi i'm looking to build a low power server and have been interested in the celeron 1400 i was just inteeresteed if any one had any experience with one to say what they idle around in W it says they have a tdp of 65w on the intel site but i cant find any idle stats anywhere