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    Need help cooling my 3770s

    Switched my main rig from a gaming pc to a VM server / workstation. (mostly, maybe some light gaming once a month) Want to be able to keep my cpu as cool as I can w/o switching to water cooling. Case: Fractal Design R3 2 intake fans from the front (gentle typhoons 1200RPM) HSF: Thermalright...
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    recommended Bulk Cat5e cable, crystals, and tools

    I'm looking for recommended bulk Cat5e cable and appropriate crimping/toning/punch down tools. In short, I've been asked to freelance for some small/minor cabling jobs coming in January that the usual cabling guy that my company usually uses won't do (not enough money for him/too far away)...
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    Need some assistance with programming some older Cisco SPA509G phones

    I'm a entry level voip tech (but have had several years as a desktop support/help desk person) for a small voip provider that is trying to make some Cisco SPA509 series phones work with a non-cisco pbx. (we're replacing a UC320 that's dying). The main issue I'm having now is programming a...
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    Looking for a keyboard that feels good to use.

    I've used about a dozen different keyboards over the past decade or so. Mostly cheapo Microsoft, Dell, IBM, Logitech keyboards. Last year I took a dive into "gaming' keyboards with a Microsoft gaming keyboard Sidwinder X4. It was OK, but I didn't love the layout. Recently, I scored a...
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    Advice request for a firewall for 2 servers in colo datacenter

    After discussing my company's plan for expansion, we're considering colocation servers to meet our needs. Luckily, the service provider was smart enough to mention we should get a dedicated hardware firewall. (We weren't even considering it as we were going to run all linux based servers)...
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    Production server build advice request

    I'm now in a technical advisement role at a small business who distributes music (legally) to all the major retailers / streaming services. [rather not say who I work for, so please respect that]. They have about 6TB of catalog, however they've been renting a server in a Chicago data center...
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    Looking for a monitor under $250 with accurate color.

    I'm a video editor and lately I've been color grading more and more on narrative projects. I'd like to invest in a new monitor which the color is fairly accurate and either comes factory calibrated or can be user calibrated without additional hardware. Any suggestions? Prefer 21.5 or 22"
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    Does MSI have a rep on this board?

    I'm having problems getting a response from MSI customer service in regards to my current rma.
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    Why is siri so inconsistent?

    It fracking driving me nuts. I can use dictation on notes it messages, but when I ask Siri to "open Amazon" it says open Amaziah which sounds very dis-similar. a third of the time she gets it, but dictation mode works 99%. It's retarded. It happens all the time. I have a very plain...
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    Where to buy Lightning cables locally?

    Apple store is out, and every store I've been to except one AT&T doesn't carry any accessories or cases. I just want two Lightning cables without having to wait 2 weeks for them.
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    Looking for a monitor recommendation.

    I need two new monitors for my freelance video editing and composition. Here are my needs in order 21.5 or 22" Accurate Colors (pre-calibrated or easily calibrated) Fast Resonse (no ghosting during video playback) 1080p or better. 80+ degrees viewing angle Under $400 shipped I'm...
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    Fractal Design R3 Mod - Backplan - possible easy solution?

    Do you think this might work? Corsair CC800D-SATA6KIT Does anyone have this yet? I need some dimensions to verify it lines up correctly before ordering a few. EDIT: (dammit I misspelled another thread title. )
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    What is the max number of drives one can daisy chain off one lead?

    Looking to get a modular psu and just use one lead with a custom cable to power 4 hard drives, 2 optical, and 1 ssd. Probably will be going with a Seasonic or Antec brand psu as my corsair (non Seasonic) is just a pita.
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    Asus Maximus Gene-Z esata ports

    Do they support port multiplication? I'm looking to get an external JBOD enclosure, but I don't have the room for another PCIe card if the on board esata ports dont support multiplication.
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    Need help with SVN initial setup / configure.

    Yes, I've tried reading the manual. I can seem to get it installed, but I can't seem to get the WebDav URL. I'm on a managed VPS using centos/whm. Can someone help walk me through once?
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    Slow file transfer from Wireless computer to Wired Computer

    Ok, this problem has been on going for a while and its bugging the crap out of me. Background 1 newer build computer connected to D-link 655 via Cat6. 1 laptop computer connected to same D-link 655 via Wireless N minicard. (Intel) (130Mbps connected) Router on a 10 foot shelf, always have...
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    Need a new keyboard. Looking for an upgrade

    Ok, after a session of BF3, I got pissed and banged on my keyboard and the back legs broke off my Logitech Access keyboard (media keyboard from back in 2003 ish). It's served me well, but I can't stand using it anymore. I have big hands. (Left handed) I'd like to have something that's...
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    Odd issue with Plantronics USB headset

    Background: Windows 7 Professional 64bit. Plantronics USB headset (plug and pray) 16Gb of ram I've been using my Plantronics headset for about 7 months now without any issues. Same windows 7 install, different cpu/mobos, and all seemed fine. Starting last night, when I plug in my...
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    Typical cinebench score for 2600k stock and oc.

    I suspect that my chip my be having issues. I checked out the page and it seems all the CPU render scores for a 2600k are higher than my best overclock. Would someone mind benching their 2600k at stock and oc and report back their scores? I just need some piece of mind.
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    Building a custom desk. Looking for smallest 1080p monitors.

    I'm looking for 2 wide screen 1080p monitors. 19" would be great but my research is coming up short. Any suggestions welcome!
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    Temp issue with H50 and 2600k

    Ok, the usual. CPU: 2600k Mobo: Asus Max Gene-Z Cooler: Corsair H50 (Dec 2010 version) PSU: Corsair 650tx v2 (bottom mounted, not venting into the case) Case: Fractal Designs Define R3 Video Card: MSI 560 (non-overclocked) When I first put the system together (and testing), I had...
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    Recent psu purchased seems loud. 650tx v2

    Just purchased a corsair 650tx v2 (new) from compusa. However, the fan seems really loud (rpm wise). It's basically the loudest fan in my entire system (including my MSI 560). Power draw fom the wall seems to be about 180watts on idle and abou 250 on CPU load. Is this normal for this...
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    Hyperthreading suddenly stopped working in Win7

    I'm not sure what has happened, but hyperthreading seems to have stopped in Win7. 2600k Asus Gene-Z mobo. It is enabled in the bios. I am overclocked to 4.6. Prime does detect and run 8 threads. IBT does not. Neither does my video applications. Is this a form of throttling?
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    Want to go old school and remove Asus AI suite.

    Ok, after a scare the yesterday day (due to the AI suite really messing up my cpu voltage), I'd like to remove it completely and just OC from the bios. Is there any instructions on how to remove the AI suite and just set things from the bios instead?
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    i7 2600k IGP overclocking

    Are there any stats of what the i7 2600k IGP can overclock to?
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    pc went up in smoke (literally) - looking for advice.

    Short background. Upgraded old pc from a q6600 /8800GT setup to an i7 2600k setup and using the onboard video for now. (old specs: q6600, 4gb ddr2 800, abit ip35, 4 hd, 2 optical, 8800gt, 600watt OCZ GameStream PSU) (new specs: i7 2600k, 16gb ddr3 1600, Asus Maximus Gene-Z, onboard video...
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    Problems with turbo, 2600k and gene-z

    Until now, I've never messed with a mobo that can OC within windows. However I've noticed a glitch that my system/cpu wont go into turbo mode unless I choose an OC profile within the ai suite II. I don't kind doing that but everytime I reboot I have to choose the profile manually again. Any...
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    2600k Gene-Z and turbo issues.

    Ok, like others, been a while since I've upgraded (from q6600). Upgraded to a retail 2600k and asus max iv gene-z. I'm not sure if I like the efi bios (compared to the classic blue bios) but I loaded optimal defaults and then set the CPU to auto turbo with all cores and XMP for my ram. Saved...
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    Migrating to a new CPU/Mobo - win7 64bit

    Do I need to do a fresh install, or can I run Acronis and restore to a bare bones image (right after windows 7 installed) and the drivers be detected for my new motherboard/cpu? Just asking before I tear down the computer. Thanks!
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    Software to convert / wrap AAC audio to FLV?

    Anyone have any recommended apps for this?
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    Looking for some concept artists for a game in developement

    Hey everyone, I'm apart of a game project that is looking to release it's demo in December. The game is called Shadowrun Awakened We have a solid team of programmers and story writers, but we need some asset creators (2d concept artists, 3d modelers, texture artists, and level designers) on...
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    Iphone Screen recorder for PC.

    I'm trying to make a video of an app I'm working on but I'm unsure how to perform a screen capture of my iphone. I'm working on a windows platform. Any recommendations for an program to use to screen capture?
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    Windows Mobile Dev Question - Video

    I'm working with a team on an app for Windows Mobile 7. What video formats work best on Windows Mobile to be integrated in an app? (Yea, I know... the dev team should know those limitations... but they don't, so I'm asking... please. )
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    Why I really enjoy my Ipad2

    As a anti-mac/anti-apple person for YEARS... I'm happy to say I'm impressed with the ipad 2 more and more everyday. I only have the 16GB Wifi version too. Things I love about it. A) Great screen. Wide viewing angles. Looks great. Can be as dim/bright as you want it. B) Enough cpu power...
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    App that can extract Call Recorder audio from mov files

    I have a gig to edit a podcast interview which recorded the audio from a skype conference call using an app called Call Recorder (Mac only). If I play the mov files in QuickTime, I hear both sides of the conversation. If I import the files I to sound forge or pro tools, I only get one side of...
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    Is there any 'easy' migration tools for migrating a word press site?

    I'm looking to setup dev and production wordpress sites. I need a toold that once I QA the dev site, it copies all the database info, updates urls, and files from the dev site to the production. I don't want to have to mess with phpmyadmin or mainly copying files via ftp/ssh. Both of these...
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    Can someone provide me instructions on how to setup TAB syncing in FF4

    I've tried over and over to setup Tab syncing between 2 computers on FF4 (same exact version) and TABS never seem to sync. I can sync Bookmarks, HIstory... but not tabs. Tabs seem to sync to Mozilla Home (Iphone app), but not between FF4 computers. Can someone humor me and instructions...
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    Suggestions for Educational Apps for the Ipad?

    I have an 18mo old who is obsessed with my ipad2. He knows that he can get the icons to go back and fourth by moving his hand/fingers left and the right... but I haven't been able to find any decent apps that will help him develop better motor skills. Just looking for some apps that he may...
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    Recommendations for project management software

    I'm looking for some form of project management software. Open source is ok, but I don't mind paying for a good solution. Requirements: Easy to learn / intuitive interface. <<this is a must Multiple user updatable. (web interface or internet connectivity) (should only have 4-5 users on...
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    Need software to download / record flash mp4 videos.

    I've been a member of a video streaming site for sometime... however, I want to take the videos on the road with me, however they don't offer a download option. Is there anything you recommend that I can use to download the videos? I've tried the usual Video DownloadHelper and other FF...