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    Guild Wars 2 for $48 FS at Newegg is back up

    Uhhhhh what? How do you figure it's a dumbed down version of the first? The 2 games really only share setting and lore. the first was a CRPG with grouping and hub towns. GW2 is a full fledged MMO for all the good and bad that brings to the table. Also the cash shop is actually pretty pointless...
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    Uh Oh....I spilled beer in my Filco Keyboard
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    Tracking Issues with the Cyborg MMO7

    I was wondering how many people out there that have this mouse are having major tracking issues and what mouse surface they are using. I'm trying to see if there is an optimal surface I should be using because the tracking on mine seems to be getting worse and worse. I'm losing tracking on...
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    Corsair K90 vs Ducky Shine vs ?

    It's kinda hard to say no to the k90 @ $83. If they had done that a couple days sooner I probably would have bought one. I have seen a bit more complaints of hardware issues with the K90 but that might just be the larger market saturation skewing the google results. Any idea what kind of MX...
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    Best keyboard under 100

    I think the 1008 and 9008 series are newer and the older 1087 models were the ones people said were janky.
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    Best keyboard under 100

    Here. It isn't the Shine model though. Just plain old 1008s. Tank is out of the browns in the $80 price range. Took a look at tiger and they have 1087s for $79 and 1008s for $99. They even have brown 1087s in stock. I do agree the CM QuickFire tenkeyless is something else OP should take a look...
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    Best keyboard under 100

    If you're gonna get a Ducky Shine TigerImports is pretty much the only place in the US with browns in stock. If you want a different MX switch color you can also check out tankguys. I personally pulled the trigger on a Ducky Shine with browns and white LEDs yesterday. Looking forward to...
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    Best keyboard under 100

    You could also pick up a Ducky for $80.
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    Mouse comparable to the Razer Naga and not Razer.

    I'm guessing you don't use TS/Vent/Mumble? If you do you certainly don't bind a push-to-talk button onto your mouse like 90% of the people I know. The reason Corsairs drivers and software are shit is because they lack the functionality to make the buttons work like they are supposed to...
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    [H]ot! Sapphire 7950 OC $441.99 @ Superbiiz

    $440 seems way too expensive considering the competition. I might have been interested at ~$400 but $440? No thanks.
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    Mouse comparable to the Razer Naga and not Razer.

    I've been looking at these 3 mice for a while now and they each have their own problems. Corsair's drivers are horrible to say the least. It seems like they are trying to fix them judging by the amazon review responses but it still sounds like you can't hold a bound button down so if you use a...
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    Dell U3011 coming soon.

    How low do you think they will go? I'd love to get my hands on one but $1k is way more than I can justify on a monitor.
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    GTX 560 Ti 448 $239 and maybe lower Microcenter

    Hmmm well I have to drive by one today anyways I'll check and see if they have this deal going in my town.
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    Random Restarts

    I've been having this issue for a while now. My system randomly restarts. I'll be playing a game/browsing the web/working in a word processor when boom my system shuts off. Then a beat later it starts back up again. I've tried loads of things so I'll list them out: -I've turned off automatic...
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    Clicking Noises coming from PC and Videos would barely play

    What do you mean by "barely play"? Did you have the videos full screened? Was your entire system stuttering when the videos wouldn't play or was it just the videos that were giving you trouble?
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    Interesting Problem

    Just had the system randomly reboot after swapping out video cards so I think I can rule the card out as the cause. I'm thinking it's the motherboard but I doubt I would be successful RMAing the thing since it does boot and will stay booted for a while before randomly restarting. Guess I'll...
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    Interesting Problem

    Okay. I put a new video card in and now the system won't boot. The power light on the mobo turns on but when the power button is pressed nothing happens. This happened the last time I opened the system up and it's what made me think it was the psu. Now my best guess is its the mobo because what...
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    Interesting Problem

    I was just saying I turned off the auto restart on system failure.
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    Interesting Problem

    Sadly I don't have a spare card. I think I can get my hands on one though. I'll let you know how it goes. EDIT: Automatic restart turned off.
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    Interesting Problem

    Nope. Stock settings across the board.
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    Interesting Problem

    Well ever since I put together a new build I've been having an issue of my system randomly restarting or freezing. When I say random I mean it. I've had it freeze/restart under both full load and at idle. The first thing I thought of was bad ram. Memtest86+ for 12 hours straight gave me no...
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    25 inch HP 2509M $199.99

    Anyone know how bad off the viewing angles are? Debating picking one up since my secondary monitor just died but I don't want a monitor I can't use to watch stuff from bed.
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    In the Market for a desktop replacement . . .

    Don't forget to check out Sager/Clevo's. You can get some sweet machines for a little less and they generally have better air flow. xoticpc and a couple other places have them and they are pretty upgradable if you want to upgrade a little later down the line.
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    Alienware M15x or MSI GX660R

    Just FYI: That MSI line is horrible about temps. The chassis only has 1 fan in it and the paste job is more than often faulty. A lot of unhappy forums posts out there.
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    Debating between G51JX-X3 and Qosmio X505-Q860

    Okay I read through some other forums and apparently the G51JX has BSOD issues and when you get one that doesn't it overheats pretty easily. The Qosmio on the other hand has audio issues and a number of other problems which turn me off of it as well. Now I'm looking at the MSI GX640 which is...
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    Debating between G51JX-X3 and Qosmio X505-Q860

    Well I find myself in need of a laptop that isn't based on a p3, so I started trundling around the net. My budget is somewhere around 1,000 and I've been lookin around for about a month now. I've narrowed it down to 2 sepperate laptops but unsure which to go with. Qosmio X505-Q860: $950...
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    What vid card should I get?

    Can't remember the brand of the PSU but it isn't some generic POS. Ya I plan on gaming with it. Probably the most intense thing I would do with it would be to play Aion though. Most of the games I like to play are fairly old except for a couple random newer ones. I might upgrade the ram but I've...
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    What vid card should I get?

    Well my 8600GT died on me not to long ago and I'm currently surviving on a lender from a friend in the form of a 8400GS. I obviously need a new one and my budget is in the ballpark of $180. For a reference here's my rig: CPU: C2D E6550 @ 2.8 RAM: 2GB Corsair DDR2 MOBO: Asus P5N-E SLI PSU...
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    Any idea where to go for good printer reviews?

    Was looking for a color laser printer that had good image quality. I don't really need the printer to spit the stuff out super fast. I wanted a laser printer for it's ability to print on a lot of non standard surfaces(a lot of the stuff I want to print on an ink jet will just smear and never dry...
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    Any idea where to go for good printer reviews?

    I've been google browsing for a good review site that at least had a good printer review section and seem to be drawing up blanks. I'd prefer to be able to see pictures of printed images/documents and not just someone explaining it in text. I came on here in the hope that perhaps there was a...
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    Does anyone know what hardware doesn't work in XP?

    I'm not just talking about it working. Maybe I wasn't clear enough. I meant the hardware that doesn't have any xp drivers. It's usually the new stuff and I know at least a few laptops don't work in XP. I'm just worriedabout getting cornholed into Vista.
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    Does anyone know what hardware doesn't work in XP?

    I've been hearing some pretty nasty stories about hardware (including desktop hardware) not working with XP. This is a problem for me because I'm gonna pick up a prebuild but I don't know what doesn't have any XP support and I refuse to use Vista(mainly on principle but there is also software I...
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    How is this possible???

    Sure the new GTR is gonna be fast but it's ugly as sin. Whereas the 911 looks as amazing as always. I would get back on topic but I can't really say anything that hasn't been mentioned already. I seem to remember reading somewhere (maybe MaximumPC) that ATI didn't build the 2900 for the purpose...
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    HL2 + HL2:1 + HL2:2 + Portal + Team Fortress 2 = 49.99

    I am practically only getting it for portal as well. I've been waiting for portal ever since they released the trailer. It just looks like so much fun and I always enjoy puzzle heavy games, so I hope it comes out on time as well. I think I will just wait for it to come out before I buy it...
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    WOOT...Bag Of Crap...

    I'm in line as well. Hopefully someone jumped the gun w/ faulty personal info :D
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    WOOT...Bag Of Crap...

    Processing. I really hope I can get it seeing as this is my first woot. I have been waiting for the bags of crap to pop up for a while now. /me kneels and starts to pray
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    What is the best AGP card out there right now? This looks good to me :o. Any objections to the sapphire model? Just want to make sure before I buy ;). EDIT: How noticable would you say? If we are talking a couple fps I'm fine with that lol. DOUBLE EDIT: Also can my current...
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    What is the best AGP card out there right now?

    OK. For all of you people out there wondering why I wont buy a new mobo: It will cost me roughly $200 for a new card and guess what? It will cost me roughly $200 to buy a mobo and a card. Hmmmmmmm do less work for the same end result? Sure thanks :D. And if you are going to tell me I should...
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    What is the best AGP card out there right now?

    I asked google and his answers were mostly from October 2006 lol. Is it still the 1950XT? If so am I capable of getting that for $200? I've looked around a little bit and only the pro has come close to my buying range. Of course I haven't been to too many sites because I can't remember them...
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    Which upcoming game are you anticipating the most?

    I've been looking forward to portal ever since I saw the preview for it. It made me drool a little bit. /me likes puzzles :D