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    My wallpaper thread.

    That is freakin' sweet! Thanks alot. If you want to do anymore like that, that would be awesome as well. The last ROG with the same AMD logo. :D
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    My wallpaper thread.

    Any chance you could do an updated AMD one? black/grey textured background with an FX logo in the center that is 5760x1080?
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    Nvidia Should Be Held Accountable For OverCharging With Lower Performance.

    So what your saying is that Nvidia is overpriced and under perform like Toyotas and Hondas and they only carry perceived valve. And no entitlement syndrome, just able to speak my mind willingly. I put on a uniform for years to defend that freedom and I wont give that up, even on the internet.
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    Nvidia Should Be Held Accountable For OverCharging With Lower Performance.

    People make good points here. I will however point out the fact that several have not had recent experience with AMD cards while others have. It seems alot bring up driver support. But I will remind people that the next Gen consoles will be completely AMD based. You think Nvidia will have...
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    Nvidia Should Be Held Accountable For OverCharging With Lower Performance.

    Alittle Balance To The Threads Posted. Typically Nvidia's cards have cost more then their AMD counterparts all while having less VRAM and producing Lower FPS. With performance per dollar used in various reviews and guides, how does someone feel about paying more for less? Discuss..
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    XFX DD 7950's overheating

    I let it go to 70 C to stay quiet. I have a 230mm fan blowing right at both cards. When I overclock it further I will increase the fan speed to keep it at or under 70C. My cards idle at the lowest fan speed and at 44-46C. I can easily bring temps down a good bit by increasing fan speed but...
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    Build: Pile-Driver or Bulldozer worth it?

    I would get a FX-6300(if you're more budget based) over a Phenom II X4 or X6. I had an X6. If you have some extra cash then get the 8350. It is a solid performer and AM3+ boards typically come with more features at a lower price then Intel boards. It's all about what exactly you want to do.
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    XFX DD 7950's overheating

    31%. Its only up from 900 to 925 with only a 0.006 bump in voltage. I push things on stock voltage for a while before I overclock further and add voltage.
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    XFX DD 7950's overheating

    Im at 925/1575 at 1.100 volts and mine never go above 70C. What voltage do you have the cards at?
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    Has ANYONE gotten a good XFX 7970?

    I have 2 7950 Double D BE and they run like champs. Yes I know not a 7970. But I was having some odd issues and BSODs and I resolved alot of them. Updated Mobo Bios. Latest 13.X drivers Did NOT install the included HDMI driver that comes with CCC. Windows 7 automatically installs one and I...
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    Samsung 830 128GB $90

    I just ordered an 840 Pro from Amazon for $137.58. A Regular 840 was $100.91. I figure the extra 30 dollars was worth the extra 2 years in warranty length and longevity. EDIT: These are obviously 128GB Versions.
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    Worth upgrading 1090T to 8320/8350?

    An 880 and up board "CAN" support an FX processor but you must update the bios before the processor swap. I personally wouldn't even attempt it and I have an 880 board and 2 990FXA boards. There has to be more to the story here then just looking at that graph. A i3 faster then an 8350? Two...
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    Windows 7 Hotfix For AMD. I have it installed on my computer and it did increase my FPS by a little bit. Windows 7 seems to load alittle quicker and smoother for me as well.
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    Boot Problem - Looking for new PSU?

    What does an HDD typically draw for power? Curious so I had to ask.
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    Boot Problem - Looking for new PSU?

    Just a thought as I'm not sure. But it seems that some online calculators give 20Ws or so per HDD for power. So 20 HDDs comes to 400W of power. Again, I dont know for sure and I know most of the online PSU calculators are junk but just a thought.
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    Best motherboard for an 8-core AM3+???

    I am currently on a Gigabyte 990FXA-UD3 board with an 8150. I can get it completely stable at 4.6 but it gets alittle hot(sorry watercooler). If I go higher then it starts to get too hot and throttles it a bit at 4.8ghz. I have a UD7 already and an 8350 on the way to compare temps. That is why...
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    AMD Processor News: FX 8300 & Kabini-based E-3310

    Is it just an 8350 turned down or is is something new altogether?
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    What should I upgrade next

    Just throwing the option out there. You also said usually a hard limit. What if it's not? You know what they say about assumptions right. I've had customers come to me that gave me a budget and their goals. Once I break out all of the options for them then they can make a choice...
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    What should I upgrade next

    $319.99 $289.99 after $30.00 rebate card $6.99 Shipping (restrictions apply)
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    What should I upgrade next

    If your going to get a 7850 then I would get this version. If you can come up on your budget to 290 then I would get the 7950 Double D. Only because the Double D OC version is sold out currently...
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    General consensus on XFX PSUs

    I have mine and I like it so much I got a modular 750W for another computer.
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    Card Upgrade Advice: 5850x2 to?

    I say this. When it comes back in stock. lol
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    Bezel Compensation in Non-Eyefinity Mode

    Basically. I also think it's not needed either as I consider each monitor a separate work station.
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    7870 XT?

    That is retailing in that 250 area. If it was me and I have that card as an option I would spend the extra money on a 7950. It would run another 50 dollars or so but you get 1GB more etc, which isn't bad deal at all for what you're getting for the money.
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    7950 OC advice

    That is odd. I have the XFX DD OC'd 7950 and I'm completely stable at 1000Mhz GPU Clock and 1450Mhz Memory clock at 59C. It bumped my 3D Mark 11 Score by about 500ish point.
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    Looking for a 32GB (4x8GB) 1.5v kit. Don't bother suggesting Corsair

    I say G Skill Ares or Ripjaws. I use the Ares 4x8GB in mine.
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    AMD vs Intel Benchmarks run on 10 cpus.

    Nice. Glad I got my 8150 and 7950 now.
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    looking for an upgrade, is the A10 a decent option?

    You could pick up some good used parts like an X4 etc. Be better performance and fairly cheaper.
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    The [H] Post Pictures of your ManCave

    Where did you get that?
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    Steam 2012 Christmas sale is here! runs from Dec 20- Jan 6

    Hopefully someone has a deal on Assassin's Creed III soon.
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    The Best 650 watt PSUs - Price aside

    If you dont choose the one above then I would use either a XFX, Seasonic, or Corsiar. You will probably have to go up to the 750W range to get one that is fully modular but those are the only 3 I would put into a build.
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    Budget gaming build: need suggestions

    Kinda need a budget you want to stick to, what you plan on doing with it the majority of the time, what parts you have already etc.
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    Best GPU for 350$?

    7950 will be about 300 and a 7970 will be around 400. I would buy the 7950 and overclock it to match 7970 capability. That is actually what I did. EDIT: They have a 7970 for 359 after MIR.
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    FX-8350 Marlboro ? lol

    That is funny. Never looked in mine.
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    WD Greens For Storage, What For Everything Else?

    I use a Black drive for my boot drive and a blue drive for games. Seems to work just fine for me.
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    Help me with an upgrade plan.

    You are already on an AM3+ platform and you have most of your requirements already. I would replace the mobo with a Gigabyte 990FXA-UD7. I got mine in the mail earlier this week. It does have USB3.0, Sata 6 GB/s and duel bios and hybrid UEFI. You can put 4 way SLI or Xfire in it. A UD-5 board...
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    8350 before AMD goes under?

    I wish I would've gotten the 8350 instead of the 8150. Im waiting for the numbers to come in on the next series of processors. Hopefully they make a step in the right direction or intels hold on the market may get alittle stronger.
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    Upgrade my PSU for 3x 670's?

    I would probably go to a 1000 or 1050W PSU. I like overkill but with my luck it somehow wouldn't work for me if I tried it with a 750W PSU. Try some of the online PSU calculators and see what they add up with the overclock and the extra cards.
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    Pictures of my new setup

    That is very similair monitor setup compared to mine but your's is better. Is that an all in one stand or 3 different stands? I'm curious because my 3 24s sit alittle wider then my liking using an all in one stand.