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    Quick build check

    Getting a new computer mostly for Starcraft 2, Poker, and whatever other random new games come out. thats what I have picked out, prices are in Canadian. I have a 1 TB network drive so im gonna use the ssd as the only hard drive on my...
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    Starcraft vs Company of Heroes

    starcraft! its being included in WCG again this year just like always. Graphics dont matter, starcraft is great because of how competitive it is. Most new RTS's automate and dumb down everything for the user which eliminates skill advantage.
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    What are going to be the new 'professional' games?

    PGT and WGT are both 3rd party ladders where lots of good players play, but neither of them are currently running. The two main english community websites are and be warned though you will probably get crushed if you try and play a very good player.
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    Proudest gaming achievements

    being ranked the 76th best starcraft player in the country, NOT easy to accomplish. also winning 3-4 halo and starcraft tournaments for fairly good prize money.
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    What would you like to see in a Miniature Wargame?

    I used to play 40k alot but I have no time now that im in university. Whenever I do, you have to pack up all your guys and go somewhere, then spend up to an hour setting up and building armies before the game can start. Also, most games consist of setting up on opposite sides of a board and...
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    Counter-Strike: Source - Future updated?

    yeah im guessing all you people who say this change is good are all public players and have never played a competitive match in your life.
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    Need a new RTS

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    Starcraft is way harder to play well than TA, thats why theres so many tournaments for it. i play starcraft tons on ranked ladders and tournaments and such.
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    Hitman: Blood money. I'm stuck(SPOILER)

    you dont actually have to go to the 8th floor, you can kill the scientist as he is in the elevator. you can also just stay in the elevator as he goes to his room. Also if you go to the balconies on 7th floor theres a place to climb up
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    heres a small bf2 video i made today.

    chamillionaire you better recognize, they trying to catch me ridin dirty
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    heres a small bf2 video i made today.

    chamillionaire is awesome
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    most played online strategy games ?

    Starcraft is still the best / most competitve, newer RTS's dont take any skill.
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    Oblivion - Weapon Collectors? (56k warning)

    how do you avoid walking on all your swords and messing up the display
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    Oblivion questions *Possible Spoiler*

    you have to bring the diary with you and show him the part that says only he can open the portal. I was stuck there for a while too lol.
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    Oblivion questions *Possible Spoiler*

    Go take a quick sleep in the upstairs bedroom. I was stuck there for a while too.
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    [H]ard|Forum Real Money Poker Roll Call

    Yeah i play on pokerstars mostly. I used to play on NL25 and NL50 tables but i just withdrew a whole bunch so now i play on smaller tables.
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    Fatality 60minutes spot

    Yeah fatal1ty is ok but starcraft > fps games and there are lots of ppl making way more than fatal1ty playing starcraft.
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    In need of a good RTS

    Starcraft is by far the best and most played / most competitive.
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    installing xp to sata without floppy drive

    Im trying to install windows Xp to my new computer but i dont have a floppy drive for it. Is there anyway i can do this? I remember hearing some stuff about slipstreaming stuff, or maybe xp pro / 64 pit edition have the sata drivers built in? thx a lot.
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    Spike Tv Video Games Award 05 Result

    Fuck you guys, 50 cent is awesome, and that seems to be the only award that makes sense out of that list.
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    Online Gaming Community...a rant

    a lot of these problems in warcraft 3 can be solved by simpy playing 1v1's or arranged teams. ALthough i dont play warcraft 3 myself ( starcraft > war3), its common knowledge that only noobs play random team. Almost all good players and tournaments play 1v1 matches and occasionally 2v2, just...
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    Looking for a good Strategy game

    starcraft broodwar
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    Best Way To Remedy Scratches On My Game Discs?

    is there any cheaper way of fixing the scratches? Only my halo disc is damaged and i could buy a new one for that price. There is a circular scratch that goes all around the disc, its still plalyable but it freezes for a while in the menus and wont load certain maps. thanks
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    Anyone else think Warcraft 3 is still awesome?

    warcraft is so-so but starcraft is a lot better imo and i play that way more. Warcraft is like a dumbed down version of starcraft with easier micro and no macro.
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    none of these tactics will ever work against a good player on a real map.
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    Jagged Alliance 2 and other games like it

    well i never played jagged alliance but you might wanna check out silent storm and the expansion pack. Its a great game and i heard it was just like jagged alliance
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    Yeah starcraft is awesome i play it daily. If anyone wants to play just reply here with your username / gateway. BUT if you play noob money maps dont even bother. and to hatebot: watch 100 top zerg replays and less than 5 will be ling rushes, most of which only slow down the opponent, not...
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    Skill and MMORPGs

    but not as much skill as RTS/FPS. I used to play diablo 2 before, and the "skill" in that game consisted of being rushed to all the most efficient places, placing skill points in preplanned categories (all calculated to get the best build possible), then holding down right click to cast spells...
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    Skill and MMORPGs

    dont forget about the games that take even more skill than both, RTS. (fps is 2nd most skill required). I mean, havent you seen pure pwnage? name one game that takes more skill than starcraft
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    Do people still play Starcraft?

    yeah all the races are extremely balanced. Im practicing starcraft right now because im going into the WCG regional qualifier for it on friday, hopefully ill win the $25000+ prize money
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    Supreme Commander : Anyone else excited?

    see thats what im talking about. You were obviously never any good at the game if you think a ling rush will win you the game, when in fact they almost never work against good players, and once you defend the rush you are ahead in economy. You can use any tactic you want in starcraft as well.
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    Supreme Commander : Anyone else excited?

    you people are crazy, total ahnillation had nothing on starcraft, and this one doesnt look like it will either. starcraft is the best rts out right now, and most of the people that dont like it only say that because its too hard for them and they suck at it.
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    GTA:SA Questions about weapons

    well a good way is to go in gang wars, or basically anythign where you shoot a lot. After the first couple misions where you shoot out of a car i was maxed on ak and smg because you just hold down the trigger and your skill keeps going up. as for the duel wielding, you can only do it with...
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    CS 1.6 cheats

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    Half Life 2 and a LAN only setup here in Iraq.

    hmm if you dont mind using the hacked versions you can play those because they run stand alone without steam.
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    Coop mods for good FPS games? Post em here!

    well i havent tried it out but swat 4 is a pretty good game and i think it has co-op
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    Fatal1ty loses 11-1

    yeah no kidding it sounds easy but its not. Im a currently practicing for this years starcraft wcg and get in around 2 hours/day playing but im still only top 100 in canada.