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    Apple Pencil Teardown

    Preconceived notions like collegeboy69us's? There's no good reason that I see other than software. This thing lives or dies on software support IMO.
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    Where to get Yosemite upgrade?

    Call Apple. I was able to purchase a disc with an older version of OSX for a white macbook for about $15. I imagine you could order a flash drive with Yosemite.
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    LG G4

    Tried it at best buy. The corners seem awfully sharp and hard to hold.
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    The next NCASE project: a Steam Machine-style case (indeterminate)

    The silver feet on the horizontal orientation kind of ruins this for me. Looks like low-end AV gear.
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    Is Samsung becoming Apple

    On point: If you don't become an Apple, you eventually become a Dell and no one wants to be a Dell.
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    Rosetta Spacecraft Roused from 957-Day Sleep

    FYI you can watch the wake up call live here: Schedule says they should be waiting for signal from 12:30 AM - 1:30 PM (Eastern).
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    Will Tim Cook Be the Next Steve Ballmer?

    I doubt it. Cook hasn't demonstrated any of the failures in execution that seem to be the hallmark of Microsoft under Ballmer.
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    Anand and Brian Weigh in at the Battery and MicroSD Debate

    It was a phone you didn't want to throw out the window every time you used it.
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    Anand and Brian Weigh in at the Battery and MicroSD Debate

    Oh god what drugs were you on? Windows Mobile was awful.
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    Smoking: i5-2400 BOX $75 @ Frys, YMMV

    2500k display model disappeared while I was checking out :( Still got an i5-2450p for $75 though. Thanks OP!
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    iPad Mini Review

    This is probably the only tablet I would buy. The 16:9 or 16:10 is the wrong shape for a tablet and 10" is too big.
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    The RTS Test: Supreme Commander 1066 vs 1333 vs 1600 vs 1866 vs 2133 Mhz RAM on Z77

    What happens when you test with the graphics settings you actually use when playing?
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    iOS 6 released

    Feels snappier overall on 4S and Safari feels way way faster.
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    Judge grants pre-trial injunction against sale of Galaxy Nexus!

    This is the most butthurt thing I have ever read.
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    Judge grants pre-trial injunction against sale of Galaxy Nexus!

    Sucks for Samsung. The standard for a preliminary injunction is pretty high, so Apple will probably win anyway.
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    Intel Reviews - no temp comparisons

    If overclocking is heat limited (reviews talk about throttling) then why do you need temp data? It's also kind of meaningless with different cooling solutions and room temperatures.
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    How to repair cable on sennheiser HD555

    Tip: the cable clamp may be hard to get out. Don't be surprised if you have to use a lot of force. Other than that it is very easy. I am amazed by the unhelpful bullshit in this thread.
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    Thinking about switching back to an iPhone, am I the only one?

    I just moved from an Evo to an iPhone 4S. Here are my thoughts: The screen is smaller and it feels way too small at first, but you will get used to this in a few days. It's not a deal breaker. It's a better phone: better shape to hold, more comfortable against the ear, fewer dropped...
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    My fist smartphone.

    Set to vibrate, win.
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    Battlefield 3 General Discussion Thread

    I don't like it. It feels like a crappy CoD clone. This is not the Battlefield I'm looking for...
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    Windows Phone 7 Mango - Where's the hardware?

    From what I've read the focus for MS has been on getting the software to run more efficiently so you don't need cutting edge hardware. I wouldn't be surprised if we don't see Mango phones that are not up to android spec levels. I think comparing platforms requires looking beyond the hardware...
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    Netflix Cuts Customer Forecast By 1M

    It's not so much the price that bothers me but their dwindling selection of streaming titles. The selection just seems to get worse and worse over time.
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    Sprint Cancels Store Leave, Confirms iPhone 5 Launch Window

    Sprint users: Sprint is going to change one of their fees beginning in October, which means you can call, cancel your contract, and re-subscribe when the iPhone 5 or the Galaxy S II launches. This really could not have...
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    HTC EVO dust problems w/pic, WTF HTC!

    So that's why my windows break whenever I tap them. Now that I know that my Evo is a LARGE PIECE OF GLASS and thus unable to withstand the rigors of existence inside of a pocket, I will surely refrain from carrying it there. A hip case may do the trick but now that I know about the large nature...
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    Skype on Evo 4g?

    Qik is free :confused: Fring works with Skype. I've been video chatting with people in Costa Rica using my Evo.
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    HTC Evo Countdown [Roll-Call] / Verizon Kills Unlimited Data on 4G.

    How much do you actually use in a month? I bet it's not that much. Whenever I read about the current caps (5gb seems to be the norm) that providers have they always quote some figure like 2% of users actually reaching that level. In a perfect world I would pay for what I use and nothing more and...
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    Why doesn't Apple make a full on tablet PC

    No one wants tablet PCs.* Sorry, but it's true. Apple, more than anyone else, knows what you (the consumer) want/do not want before you do. * Outside of a small niche.
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    HTC EVO 4G or Iphone 4G

    Get it. If the iPhone is good enough to get you can always return the Evo under Sprints 30-day satisfaction policy.
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    First official EVO 4g review (via engadget)

    But the iPhone battery lasts a lot longer :confused: It's a serious problem if you have to swap out the battery just to make it through the day. Engadget's review never actually addresses battery life during normal use, it only talks about wifi hotspot use so we don't exactly have a complete...
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    Leo Laporte and Chris Pirillo prefer Macs

    I currently have a windows 7 desktop and white Macbook. The battery on the Macbook is dead (they're serious when they rate it at 300 cycles) and I'm thinking about just replacing it with a windows 7 machine. There are a few physical thing that annoy me about the Macbook but my experience with...
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    Why Chrome OS Will Fail, Big Time

    Chrome OS will fail? Since when does Google fail at anything? I can't really think of anything besides gaming that I can't do on the web.
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    Droid uses a new TI OMAP (similar if not identical to the chips in the iPhone and Pre) and the Hero uses an old ARM11. You can't directly compare clock speeds.
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    My WolfQuest Review - The best wolf simulator you will ever play

    That's kind of a neat idea for an educational game.
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    Bought a pre...

    Awww, sorry for your loss, you have my sympathies :(
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    Bought a pre...

    I just went back in time and had relations with your mother, son. So how snappy is this thing? I hate my current WM phone because it's slow and likes to freeze up, will the Pre satisfy my need for speed?
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    Free Sample of Fancy Feast Appetizers for Cats

    OMG these are delicious!
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    Streaming music to my WinMo phone?

    Pandora works on my phone (Moto Q9) but it's useless because I don't have a headphone out.
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    $500 deposit for an iPhone?!!

    Gasoline is just water that's been filled with lies.
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    Why do you like Windows Mobile?

    I'm cooler than cool, I'm ice cold. :cool: As a WM user I think I have every right to state my opinion. I can't really point to a feature that I specifically like.