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    Mouse suggestions

    So my wireless MS intellimouse explorer 2.0 is starting to get a bit buggy (signal loss on good batteries), long in the tooth, and never was terribly comfortable for me. I'm in the market for a good mouse. I've tried a few, testing for comfort, at a local B&M store. Ones that seemed to...
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    Cheap P45/43 to OC a quad?

    I have a quick question regarding some of the new P45/43 boards out, so, please help the pseudo-noob. Here's the situation: I've got an e2180 now, which I plan on upgrading to a 45nm quad in some 6-12 months, and I want to overclock both. I also want a board which will be stable and tough...
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    HD4850 for $139.99?

    Hilarious. So I ran by my local Best Buy today to take advantage of the deal talked about here: There were 6 available in store, so I grab one and head to the register. It rings up as $199, and I have to argue that the sign in store...
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    Biostar A770? Thoughts?

    Newegg seems to be offering this motherboard up for free if you bite on a Phenom BE (part of a combo deal). Does anyone have any experience with this board? Newegg shows decent reviews, a quick Google search didn't turn up any good reviews...frankly, I don't know much about Biostar. Thoughts...