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    Steam issue

    Here is my issue, my son's steam account cannot sign in at all to any PC. If you try it says "Steam is having trouble connecting to the steam servers" This happens under Windows 10 and under windows 7 on both PCs. I have submitted a troubleshooting ticket with Steam as well. My primary...
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    FS: Mac Mini i5/4GB/500?GB HD

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    Company of Heros 2 Beta next week! It is about time :)
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    Windows 8 (Non Server) and Port Aggregation or NIC Teaming

    So it seems the much talked about option in NIC Teaming is not supported in Windows 8 Pro/Ultimate edition. In Server 2008 I have it up and working. My workstation is running Windows 8 Ultimate edition. Has anyone been able to setup Port Aggregation?
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    Borderlands 2 Sir Hammerlock's DLC

    Has anyone had a chance to try it yet today? Awaiting to try it out tonight and then game with 3 others Friday :)
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    Mac Mini comes tomorrow...

    Starting to get a few more people using Macs again so I thought I would start getting familiar with them as I get alot of questions for side jobs. Suggestions on what programs to check out? cool apps you recommend? etc... And yes I still have 2 full tricked out PCs and 2 Laptops...
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    Windows 8 Server 2008 Terminal Server under Vmware Esxi 5

    Has anyone had slow video/mouse/keyboard performance under terminal server in Windows 2008 R2 ? We have installed the VMware Tools, Updated the video driver (although we cannot enable hardware acceleration) and taken all updates. Video memory was adjusted to 32MB for a standard resolution...
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    Building a new storage box around HP Proliant 40L

    Hello guys - I am looking at migrating my existing 2+ year old storage server (an overkill beast of an i7/8gb/ and 5 mixed drives running WHS2010 that Dechace helped me with... :D Now I am planning on moving off all my data to external drives (5TB estimated) The current drives inside are...
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    *sniff* the green button is gone

    Well my seagate drive failed in my Windows 7 MCE box yesterday so I ordered a different drive and set out to see whats new since i last loaded it on The Green Button... low and behold Microsoft has taken it over and hosed the damn place GRRRRR I would love to have a few words with the idiot who...
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    Wanting to know how to set a printer's default bin via vbs script

    Does anyone know a way to set the default paper bin on an HP Laserjet printer via vbs scripting?
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    Considering Mediacom HD Cable via Centon tuner

    Does anyone here have any first hand experience dealing with Centon Tuners and Mediacom?
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    SG05/DFI P55-T36... what aftermarket cooler can I use

    SG05/DFI P55-T36... what aftermarket cooler can I use? I have a i7 processor in it and a 5850 for a video card. Just got it loaded up last night with Win7 on an Intel 80GB SSD. Awaiting the 2GB WD drive I picked up and hoping to order a better cooler for it so I do not have to strip it down...
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    5850 Eyefinity COD4 FOV issue ??

    I am playing COD4 MP on a LAN and have issues where it seems like in a bubble and the FOV is major out of whack. The resolution is set correctly to the max and I am using 3x24 monitors in landscape. Anything have/see anything like this?
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    Gigabyte EP45-UD3P Installing Raid5 with Server 2008

    I am trying to setup Server 2008 with a RAID5 array of 3x1.5TB drives. Upon choosing the 32 bit Server 2008 driver from Intel off the USB stick. and it sees the correct 2.8TB of space. when I choose it it gives me this error: Server gives me a message "Windows could not determine if this...
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    Vista MCE codec setup/install

    Could someone please explain what they use currently and how they have things setup to playback divx/hd files? I am currently either getting an error saying proper codec missing or a flat out Windows Media Player could not playback the file... Been a long weekend.. :confused: 32 bit...
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    Having lockup issues using WinTV-PVR-500 in Windows Vista x64

    Hardware: Q6600 2.4 (stock) 8GB (2x4) 800 Mhz memory 1x80GB WD 2x500GB 1x NEC DVD Burner 1x Liteon Blue Ray player eVGA 8800 GTS 640MB Hauppage WinTV-PVR-500 Audidgy ZS2 Pro OS/Software: Windows Vista x64 running pre-release SP1 AVG Free Issue: When I try to setup or use...
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    Looking for deal on a PS3...

    Am I incorrect thinking the 40GB PS3 version for $400 is the cheapest I will find this for? Let me know if anyone finds any deals on the PS3, would be much appreciated... Thanks, Skids1
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    Vista 64 Ultimate Pain In My......

    I have used windows for 10 years now... and to say I am beyond pissed off right now would be a great understatement... Im running a LEGAL ACTIVATED copy of Vista Ultimate 64 bit with SP1 installed. I added 4 more GB of ram to my system to make it 8GB total and it was seeing it fine. Then I...
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    750GB External Hard Drive $56 Clearance at BB *YMMV

    I just came from the Mason City, Iowa Best Buy... and picked up 7 750 GB seagate Free Agent Pro drives for $56 each... Now be warned this is a serious YMMV as I called all the other three Best Buy stores in my area and NONE of them had the deal...
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    Samsung Spinpoint F1 750GB locks up when transfering files to it...

    Asus Black Pearl P5K Premium 2.4 Q6600 2GB Corsair Ballistix 1x74 Raptor (OS installed - Windows XP MCE 2005) 2x500 Seagate Barracuda's 1x320 Seagate Barracuda 1x750 Samsung Spinpoint F1 CoolerMaster 750 Watt PSU My friend just installed the Spinpoint 750 in his unit yesterday and...
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    Looking for a deal on a 42 Inch 1080P LCD TV

    I am looking for a deal on a 42 Inch LCD TV 1080P to use as a monitor. The local stores I have close by are: Best Buy, Sears, Walmart, Target, etc. Right now it is down between a: Proscan 42 in. LCD Full HD (1080p) Television - $899.99.99 (Sears)...
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    Going to go the Vista Ultimate 64 route... suggestions?

    Well I ordered Vista Ultimate 64bit edition yesterday and I am planning on using it on: Asus P5B Wi-fi/Deluxe / Q6600 / 4GB Memory / 8800 GTS 640MB I basically use Firefox, Video Lan , Nero 8, Newsleecher, Call of Duty 4, and Supreme Commander, and Office 2003... I plan on trying vLite...
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    Vista MCE: Some buttons on remote do not work

    I am using Vista MCE 2.8 P4 / 1GB / Hauappage 250 dual tuner / etc and a Windows Media Center Remote. The problem is that when you select Prerecorded Shows or Live TV, etc and hit "Ok" on the remote it bounces you out to the main MCE Screen (IE it is going backwards instead of going into the...
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    Just ordered eVGA 8800 GTS

    Just sold off my 7800GT to a friend and ordered a eVGA 8800 GTS. Anyone have experience with this particular card? Thanks, Skids
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    Office 2000 CD Key Finder (Not warez)

    Please read before you flame as a warez issue. Hello all... Im tolling away on a win98se/office 2000 box that needs to be reloaded... the owner lost her cd-keys and im trying to find a program that will pull the key out of the registry and let it be reinstalled. She has the original CD...
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    Recommendations on a PSU for a Dell E510

    My new Dell E510 with a 2.8 Dual Core. They come stock with a 305 Watt PSU. I need to know if anyone has upgraded their PSU with a heavier one and what they have used. Im currently looking at this one: Per someone's...
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    New Dawn of War expansion pack coming... Cant wait... :) Good times ahead...
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    Joining the SFF Club...

    Just got my Biostar Nforce board matx board and the Yellow/Black QPack in today to go with my raptor and 7800GT from my current unit... looking to build it tomorrow or Saturday morning. Ill agree with the other posters, the handle is very weak... Skids
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    MCE2005 issues: Need some advice

    Hello all... Just built a MCE2005 box: Currently using: AMD 3200 512K 754 Western Digital 250GB SATA HD 1GB Mushkin 3500 Abit KV8Pro Sapphire 9600XT 256MB w/Svideo & RCA Out...