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    my Noctue D-14 V Coolermastwer TPC 812 comparison

    Noctue D-14 V Cooler master TPC 812 comparison Guys have any thoughts to as why the noctua loses to the coolermaster ? Coolermaster 1fan coolermaster 2 fan D-14
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    My Nocta D-14 v coolermaster tpc 812

    V I bought a Tpc 812 from frys, and just got a nocta d-14 at [H] forum, .My results might surprise you. First of all the coolermaster tpc-812 is louder by a lot.. The Nocta very quite. Lets focus on the max temps running prime 95 for 10 runs.. Coolermaster 1x fan No love for the...
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    140mm/120// adapter loss of cfm ? 140mmto 120mm

    I want to put a 140mm fan onto a 120 mm size heatsink using a fan shroud. will i lose cfm reducing the 140 mm to a 120 mm ? cant find any info on this. all i can find is using a 120 mm fan onto a 140 mm rad..
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    Took 2 of this. to this and got this. from 40db down to 19 db 96 cfm ! quieter and few degrees cooler., Oh and blue.
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    Help, cpuz and hmonitor wont work

    Ok i had a asus p8p67 board everything was great. I replaced it with a msi z77a gd55 hoping i wont have to reload win 7. everything is working except cpuz wont work right gets stuck at monitoring. Ive reinstalled, installed.. dont know what to do..I want to monitor volts,..on my 3570k
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    Need help 3570k not clocking down to 1600 mhz anymore

    nevermind fixed it' presentation font cache..
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    My Black Plague Custom tech bench

    die die die
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    Diamond 7850 2G fitted with Acclero S1 + -OC and temps

    I ordered the ACCLERO S1 + $32 shipped for my diamond 7850 2gig. Seems 1300 and memory over 5500 cause instibility. Sweet spot 1260/5500 1.215v might be able to get the volts down a lil more.. Stock heatsink idle/load 48c/72c load. After mod 34c/51c on to the pics and temps... Card at stock...
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    Diamond 7850 OC results

    Just wanted to throw my data in for anybody interested in the oc of 7850. i got 1200 mhz on 1.2v for gpu and 5400 mhz on ram although i havent tried higher on the ram . i got this for $200 from a guy on Craigslist. Basically it beats a gtx 580 now. I got a smaller,cooler, gtx580. A very sexy...
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    2nd Idea for h100 extra cooling, add a peltier onto the rad.

    would it be possible to add a peltier to the ends of the h100/180/ [whatever] rads ? Stick it directly on the rad end. Now Im just droping the the temp of the water 10-20c. The rad is still using its 120mm fans so i dont think i will need a really powerfull peltier .. is this possible ? I...
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    H100 Mod -Homemade Copper pipe rad, need advice

    I want to make a old school rad for my corsair h100 only if it will cool better than stock. I want to make this to fit on a 200 mm fan on my half case. I will use smaller copper tubing and make it fit the 200 mm fan nicely rounded. I can see the amount of liquid needed might b 3 to 4x more, is...
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    560ti 1050 mhz 1.05 v but artifacts

    my msi 560ti frozr 2 oc;s like mad but i get some artifacting with lower volts.. this thing doesnt hard lock but artifacts a tad under heaven 2.5. its not the memory but the gpu.. is this normal? raising the volts to 1.087 or 1.1 fixes the least 99 % of em. anywho was...
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    help me oc my i3 530 more !! 4.5 ghz 1.34v so far

    just got a i3 530 and h55mud2h gigbyte board with corsair 1600 mhz xms 3 case 9 frio cooler from frys. 1 fan on low since the fans are loud. so far 4.5 ghz 1.31v in bios , in windows reads 1.34, no vdroop at all orthose, 64c load memory 1640 mhz case 9 1.65v , ram rated for 1.65v might not...
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    560ti cooling thread

    OC: 950/1900/2250 1.12v, not a good overclocker, might be heat I got the evga 560ti and was wondering where to buy Twin Frozr II heatsink and install on my evga or similiar ? And what fits on the 560ti with pics please
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    whats a e7400 worth used

    wondering guys what a used e7400 worth.. if one was sold on the forum .. thanks, randy
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    Please price this water coo stuff l.. for me , need to sell

    Guys its all danger den and cleaner than pics show. stupid flash pics up all dust.. Not sure what its worth. s775.. need to sell asap. Thanks, randy
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    where are the sensors on 5870 ?

    wondering if there is a schematic showing all sensors for temps on 5870 ?
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    5870 accelero rev 2 pics

    Just installled and thought would post a few pics. check this review with 5870 with accelron rev 2 heatsink I have a hacked up 5870 plate with heatsink removed , looks like this installed
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    5870 1000/1300 default v good or normal ?

    wondering if 1000/1300 mhz in games at default 1.162v Is this really good or normal for most newer 5870's now ? it lasts in furrmark about a minute but msi kombuster I got bored after a while and tried gaming. No problems. Games like l4d2,ut3,alien v pred 2010 hasnt locked yet. so seems...
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    xfx 5870 rma , no problems ...

    Just wanted to say that I rma'd a failed 5870 and got a brand spanking new one back in about a week... xfx seems to be ok by me... randy
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    Anybody put a spitfire vga on a cpu yet ?

    delete please
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    Best 21-23" gaming monitor 200-250

    I have 5 ms glossy 19" hp right now and I really want glossy !! I have about 200 or so to spend and looking for somthing bigger and better. 2ms i here is better, i play ut3 and l4d2, have a 4.25ghz c2d with 5870. 21-23" would be nice, oh and widescreen , glossy what should i get ?
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    stock 5870 mem volt guid yet ?

    stock 5870 mem volt guide yet ? hard /soft mod ?
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    Heatsink Idea- pumpless water cooler with rad.

    Was wondering If i took lets say a 120 mm rad used on a h50 or alc domino filled it with water . epoxied a coper block with proper 775 or 1156 hole mounts . It would act as a giant heatpipe / vapor chamber. slap a fan on it. would it work? work well ?could increas the diam of rad to be...
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    ASUS Motherboards for Six-core CPUs.. oMG ..

    ASUS Readies Latest Motherboards for Six-core CPUs Honestly..we barely use 4 cores as it needs to catch up.. I can see it now, "ooooooohh 2 more cores I have to upgrade.. .......[Zombiekillr].........
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    GTX 480 oc's ??

    Does it oc at all ? Did i miss somthing ..
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    Help 5870 to 42" hdtv settings

    I have a 42" hdtv and am wondering how to get 720p or 1080 p since it shows me basic resolutions @ 60hz and hdtv only 2 settings @ 30i how do i set it up ? using hdmi connecter and it works but just not as crisp as my lcd hp w1907 monitor .. thanks, Randy
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    ATI is better than Nvidia

    Made u look, ..... Disclaimer ...If you feel offended and have no sence of humor... please leave.. Actually i like nvidia and ati..whatever card is best price perfomance at the time when i upgrade..
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    Geto 5870 cooler finished

    Hacked up stock 5870 heatsink plate and domino alc water cooler. pics for original thread of stock heatsink cutting 1100/1300 mhz 1.35v
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    5870 oc'd v 2x 5850 ??

    seen any reviews of an oc 5870 v 2 5850 xfired ?? just wondering what performance of 5870. 65% of 2x 5850 ?
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    5870 -domino alc - mod

    Ok guys my earrlier post here showing a hacked up 5870 stock hsink to cool memory and vrm. Domino alc water cooler and a few pics. I still need to epoxy more heatsinks on the 5870 plate and hook up a fan for em . domino water cooler blowing in under 5870. Yeah its upside down, I know ...
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    5870 stock cooler [H]acked/Mod --pics

    "No heatsinks were harmed in the process." ! I got the idea of hacking up the stock cooler on my 5870 and use it for cooling the vrm and memory while adding a setugen or mushashi cooler when i get it next week. I have a crappy cooler on it right now just for sheets and gigles.. msi...
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    58XX grey screen fix here dloading now.. hope it fixes..
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    5870 cooler idea-- combine 2 coolers--

    take hr 03 first install on gpu bending it so it is a right angle with so it sits with the cpu fan blowing onto cpu now take paste and install xclero like you would normally but would need longer screws. 2 heatsinks on one card with 2 or more fans any thoughts ?
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    wo rma'd 5870 and that fixed grey screen crash ?

    My question .. who has rma;d a 5870/50 and it has fixed their grey vertical stripe crashes , hence leading to believe its a hardware problem with the old card and not software ? example : "I got the crashes and rma'd the card and now the new card under same drivers and config doesnt crash...
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    Accelero S1 Rev.2 Verse TWIN TURBO Pro

    Ok if you look at the twin turbo pro page it says max cooling 120 watts. now on the s1 rev 2 page it doesnt show max cooling. I think they are baiscly the same cooler with 4 pipes . Just a refresh with better vrm sinks.. why buy the new cooler when you can buy the old and add your own 92mm...
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    Fixed 58xx grey screen crash !!

    oh wait it didnt work. I am ready to switch to mean greeny!
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    Harddrive jacked Need help with recovery

    I am running win 7 and 1 of my drives isnt working right. I have 2. 1 [ sata ] for os the other [ide] for storage the storage drive has stoped working in windows. I have to boot with it unpluged or the win 7 tries to check it and after about 20 mins will finnally boot in to the desktop. I can...
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    Help harddrive died and Need file recovery

    I am running win 7 and 1 of my drives isnt working right. I have 2. 1 [ sata ]120gig has win 7 on it the other 120 gig [ide] for storage is not working. I have to boot with it unpluged or the win 7 tries to check it and after about 20 mins will finnally boot in to the desktop. I can see...