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    Ruby: Double Cross demo on 6800

    I've ben trying to find a wrapper and I've found one but only for NV3X cards. I've tried that one but it gives me errors. Can anybody help? Thanks alot
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    That 9700 demo...

    Hey! I've heard about some demo for the ATi 9700 that was supposed to be so "great" I dont recall what it was called but it was something with music and a ball i think? What is the name of it? And is it possible to run it on a GeForce card? I have a 6800GT and really want te se what it goes for...
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    6800GT Extra molex addon?

    I was thinking about this today when i was looking at my BFG 6800GT. At the area where there is the missing extra molex that the Ultras use, there are little led connectors and everything that needs for a molex to be connected. The only thing that is missing is actually just the molex connector...
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    3D Demos

    What is the difference between the Dusk demo and Dusk Ultra demo? Ive been dying to know and i havent ben able to actually download and test to see the difference since i havent ben home (on vacation) Thanks
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    6800 Demos

    I recently got a BFG 6800GT and on one of the disks that followd, it said that it contained drivers (ofcourse) and 3D Demos. I havent ben able to install the card yet since i havent been home. So i was wondering if those "demos" are the Naulu, Timbury. and Pirate demos? If anyone here can...
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    BestBuy sale on 6800

    Bestbuy is having a sale now on 6800 cards so hurry up and get one! 50$ off! ULTRA GT
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    BFG 6800GT Qustions

    Hey whatsup! My first post ever here. Just signed up 1min ago! I just ordered a BFG 6800GT OC from gameve and it should be here anyday now. Anyhow i have 2 questions. Starting with the first one. 1. Does the GT use 1.6ns memory like the Ultra or does it use 2.0ns memory? 2. Being a...