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    Painless upgrade from esxi 6.7 to 7.0u3

    I first tried the ISO upgrade method but that failed as expected (some issue where it doesn't play well with updates done via the online method.) So I created a temporary baseline called 'upgrade from 6.7 to 7.0' lol. Applied it to all 3 machines with no issues. Well, there was one on all...
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    Interesting gotcha with datastore heartbeating in vsphere HA

    So I deployed a new NAS which had been serving up a datastore to vsphere. One of the functions was a repo of ISO files. Another was acting as the 2nd heartbeat for HA. Unnoticed by me, the permissions on the NFS share's root were wrong, and vsphere hosts were unable to write heartbeat files...
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    How to clean up orphaned SATA disk on omniosce?

    So I just finished migrating from Linux ZFS back to omniosce. Everything is working fine, except I had a brain cramp and forgot to pull the sata ssd that had centos8 installed. Solarish OS don't by default hot-plug sata disks, so now the format command shows: AVAILABLE DISK SELECTIONS...
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    PCI configuration missing in vcenter configuration view?

    So I had shut down one of my two esxi 6.7 hosts for a few days. Booted back up, and when it reconnected to vcenter, I can't see the PCI information anymore. You know, when you go to Configure => Hardware, and there are 4 lines: Processors, Memory, PCI Devices and Power Management? For the...
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    Windows Server 2019 + hyper-v licensing question?

    So I've been trying to figure out what I need to do. I've spent several months playing with 2 WS-2019 VMs under esxi 6.7. No licensing yet. I intend to, since I'm happy with the results. I *am* thinking of migrating to Hyper-V, but am not sure what I am supposed to do. From what I read, if...
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    After power failure, some vsphere guests start up with network disconnected

    So, I have 2 6.7 hosts in an HA configuration. 15 or so running guests. Working fine. Night before last, we had a major thunderstorm and lost power for 2 hours or so. When UPS ran down, both esxi hosts powered off. When power came back, they booted up and all the guests started fine...
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    Fan noise reduction on a Supermicro SC826

    So, my new JBOD has 3 80x80x38 fans mid-chassis. Run either at 7000RPM (full) or 3600RPM (optimum). The former is jet plane annoying. The latter is just loud enough to be irritating (my lab is in a corner of the family room downstairs.) I got a couple of noctua fans, but they don't fit in...
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    Linux SCSI messages - cause for concern?

    I got a ZeusRAM off ebay to use as SLOG in my dual-head ZFS server. It seems to be working fine, except every 5 minutes, I see messages like these: Jan 17 11:53:00 centos-vsa2 kernel: sd 33:0:1:0: [sdf] tag#0 Sense Key : Recovered Error [current] Jan 17 11:53:00 centos-vsa2 kernel: sd...
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    SCSI-3 persistent reservations and SAS NL disks?

    So I'm trying to stand up a pacemaker cluster. Back-end is a SM 826 JBOD. Storage is existing 7200 RPM 1TB Constellation spinners. I wanted to use SCSI fencing, but when I enter the command, giving the 8 drives, I get this: [ 2020-01-12 15:34:56,313 ERROR: Cannot get registration keys ]...
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    Is it possible for force link up on an esxi nic?

    My lab has two 6.7 hosts connected back to back by a high-speed mellanox interface. Each host has a VSA running, using iSCSI multipathing, so one host going down won't hose the other host. For max performance, each host has a virtual function of the mellanox NIC passed in via SR-IOV. Sadly, I...
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    Starwind VSA HA

    So for a couple of weeks now, my home lab has been running a completely HA iSCSI datastore on two ESXi 6.7 hosts. Each one has a starwind VSA on local SSD. The actual files where the datastore resides are a pair of 1TB NVME drives (one on each host.) Each ESXi host sees two paths, one to each...
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    VUM and VCSA?

    So my two servers are now on 6.7. I've been learning how to use VUM, and it's been pretty good, so far. Patched&updated hosts, and update VMware tools and HW on a number of guests. A couple of questions: 1. several guests run Linux and therefore open-vm-tools. VUM scan shows these guests...
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    Bogus Vmware guest memory usage warning

    So I have a VEEAM backup proxy configured with a mellanox 50gb SR-IOV adapter to talk to storage. Being SR-IOV, it requires the guest to have all memory reserved. VCSA is constantly flagging an alert for this guest due to 'memory usage'. This is not an issue with the guest, it's a vmware...
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    Vcenter Server Appliance HTML5 interface

    I've been running VCS 6.7 for several weeks now. I have to say the interface has made a huge leap in usability. I've run into a couple of minor glitches here and there, but nothing to write home about. Don't miss the flash interface AT ALL.
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    Dependency error trying to upgrade to latest vsphere 6.7

    I was trying to upgrade a 6.5 server to the latest roll-up of 6.7, and it crapped out like this: " VIB VMware_bootbank_esx-base_6.7.0-1.28.10302608 requires esx-update >= 6.7.0-1.28, but the requirement cannot be satisfied within the ImageProfile. VIB...
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    Does vsphere support any kind of hardware watchdog?

    Running a 6.5 host, Build 6765664. Running fine since update to this build on 12/10. This morning around 10AM, it became unresponsive. I was out of town. so I was unable to check anything until just now. The IPMI console showed everything apparently okay, except for the host being...
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    Changing fan RPM thresholds for ESXi 6.5?

    So I have a new vsphere server. It's in a full-ATX case, with 4 case fans (front, back, top and door). All but the front fan are large (140mm) and run relatively slowly (700 RPM - this is by design - the supermicro IPMI thinks this is fine - these all show up as green status). Unfortunately...
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    Vsphere 6.0 SR-IOV issues?

    So I got a Chelsio T58-SO-CR dual port card. Got the driver installed, and set up the BIOS with 2 VFs. Pass one to a CentOS 7 VM and boot it, configuring the e1000 vnic and the passed-in VF (it uses the cxgvf driver?) Anyway, all seemed well, until I rebooted the guest. Now, it claims the...
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    Vcenter Server Appliance 6.5 ISO?

    I have a VMUG subscription, so I just downloaded the ISO with the hypervisor, as well as the VCSA ISO. I mount the CD, and go to the win32 ui installer and double-click on it, and it complains that the file is for the wrong version of windows. I have tried this on 3 64-bit windows installs (2...
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    How many defects are okay for an SAS drive?

    I have a 12 disk raid10 (ZFS). Out of curiosity, I ran smartctl to query each drive for the grown defect info. I see this: scsi-35000c500412ef8b3: Elements in grown defect list: 24 scsi-35000c50056ed546f: Elements in grown defect list: 1 scsi-35000c50055e99cdf: Elements in grown defect list...
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    My vmfs volume fails to mount due to being detected as a snapshot?

    Home lab with 2 vsphere 6.0 hosts. Primary datastore is a 1TB iSCSI LUN served up from a ZFS on Linux appliance. Works just fine. It seems though, any time I end up having to reboot, both hosts fails to mount the datastore, due to " Device eui.6666376632356635:1 detected to be a snapshot"...
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    10gbe for OmniOS?

    I have a dell r905 off ebay. Works great, with a couple of mellanox connectx-3en cards between it and the 2 esxi hosts. I'm thinking of switching to OmniOS, but am having trouble coming up with known, supported 10gbe cards. I have a couple of old connectx-2 cards, and I know they work...
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    Mellanox drivers for ESXi

    So I wanted to do some apples and oranges performance comparison between iSCSI using 10gbe and SRP. I had played with SRP awhile ago on ESXi 5.5 using a howto I found with google. Worked fine. Went to try this again, and was surprised to see that mellanox apparently pulled the old (
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    Unsupported CPU in 6.0?

    So I have a crappy old system I dredge out when I need to try a quick experiment. Pentium-D on an intel server MB with 8GB ram. I hauled it out last night to throw 6.0 on it to test something, and it PSOD'ed with a message about unsupported CPU type. Looking at the 6.0 release notes, all I...
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    Vcenter Server Appliance 6.0 - 11 disks?

    So I finally got around to upgrading my lab to 6.0. I happened to be looking at the settings for the VCSA and noticed it had 11 disks? None of them very big, either (like 10GB or so.) Any ideas what the point of that is?
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    recommended raid controller?

    I had gotten an intel raid controller which was basically a 9265cv-8e. Included BBU. Performance was nice - with 6-drive raid6 I was getting north of 500MB/sec (sas nearline drives). Until I tried to add a drive to the array. It started rebuilding and took about a day. That I could live...
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    Major issue with 9286cv-e?

    So I got one of these a couple of days ago, with BBU. Threw 6 SAS 1TB drives on in RAID6. Nice speed (530MB/sec read/write). I decided to add another 1TB drive, and it started reconstruction. Glacially slow. What is far, far worse is that the controller is apparently so bogged down, that...
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    Infiniband connected vs unconnected mode?

    So I scored a couple of connectx-2 VPI cards off ebay. One in a vsphere 5.5 box, the other in a storage server (running a linux variant). On the latter, I have to specify whether I want CM or UM, and therefore what MTU to use. Works just fine. I was able to get vsphere working in IPOIB UM...
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    SATA drive failing?

    I have a 4-disk raidz for non-critical storage on my zfs server. 640GB WD blue drives. The host OS (centos7) was warning me about smart issues on one drive. I ran a long smart test on it and it says: # 2 Extended offline Completed: read failure 20% 20915 1216029173...
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    vsphere high availability and VM restart?

    Did quite a bit of googling and came up empty on this one. So I had a VM I was playing with that was on the host's local datastore. My understanding is that this makes it impossible for HA to restart the VM on another host (makes sense to me). It still shows as "Protected", but I recall...
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    Dual port SAS JBOD enclosures?

    So I've been happy with my SE3016. One 8088 SAS in on the front and one 8088 SAS out to daisy chain to another enclosure (which I don't have or want.) I'm wondering how feasible it would be to replace the current expander PC card with a dual port? I saw a thread about that (I think), but it...
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    "All in one" using iSCSI - major fail?

    A popular concept for ZFS lovers is the all-in-one. A server with ESXi, and a storage appliance (usually based on some flavor of solaris). It has an HBA passed in via pci passthrough, and serves up the storage to other guests by sharing it to ESXi using NFS. Works just fine. I decided to try...
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    Why you run periodic zfs pool scrubs :)

    My weekly pool scrub turned up 1 checksum error out of the 6 disks in a 3x2 raid10 pool. I did 'zpool clear tank' and re-ran the scrub. Again, 1 checksum on same drive. smartctl says drive is healthy. I dump out all the info on the 6 drives, looking for the grown defect list info. Here...
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    vsphere 5.5 flash read cache?

    So I've been reading up on this, and it looks kinda cool. The two things I don't like about it (possibly I just don't 100% understand it): 1. You have to statically assign X flash space to each VM you want to cache reads. 2. Why on Earth the restriction that you can't vmotion a VM with...
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    Disabling HA for a specific VM?

    Is there a relatively easy way to prevent a specific VM from being protected by HA? I had thought having a passthrough HBA and being on a local datastore would cause that, but it still shows as protected. Obviously it's not, and I assume there is nothing bad about the false indication - more...
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    Starting VMs and/or Vapps programmatically?

    So I've been googling for a couple of hours now and not finding an answer to this. Is there a way to start VMs or Vapps from the CLI of a guest? The closest I can find is PowerCLI, but from everything I can see, that is Windows only. Everything I've found online about starting Vapps shows how...
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    Question about vmfs in active/active?

    I've got two hosts with local disks replicated synchronously using drbd (hypervisor is proxmox). It's working fine. I want to try this with vsphere5. I would be running the drbd storage appliances (ubuntu/zfs) and exporting the storage to vsphere via iSCSI. The idea is that each host would...
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    Interesting article about disk/controller errors
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    Interesting ESXi "deploy ova" bug

    Have a working ubuntu 12 VM (ESXi 5.0 latest). I export it and re-deploy to get a copy, which I wanted to tweak and play with some HA stuff. Wouldn't boot (no Operating System found). After much poking around, I discover that I configured the original ubuntu as EFI not BIOS. The bug: when...
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    Openindiana lead resigns

    This is kinda depressing. Not so much that Alasdair quit as his reasons.